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Chapter 37

The Siege War in Everal Frontier 3



Part 1/2


Because the basis of it was the soil, it didn’t hurt like a rock even if it was hard.

Upon going up to that golem’s shoulder,


“Whoa, the view is good from here…”

I ended up involuntarily frowning.


I felt intimidated by the large amount of people filling the hill. Even if I couldn’t really see the mass, I could guess the number of people in general. There were absolutely ten thousand of them. It was as Cain-san and Alan predicted.

I couldn’t say anything other than how it was an overwhelming number. If we were to be taken by surprise by them, it couldn’t be helped if we had no other choice than escaping. Even now when we intended to prepare for it, we could barely hold the castle that I couldn’t even laugh at the situation in the game.

I don’t think that I can overturn everything immediately. However, I’m doing what I can do.


After surveying the condition, I thanked Cain-san who held me up in his arms, and I had him let me off to the golem’s shoulder.

Thanks to having a little bit of rest, I didn’t have any difficulty standing.

But since I understood that I’d slip off if I stayed like this the moment the golem moved, I buried myself a little bit to its shoulder as I created a cavity equipped with a fence similar to an eyelet, where Cain-san and I could enter together.


A little while later, arrows began to be shot at the golem.

The Ruain army, who was on guard with the giant earth doll’s movements, surely understood that I—the one who just climbed up its shoulder—was the technique user. However, the arrows couldn’t reach… there were some that seemed to reach the fence, so I was a little bit scared, though.


Actually, I was a little bit anxious.

Arrows could reach quite a far away place. It was most likely a good thing for me to be riding on top of the golem’s shoulder which was approximately at the height of a tall tree. But I was only barely able to manage with this, somehow or another.


I shifted my gaze and measured the distance to the castle.

It would take around 20 steps for the golem to run to it. Thank goodness it was close… Just as I thought so, my eyes were drawn to the figure of a person between the parapet on top of the castle rampart.


I thought that it was a soldier who put on a blue cloak. However, the cloak’s length was different.

When I thought about how his excellent posture attracted my eyes, something was off. I felt like screaming towards the figure who was wearing the pale-colored military clothes.


“Why are you there?! Wait, someone, hurry and pull him back!”

It was Reggie.

I could tell from seeing his tied silver hair fluttering due to the wind that was blowing in the high altitude.


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The game’s clip crossed my mind.

I felt my legs trembling. What will happen if he’s shot by an arrow by being in such a place? Isn’t that the very first dangerous place once the enemy breaks through the castle gate?


“Cain-san, something, do something! Reggie will be hit by the arrows!”

“Calm down, Kiara-san.”

I reflexively grabbed Cain-san’s collar and raised it. Still, Cain-san pacified me while still keeping his serious expression.


“It’s all right. The only place higher than that rampart is the main tower. It hasn’t been invaded yet, and judging by the direction of the wind, the enemy’s arrows won’t reach where Prince Reginald is at.”


What should I do if things turn out the same?


I unintentionally glared at Reggie, but he—who looked small from the distance—casually smiled and waved his right hand.

From the parapet, something similar to straw was scattered. Subsequently, some sort of liquid rained incessantly from the rampart.


“Is it oil?”

The enemy soldiers stopped after taking a little bit of distance, perhaps they were thinking that it was the same thing exactly as what Cain-san stated. As long as it was anything but oil, it would be good for them to shoot fire arrows and just wait until the fire vanished.

At the same time Reggie put down his waving hand, fire arrows were shot from the rampart.

The arrows that were shot straight down ignited the straws substituting fire lighter without any mistake.


“…The smoke…”

What arose was more smoke than expected. Moreover, it was slightly greenish.

The smoke thickly solidified in that place as if to make a cloud, flowing towards the enemy side little by little.

The enemy soldiers lowered their postures as they let the smoke go past them, but the moment the smoke surrounded them, they let out a distressed groan as they began to crawl to flee. The other enemy soldiers who saw that began to run at full speed, turning the front line close to the castle into a chaos.


“What smoke is it? Poison? Something like that, in the castle… Ah.”

I finally understood what it was aimed for. Change of plan. I swallowed my saliva and waved my hand at Alan who was below me.


“Go straight ahead! Barge into the castle’s gate!”

My voice surely reached him, as I could see him nodding. A little while later, Alan and the others huddled together as they started running.


“Let’s go! Please hold on tight, Cain-san!”

I braced myself as I made the golem run as to lead Alan. 10 steps shorter than planned.


–There, I immediately took a 90 degree turn.


The Ruain soldiers surely thought that the golem would be moving along with the knights who were rushing into the castle, as they proceeded while avoiding their route.



I tied my lips together.

I should have crushed a lot of people underfoot without any doubt. However, I couldn’t falter. I couldn’t think about it.

I concentrated on moving the golem while clinging onto the earthen fence.

Moreover, I made the golem proceed without moving the upper half of its body too much, but its lower half would surely jolt by all means. Therefore, if I didn’t cling onto something, I might end up getting tossed off.



Cain-san was initially baffled as he wasn’t used to it. However, he immidiately adapted to it and grabbed my arms. I was really grateful for his consideration even in such a really trivial matter. Once we return safely, I’ll prostrate myself to appraise my gratitude.1


It seemed to become chaotic on the surface due to the golem’s sudden change of course.

There was nobody who didn’t become frightened at the mass of giant earth coming within the Ruain army all alone. There were people who started to run away from the route of getting crushed underfoot, and there were people who instructed to shoot the arrows, everything turned into a whole chaos.


In the other direction, Alan and the others went straight towards the castle.

Their objective was to release Margrave Vayne and the others. After the margrave and the others departed for the front, they encountered the Ruain army, and they shouldn’t have fought for quite some time already.

The military force didn’t even reach a thousand during departure time, but I wasn’t sure if they joined with the others en route, but I was certain that their number was decreased until around half the initial number, and they were forced to fight so fiercely. Along with their fatigue, their hearts would be broken in such a hopeless situation.

It was impossible for the exhausted margrave and his allies to open up a way out on their own and to barge into the castle.

Therefore, this strategy was indispensable.




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  1. Prostrate myself as in making the infamous “dogeza” posture.

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