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Chapter 35

The Siege War in Everal Frontier 1



Part 2/2


“That, could it be magic?!”

“That’s right. I could only say this as I’ve lost my body now, but the people leading Ruain seemed to think that if they couldn’t produce skillful magicians, they could use the failed magicians in wars. Perhaps by throwing such people into wars, they could run amok there.”

I screamed after hearing Master Horace’s words.


“Isn’t that even crueler?!”

Although they might not be a perfect magician, failed magicians could still use their magic to destroy their surroundings. They must be troublesome to face.

However, Master Horace only laughed, “Ihihi…”


“Try to think, my foolish apprentice. If they’re using the failed magicians over there, doesn’t that mean there are their enemies as well?”

“Eh… aah!”

At that time, Alan who had been listening to our conversation forced his way through.


“Could it be that Father is fighting at the other side?!”

“I don’t know if it’s your father or who else, but if he’s leading the army out, then there’s a possibility.”

There’s a possibility that Margrave Vayne is still alive. My heart felt a bit better, and perhaps hope also returned to Alan, as his expression turned calmer.

Still, Master Horace pointed out a worse matter to us.


“There is another problem. Since you’ve just become a magician, you wouldn’t be able to use all of your magical power right away.”

“Why is that?”


“It’s because of the contract stone. Since it’s barely getting accustomed to your body, if you were to continue practicing magic untactfully, the stone might be activated just like when the contract was made, and it could ruin your body. Compared to the small doll in which you put me in, compared to the small portion of hole you dug to make a grave, creating gigantic earth dolls (golems) that could trample those guys and kick the large army around in order to save your allies… Well, you’d need to create at least 10 of them. You—who barely made the contract—wouldn’t be able to endure it. You’re going to die, you know? Uhihihi…”

I instinctively bit my lips.


Death… That’s what I’d like to avoid the most. However, I was also unwilling, and I would hate it if Reggie and the others were to die. Margrave Vayne—who might also still be alive now—was also in danger.

That was why, when I was about to say, “Even so…”


“Apprentice, listen carefully. It’s just like the flow of the river. If you were to drop a rock irrationally from behind, the shock would only increase the force that went downstream. What can you do to change the water way? What should you do to reclaim the river?”


To Master Horace’s words, I was astonished as if the previous spark scattered to my eyelashes.



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If I were to place just one earth doll (golem) before the castle’s main gate… Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to approach the castle’s main gate easily, the soldiers would leave from there, and the knights would gather together in order to form a strategy against the earth doll (golem). Perhaps they might even throw the failed magicians to do so.

On the other hand, wouldn’t the soldiers also rush to Margrave Vayne’s direction? Then, if the earth doll (golem) were to move, they would move to the main gate again. If that was the case, it was inevitable for me to create another earth doll (golem), but if things don’t go well, we would only be going round in circles, and once I use up all my power, I could only watch with folded arms.


If we were to compare it around, it would be akin to piling up sandbags against flood.

Although it could deal with the flood, it would only be something close to an emergency procedure.

Then, what would be the more efficient way to not let the Ruain army get close to the castle…?

Alan then helped me with my thinking.


“It’s not a fast-moving cavalry… The infantry are leading the front in order to siege the castle. Most of the recruits are from the commoners. If we are to assume that the failed magicians are used to hold my father and the others back, there should be some of their knights close to vicinity so that they could control the situation and clean up the rest if the failed magicians were to be injured. The ones supervising their movements should be their stronghold, and most likely the center of their infantry.”


I guessed that the most guarded place, the one place that the soldiers’ flow avoided just like a sandbank—that place should be their stronghold. In order to protect the person who should be their general there, the cavalry would be solidified there.

The cavalry would be able to fluidly move if something were to happen.


“The infantry only has a short range of movement in one turn, and they can’t move without any command. The cavalry with long range of movement will come after wherever the earth doll (golem) appears to bring it down, huh? If that’s the case…”

Inside my head, I imagined the diagram of the game’s arrangement of soldiers.

However, since it was difficult for me to process even their movements inside my head, I used a fallen rock nearby to scratch the ground where there was no grass in order to illustrate it.


“Master Horace… How about this?”

“Hou. It seems good.”

After I wrote some easy symbols such as [K] for the knights, [P] for the pawns or ordinary soldiers, and [M] for the failed magicians in the arrangement, I heard my master’s impressed voice.

Cain-san and Alan brought their heads closer, and I spoke to them about my plan.


Then, after I drew another diagram in consideration of the movement we discussed, the two of them also nodded, and Master Horace also let out a bold laugh.

The plan was decided.


“Let’s go, Cain-san. Alan… defeat the enemy general.”

Then, I put my hands on the ground.


“Now, please come out, golem!”

The same power as the magical power inside me easily gathered nearby.

At the dense area, the surrounding materials moved, changing its shape in accordance to my will, before it finally appeared on the ground surface.


It turned into a figure of a gigantic person with slightly jagged features.

The bipedal earth doll (golem), whose form was similar to a robot made of rocks joined together, stood up as if it was rising from the bottom of the earth.

Since it was as tall as the branches of the trees, it was probably around 10 meters tall.

The earthen doll—that was just as I imagined—grasped my will and turned to face the Ruain army.




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