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Also, I will try to keep the translation consistent with the previous ones, like the terminologies and the names. However, it’s my habit to leave the Japanese suffixes such as “-san” and sometimes Japanese titles such as “Onee-sama”, etc. For example, Kiara addresses Horace with “Shishou” or “Master”—but for consistency’s sake, I’ll leave that one as “Master”. There might be titles in the future that I’d leave in Japanese (with note, of course), so I’m informing you here in advance.

I’m trying to keep the translation consistent, but there might be several small changes (but their meaning should still be the same), so I hope you don’t mind!

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Chapter 35

The Siege War in Everal Frontier 1



Part 1/2


“Why… why?!”

I couldn’t comprehend it.


This morning, it was stated in the scout’s report that the enemy’s figure still couldn’t be seen even now.

Even so, it would be disadvantageous for us to be forestalled if something were to happen while waiting for the next scout to return. Therefore, we led around 1000 soldiers from the castle to depart at the same time.


After all, it was possible to change the place of battle formation while receiving the report from the next scout before moving. At the first relay point, the reinforcement from the branch family should also arrive after receiving the notification on the previous day, and the number of soldiers should rise to 3000.

As the Ruain army shouldn’t have been able to advance this early.


Was Margrave Vayne unable to stop the enemy and routed?

I remembered that the number of people in Ruain army was indeed large. However, I wasn’t that familiar with military that I was able to guess the rough number of people in an army with just a glance, so I couldn’t be sure about it.

That was why, I couldn’t make any prediction. I was flustered.


“Cain-san, hurry, please!”

“I understand…!”

Cain-san stroke the horse with a spur as he grimaced.


He also held me back with one arm as I felt that my body was about to fly off. As I continued to cling onto the saddle, I hugged my master with all my might.

Then, at the moment the Ruain banner could be seen, everyone hastened their horses.

Alan also sprinted towards the castle after telling the infantry to follow later.


Anyway, I hope everyone is still safe. I wanted information about that. And then, once the Ruain army’s attack begins, I hope we will be able to run immediately, and block them with all our might.

However, if we aren’t in time for it, anything and everything might be done for. Even after all the trouble I’ve gone through to become a magician, it will all be useless if that happens.


As I endured as to not get thrown off by the horse, what flickered behind my eyes was the figure of the fallen Reggie with blood shedding from his body.

At least, I hoped that Reggie wouldn’t go outside. I wished so strongly only for that, and when the full portrait could finally be seen though we arrived at a place concealed by the grove of trees and rocks, we finally stopped our horses.



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A wave of soldiers was advancing along the slope of the gentle hilly area. Beyond that point, there was the Everal’s stone castle, the place I became familiar with during this one and a half year as [a place to go home].

The Ruain’s crest of black lion drawn on the yellow soil was approaching the castle moment by moment. The only moment their progress stopped was when arrows rained incessantly from the castle walls.

When the arrow rain was paused, Ruain’s soldiers in their dark armors lowered their shields, closing their gaps slowly but surely. Perhaps they intended to invade by climbing over the castle walls, as they were carrying long stairs over.

Although I couldn’t see it from this side, it seemed that the Ruain army was also in force at the opposite side, near the gate.



Alan stared blankly at the scene before his eyes.

What happened to Margrave Vayne? I didn’t know even that.


Furthermore, the fact that the enemy’s army managed to come this early meant that even if we were able to recruit and gather more personnels, it would still be hard to gather enough military force to cut through them. The troops dispatched from the branch family, too—only the people close in proximity would be able to make it on time, wouldn’t they?

If that was the case, then the castle’s military force… wasn’t that large.


I felt dizzy thinking about that.

It was a similar situation with the game’s opening, if not the very thing itself.

We might end up losing if things remained at this rate. The castle would be set on fire. Reggie and Madame Beatrice who were inside wouldn’t be safe.


There was only one way left to change this situation in a way or another.

An overwhelming power comparable with thousand of soldiers. The only one who could use that—I had to do it anyhow.

When I went down from Cain-san’s horse as if slipping down from it, I tried to practice my magic into the ground where I put my hands on. I knew how to do it. After this, I had to create gigantic earth dolls (golems) like the ones Kiara summoned in the game…


“Wait, Apprentice!”

“Master, but…!”

Why is he telling me to wait in this situation?

I ignored his objection as I threw him off. The moment I saw the face of the clay figurine standing there after successfully landing by himself, the fluster I had within myself was suddenly extinguished.


I felt as if I was being pulled back abruptly to my ordinary days.

Come to think of it, I created a clay figurine before because its face was so similar to Master’s. I remembered how startled everyone was due to it.

I was about to laugh as I reminisced. However, nothing came out of my mouth.

After the feeling of fluster and being attacked disappeared, I was immediately attacked by despair, and tears ended up welling from my eyes.



“Oi oi oi, you’re my apprentice, so don’t cry. I might be impudent ever since my olden days, but that’s my selling point, ihihi…”

I groaned, “Uu–,” in response to the laughing clay figurine.


“But, I couldn’t think of any other way than kicking the Ruain army around with my magic. Why are you stopping me?!”

“I can predict what you’re trying to do in general. You were thinking that it would be good as long as you could create gigantic earth dolls (golems) and smash the soldiers, weren’t you? However, take a good look. Before having the earth dolls (golems) crush them underfoot, aren’t there also your friends there? Though I don’t know if you’re a child with friends or not.”



I took a breath and stared at the distance.

Among the crowd of the black soldiers, there was no other banner than Ruain’s. There was none, but I could tell that there was a slight mayhem happening the whole time over there among the general people.


Flash of rising sparks could be seen. It wasn’t something as small as a torch or scattered sparks. I could hear something similar to screams.




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