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Chapter 36

The Siege War in Everal Frontier 2



Part 2/2


It felt very long, as if the time was delayed.

In the meantime, dead bodies were kicked flying by the giant. Before that, I caught sight of the corpses being shoot by the arrows, and I reflexively closed my eyes.

I squeezed my shoulders and put up with the unpleasant feelings that the scene brought about.

I felt nauseous. It was scary.

It was my first time witnessing the figure of people dying in war.

However, if my heart were to waver, the golem’s movement would turn worse. That was why, I stared straight ahead so that I won’t see the ground.


Cain-san’s arms, which were supporting me, became slightly stronger. He surely noticed my being frightened. In response to his kindness, I reconfirmed what I should prioritize at the time.

Then, the time we had been waiting early for, finally arrived.

A crowd of people were there right in front of the golem. Beyond them, a blaze could be seen.


“We’ve arrived!”

I stopped the golem’s feet in a hurry.


Beyond the point where it stopped and where the dust was raised, there were the figures of people whose bodies burst and exploded, producing an outbreak of several blazes similar to human spirit balls.

The explosion was quite extensive, and the group of soldiers, that were on the opposite side of the people who seemed to be the failed magicians, were forced to retreat.


In the direction of the failed magicians, there was a figure burnt to crisp, raising smoke around, and that figure was wearing a black cloak with dark pelt armor.

With that alone, I could guess what was going on. In order to create a failed magician, the Ruain army sacrificed one of their soldiers.


“How cruel…”

Even if they were fighting on the front line, death might be what was waiting for them. Still, there remained a slight resistance. But if things turned this way, wouldn’t there be nothing they could do other than dying while suffering?


There was no way to save them. The closest way to do so was only one.

Before I could order the golem to do that, there was someone who jumped out at me from the side.



Together with his fighting yell, Alan leaped in while waving his sword.


The sword that was used during horseback riding was quite long and heavy, and red blood spray was raised from the failed magician’s head that became a prey to the sword.

I had my breath taken away.

The fallen magician that was formerly a soldier was defeated, and their body immediately turned into sand. Even their red blood.



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Alan, who had just cut them down, looked at the people on the other side, his eyes shining as he was showing an intense expression.

They were wearing blue cloaks. Behind the spear-wielding soldiers, there were horseback riders. Among them, there was a person wearing a helmet decorated with greenish blue tassel.



Alan shouted. The other party waved his hand. The other soldiers in blue cloaks also waved their hands with their expressions becoming less tense and seemingly delightful.

He was certainly Margrave Vayne.

The moment I thought, ‘Thank goodness,’ I felt relieved.


“Let’s move on to the next movement.”

Thanks to Cain-san’s reminder, I didn’t completely become off guard.


Thanks to the reversal of the table, the crowd of people behind were closing in. Even if we were on alert, we could witness how the enemies, who were trying not to get dragged down by the failed magicians, were also narrowing their distance.

The enemy’s confusion was still continuing. However, it would soon come to an end.

I decided to execute one of the two plans I had thought of.


“Alan, lay out the next move!”

Being urged by me, Alan who was rushing over to Margrave Vayne then tightened his expression.


“Will you be all right?”

“It’s something that only I can do, after all.”

We shortly exchanged words with each other, then we moved.


Alan gathered around 500 soldiers who were commanded by Margrave Vayne and the knights who were coming along with us, then he conveyed our plan roughly to Margrave Vayne.

He immediately turned around to me and nodded.


“Cain-san, thank you for your help until here.”

I said that as I got off the horse. From here on, I have to do it by myself. Even the horse will end up getting in my way.

But for some reason, Cain-san also got off the horse.



During the time I was surprised, Cain-san entrusted his horse to one of the infantry that Margrave Vayne led.


“W-what are you doing?!”

“I’m going to accompany you.”

As he said that, he suddenly carried me in his arms.


“Wait, Cain-san?!”

Still, I couldn’t bring myself to struggle and hit Cain-san, nor could I afford having the leeway to carelessly fall and injure myself. Cain-san then showed a very refreshing smile to me who was greatly perplexed.


“Now, you don’t have any other choice than to take me along, do you?”

“But Cain-san, the circumstances hereon requires me alone to…”

“I won’t get in your way. But I think it’s necessary for you to have a person who can carry you and run after you’ve used up your power, right?”

Even if he was smiling, upon a closer look, there was no smile in his eyes.

I kept my mouth tightly closed.


“You’re already quite tired, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t help but nod at his words who managed to see me through. If I have to admit, it’s quite scary to get thrown into disarray there.

After all, I was truly tired after using my energy to keep on concentrating. To add more to it, I was also feeling nausea.


“I also promised Madame Beatrice that I’d protect you when I took you out. That’s why, I won’t leave you alone.”

He declared, and I nodded in my resignation.

At any rate, there was no time anymore. Not even the time to surprise the enemy soldiers, not even the time to forge my magic.


Then, I made the golem straighten its arm and have Cain-san go up on top of its palm.




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