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Chapter 40

Employment Contract Modification


Part 1/2


“You’ve been summoned to participate in the meeting that’s going to be held soon.”


I was playing with Master Horace for a while before taking the meal Maya-san brought me. I was told about the meeting at that time.

At that time, I was trying to explain to her that Master wasn’t an ornament. However, Master pretended to be an ornament. Because of that, Maya-san seemed to have thought of me as a pitiful child and I became flustered at Master’s unfeeling nature.

In the end, Maya-san managed to understand that Master was a product of magic with the old man’s soul inside, but… “Magic sure is amazing,” as Maya-san was being impressed by it, she suddenly dropped a bomb, “but Kiara was the one who designed it, right?” and that settled the perception that my sense was strange.


After that, Master was making a fuss over whether his outward appearance was indeed weird or not. So, I showed him a mirror and let him be stunned.

The invitation arrived exactly at this harmonious scene.

This time, the one who called me out wasn’t the auntie servant.

The margave’s knight was there next to me in order to formally summon me to the meeting.


…I felt that my position had changed.

Perhaps the margrave thought that they had to change the way they treated me after I became a magician.


I was absent-minded for a few seconds upon receiving the invitation.

Going out to war. Having to find a way to kill the enemy again.

I realized that war wasn’t a simplicity. Even if it was already too late in game, my feeling of not wanting to kill anyone was present, and I still wondered if there was something I could do about it.


As I was biting my lips unconsciously in my worry, Master whispered some words to me. And those words helped me reach a determination.


“Don’t you wish for your friends to stay alive?”


The reason I became a magician in the first place.

Master Horace reminded me of the reason why I still chose this path in the end, despite the fact that I wouldn’t be able to die a normal death and would have to die by turning into sand.


As I had accepted the invitation to the meeting, first, I had to change my clothes.

I was dressed in this soft cotton sleepwear while I was unconscious. Therefore, I asked the knight to wait for me outside the room. On top of that, Maya-san also helped me in changing my clothes.



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However, when I was about to choose the clothes, I wavered.

During the time we subjugated the evil beasts, I borrowed and wore the small-sized men’s clothes that was easy to move in. I thought that it would be better to wear that clothes again if we were to act immediately, but Maya-san handed me a set of a dress and cloak as she was instructing me to wear them instead.

It was a thick dress that was made firmly, but it wasn’t something that belonged in my possession.

Its color wasn’t flashy at all. Rather, its color resembled my eye color, a deep green tinged with ashes. And the cloak’s color was blue, a proof that the wearer belonged to Faruzia kingdom’s army.


“Beatrice-sama asked me to have you wear this, Kiara. She said that it wouldn’t do if you were to wear an ordinary military uniform should the time come when you have to move as a magician.”

Madam Beatrice seemed to have prepared this equipment as something like a congratulatory gift for my employment. Moreover, she began making it around the time I started saying things like, “I will become a magician!”


She is just like a mother… The salty liquid began to blur my eyes.

Then, while I was wearing the clothes as Maya-san helped me solemnly, I suddenly noticed something.

Eh? Won’t I be unable to ride on the golem to rush with it in this dress?

As expected for a newbie (level 1) like me, my magic will be broken if I am not in contact with it. So, for the sake of maintaining contact, I rode on its shoulders as if I was riding a big robot, but if I were wearing a skirt, it would get turned up by the wind and my legs…


“It’s woven, too.”

Maya-san smiled.


“If you’re wearing this dress, you won’t be able to act recklessly, right? That’s why, this is a restraint for you.”


I couldn’t even say, “Guh…”. It seemed that Madam Beatrice and Maya-san thought of me as a reckless girl.

If one were to wear a skirt, one wouldn’t like to have it get turned up, and one wouldn’t be able to do something like jumping down the roof. This set of clothes was chosen under such an implication.


But certainly… If I don’t want to have my legs shown, I will have to be carried around or I have to act while thinking about my own safety quite carefully.

Beatrice-sama is indeed a tactician… Moreover, since she is of the same gender, she knows that one’s movement can be restricted by a trivial thing such as clothing.

With a sense of defeat, I took out Master who I crammed into the blanket as I was embarrassed if he were around when I was changing. I found Master who was moving around similar to a mole, and it was quite amusing.


Even while he was complaining, Master didn’t refuse being held by me like a teddy bear as we moved to the meeting place.

In the middle of the way, the people passing by seemed to be more startled by the fact that I was hugging Master rather than by my appearance. However, I paid them no mind.

Upon arriving at the meeting room, the margrave’s knight, who was waiting patiently outside the door while I was changing clothes, opened the door.


In the meeting room, there was a large long table. The people who were sitting next to the table were almost identical as those who attended the previous meeting.

Reggie was sitting at the topmost seat, and Groul-san was standing behind him.

The margrave and margravine were on the left and the right side of Reggie. However, the margrave wasn’t left uninjured. With a haggard expression, he was glancing at the bandage around his cuff.


Alan was sitting next to Margrave Vayne. Perhaps it was to be expected from the protagonist, as he seemed to remain uninjured despite being in the middle of the melee battle and despite having to rescue me. If you think of it in the reality, I wonder how does his current ability compare to the in-game level?


As for the soldiers’ commanding officer… he was quite injured. The incomplete bandage was hanging on his arms, covered by a coat. His injuries were painful to look at. Perhaps the commanding officer was there among the people who remained from those who departed to the front along with the margrave. The defensive commanding officer was stationed in the castle, so he didn’t seem to suffer a great injury. However, he had a gloomy expression.


Then, the most altered part was the fact that they had arranged a seat for me.




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  1. Ashcheul

    So now she is included in hierarchy as magician. It’s a good environment for her – people who either tolerate her well, or like her. With this, she can achieve her goal of cutting down the amount of casualties among her friends.

    I think that her decision to become magician was right after all.

    • LynneSuzuran

      I agree as well! I might be partial as I like magicians tho XD

  2. Mernaruki

    Thanks for the chapter~

    • LynneSuzuran

      Thanks for reading and commenting ^^

  3. Alex

    Am I the only one who felt that it was wrong for Horace to say, “Don’t you wish for your friends to stay alive”? It’s not like I don’t think she should become a magician, but the way that question is phrased, at least to me, feels like he is implicitly suggesting that it would be her fault if her friends died if she didn’t become a magician. If so, that’s so messed up, because it’s suggesting that she alone is responsible for her friends lives. But maybe I’m just overthinking it. Thanks for the chapter!

    • Ashcheul

      I think you are mistaken. Human mind works in a way that make prior expectations affect one’s perception of events.

      “Don’t you wish for your friends to stay alive” in reality means this:
      Do you want for your friends to survive?
      Perphaps they will survive by themselves by chance.
      But if you take upon yourself a burden of being magician, you can skew this chance in their favor.
      What will you chose? Will you trust fate, or will you attempt to give your all to improve those chances?

      – – – – –

      Or the other variant with how I perceived it initially:
      What are you willing to sacrifice for them?

      – – – – –

      So I must say that his wording hold different meaning for different reader. Hope that was a useful answer.

      • LynneSuzuran

        You put it in words perfectly XD

    • Cerene

      Woooooooo caught up with translations in one go. This story is so wack!! I love it. Good pace, nice mushy scene’s good quality writing and translations. What more could I ask for. Thank you for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated.

      • LynneSuzuran

        Thanks for reading and commenting ^^

    • LynneSuzuran

      Hmm, I didn’t think his sentence could be interpreted like so, but I think Horace didn’t have the intention of implicating that meaning to the sentence XD

  4. RednecK Dalek

    Thanks so much for translating this, it’s a great story, one of the better ‘reincarnated’ ones I’ve read, (Patron has been activated)

    • LynneSuzuran

      Thank you ^^

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