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Chapter 40

Employment Contract Modification


Part 2/2

The most altered part was the fact that they had arranged a seat for me.

There was a vacant seat next to Alan and beside the cavalry captain. The margrave’s knight guided me there, urging me to sit.

As a magician, I have to participate in wars.


I gulped at the tension. My feet were trembling and I was anxious whether I could nicely sit down there, but I somehow managed to take a seat without staggering.

Now that everyone was present, Margrave Vayne opened his mouth.

“First of all, I shall express my gratitude to His Majesty for bearing the command himself. Next, I want to offer my condolences to those who lost their lives and respect for everyone who gave their assistance in this time’s war.”

Everyone slightly bowed their heads and offered their silent prayers upon the margrave’s words.

Some time later, the cavalry captain opened his mouth with his trembling voice, full of regret.


“We were late in noticing the enemy’s movement that some of his Excellency’s soldiers had to die in vain before my eyes…”

“The fault’s mine too, Tremaine. To think that the Sarehald turned traitor…”

It seemed that the circumstances became clearer than they were in the previous meeting. It seemed that the Sarehald had betrayed us since there seemed to be people of the Sarehald in the enemy’s army.


“However, she saved us.”

Margrave Vaye’s eyes turned to my direction. At the same time, everyone’s gazes were also directed at the same direction.

Uh… Scary.

I reflexively ended up hugging the clay figurine master that was within my arms tightly.


“Don’t be flustered, my disciple.”

Master Horace whispered.


“What are you going to do if you falter just from this kind of admiring gazes? You acquired victory over an enemy army of ten thousand after all, ihihii. When you stand in the battlefield, you’re going to receive gazes full of murdering intent. Moreover, you managed to withstand that a few hours ago, so the gazes this time can be considered something trivial compared to that, wouldn’t you say?”

“Uh… Yes.”

It was just as Master Horace said. Just a while ago, I was running around while riding an outrageous thing, getting a lot of attention from the ten thousand soldiers.


It’s just… I was desperate at that time…

I did the best I could do just so I could try not to think about the shock of killing the people who were in the surroundings.

However, a little bit of courage surged after hearing Master Horace’s words.

After I closed my eyes tightly, I looked back at Margrave Vayne and smiled.


“Thank you, Kiara. Thank you for being so determined and getting the power to save us.”

“Eh, that… If I can help you, even for just a bit, I’ll be happy as well.”

I was so nervous that my heart was thumping, but I somehow managed to give a passable answer.

As expected, I felt a little bit repulsion upon saying that [I’ll be happy], but even so…


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“That being the case, to the magician that saved me, to you who thought of a plan to defeat the enemy’s principal battle formation, I’d like to officially treat you as a magician instead of the position of a maid. Would you accept it?”

“T-treat me as…”

In other words, just like turning a knight into an officer, he wanted to employ me as a magician.


I was about to say that there was no need to do that as I was already getting used to my life as a maid, but I held my tongue.

No, no. Not accepting it is out of the question.

If I were to say that it would be fine for me to remain as a maid instead of being appointed as a magician, everyone would be troubled over how they should treat me.


With such kind of an answer, it would mean that I didn’t want the fact that I was a magician be made public. Margrave Vayne and the others would need to work out a countermeasure for that. It meant increasing the amount of needless work such as covering the fact that I participated in the war.

And lastly, it would be hard for a maid like me to participate in war council like this every time. But if they want my cooperation as a magician, they will have to find an excuse to let me hear the strategy or even going through a complex procedure to entrust a message to someone to deliver to me. It would only trouble Margrave Vayne and the others.


Whoa, wouldn’t I be a very troublesome fellow if it were like that? That’s why, I should just accept it. I scolded the part of my that wanted to run away to a lower middle class life before I gave my answer.


“T-thank you very much.”

Margrave Vayne and the others revealed a relieved expression at my answer.


――Only one person didn’t loosen up their stiff expression, though. And that person was none other than Reggie.


I think that he’s surely worried that I will get hurt if I were to act as a magician.

However… there’s no going back. With the incomprehensible changes to the circumstances, I might not be able to protect Alan and Reggie if I weren’t in a position where I could openly participate in wars.

I have yet to make a decision to kill more people.

I have no intention of letting Reggie be burdened with everything.

That’s why, for now, I’ll just focus on how I don’t want my friends to die. Just by thinking how we could struggle through everything with everyone still alive, I decided that it would still be good even if I had to suffer again.


Be that as it may, I wasn’t that big-hearted, so I steered the topic to the person who just became my guardian.


“Everything is all thanks to Master who made me his disciple. If he weren’t there, I might not even be able to discern right from left.”

I emphasized on how I was able to accomplish everything because Master was there.


The tactic of making the golem dash was able to be executed after Master taught me how in the world one could operate it and to what extent I could handle it at that time.


The clay figurine who was thrown into the middle of the conversation slightly moved as if it was somewhat trembling.

Then, Margrave Vayne and the others’ gazes moved to Master Horace who was in my embrace. With a feeling of wanting to hide myself behind the scenes, I put Master on top of the table.


Now, go, Master. Please protect your disciple, okay?

As I was sending my cheers within my heart, Master turned around to give a fleeting glimpse at me. I felt that the eyes that were similar to a spaceman clay figurine’s were looking at me intently, but I paid no mind to it.



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