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Chapter 36

The Siege War in Everal Frontier 2



Part 1/2



At that time, the soldiers of the Ruain army were flustered over the unnatural subterranean rumbling.


“W-what is it?”


The kingdom of Faruzia isn’t a country that faces lots of earthquakes. However, because there are volcanoes, there are certain areas that experience slight tremors sometimes, and earthquakes akin to slight tremors of the earth happen once in a decade.

That was why they thought it was an earthquake, but that tremor was accompanied by a sound that seemed as if it was piercing the earth.

And for those who were headed towards the castle, they noticed that there was a rising cloud of dust right on their right side. The next moment, everyone screamed at the bizzare thing that appeared from there.


“What the hell is that?!”

They couldn’t help but to point their fingers at it.

For you see, there was an earthen giant that was several times taller and bigger than any of them.


They could tell that the giant was composed of the soil. There were yellow wild flowers, grasses, and dry leaves mixed in here and there.

Even if the giant wasn’t that dreadful anymore, the moment they looked into the pitch black eye sockets at the rectangular head, they simultaneously ran away from its route.




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The people who lost their hands’ power were pinned under the ladders they were carying. Furthermore, as they were stepped on by the earthen giant, their figures were buried inside the earth and vanished.

Those who were kicked by the giant’s grassroot foot were flown away. After dancing in the air, their movements ceased.

Before the people who shuddered at that spectacle, around twenty horsemen ran past from behind, as if running after the golem.


Their cloaks’ color was blue. They were the Faruzian knights.

Even if they understood that, nobody could move right away. For they have never confronted such a golem before. If a magical beast of a smaller size were their opponent, there were still people who had the experience of subjugating such a beast.


Before they could even move, arrows rained incessantly from the castle.

The people who were caught off guard were defeated by the arrows, making the army even more chaotic.

However, it didn’t mean that there were no one bold enough to fight against the golem.

Several knights seemed to be advancing from the stronghold, waving their swords thatwere headed towards the golem.

Even so, the golem couldn’t feel any pain or itching.


Soil and grasses were scattered, and the group with blue cloaks ran past from behind.

As the Ruain army was getting minced by the golem, leaving its traces along the way, a path lined up with people were also made.


On the other hand, the group in blue cloaks—we were also desperate.


“N-not yet?!”

“A little bit more! Oi, don’t mind it, just run!”

Alan and I—who was given a ride by Cain-san—was running after the golem on our horses along with the knights, so that we won’t fall behind.

If we were too early, we might be kicked by the golem’s leg, and if we were too late, we might be targeted by the soldiers and knights who came to their senses. Rather than facing a creature that nobody had knowledge about without knowing if it could be defeated or not, it would be better to take on humans whom they knew that blood would spill if they were cut.


However, our current objective wasn’t to kill the enemies while they were surprised.

Our objective was to direct the enemy’s attention from the castle while cutting across the battlefield straight ahead.

The destination was the opposite side of the Ruain army, where the sparks were scattered, and most likely their stronghold… Or the spot where we thought Margrave Vayne was at.


The giant golem was running unexpectedly fast.

I thought that it would be close to walking instead, with its huge step, but despite it seemingly slow at waving its arms and raising its fat thighs, its speed was fast enough that the horses could barely chase after it.

Currently, we were devoting our whole energy to move, so it should be faster than moving while fighting.


In contrast, the enemy’s movements were slow as if they were wasting one turn to be overcome with shock after seeing the golem.

They ran away from the golem first thing first, and while they were still dumbfounded, we got away to a place they couldn’t chase after.

However, it seemed to only affect them initially, just like the effect of a bewitching magic. On top of being able to see the golem from a distance, everyone’s movement gradually turned faster.

As a proof, the Ruain’s knights turned up after us. But as for me, I couldn’t do anything more than making the golem run.


“Kuh… If only I can easily create a wall of earth…”

“Ihihi, don’t be greedy, Apprentice. You’ve only become a magician.”

Master Horace sneered at me from within the bag I carried on my back, as I couldn’t just hold him under my arms.


Even I understand that. So to speak, I’m still a level 1 magician. In that case, there’s no way I can do this and that. If I overdo it, I might have a breakdown and turn into sand, even though it’s just the beginning of the fight. I’d hate that.

That’s why, I’m trying to make myself content just with what I can do at the moment.


Cain-san’s, Alan’s, and the others’ abilities will compensate for the part beyond my capacities.

We kept running after the golem that acted as a shield protecting us. Even though we were only trying to keep up with it so desperately, it was still scary for just 20 horsemen running across approximately ten thousand of military forces, so we were running quickly, quickly, in a hurry.


It felt very long, as if the time was delayed.

In the meantime, dead bodies were kicked flying by the giant. Before that, I caught sight of the corpses being shoot by the arrows, and I reflexively closed my eyes.




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