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Chapter 41

Strategy Planning



Part 2/2

“It would be good if the other branch families could gather soldiers to overpower the enemy and move independently, but…”

Master Horace then responded to the defense commander’s words.


“Impossible, isn’t it? It’s most satisfactory if the north side can be confined, right? Ihihihi. But the plan will be overrun if you show any hint of the route, huh?”

“Come to think of it, the Ruain’s marching from the North, but… O venerable man, do you know the Ruain army’s invasion route?”

When Margrave Vayne asked, Master Horace laughed.


“It isn’t the case that this lowly me could listen to their strategy, kekeke. I came to know this time’s matter from the man who dispatched me, that the people of Sarehald were going in and out. I was thinking if that country was joining hands with Ruain and when I was told that we were to advance from North and attack the castle at the same time, I thought that it was absolutely the case. …Since their numbers have passed ten thousand people, I think that siding with the Ruain is Sarehald’s consensus.”

“If the two countries arranged things beforehand, then it would be as a matter of course that it would be hard for us to detect their movements, huh? So that was why they were blended with the Sarehald’s soldiers…”

The cavalry commander groaned as he furrowed his eyebrows.


We’ll be receiving the same damage from now on, so let’s discuss things together.’ We were betrayed by the ally who said those words. The damage that Sarehald sustained from the magical beasts must be a lie.

Margrave Vayne seemed to have sensed the Sarehald army’s movements in order to subjugate the magical beasts, but we concluded that it was also the Ruain army’s pretense.


“They cooperated to such an extent. I’m sure they’ve already come to an agreement about territory cession.”

After Reggie said that, Madam Beatrice also sighed.


“If we were careless, the messenger sent for this time’s discussions… the Faruzia person might have been under the Ruain’s patronage. With the arrangement of discussions being an illusion, there’s also a possibility of them deceiving us…”

“Are the key figures people who have tendency to be on Ruain’s side?”

In response to Alan’s question, Beatrice answered, “I don’t know the exact details of it.”


“In the first place, it’s been years since the queen was married into the royal family, so it’s quite weird to have many nobles who are close with the Ruain. It’s inevitable for Viscount Credius and Earl Patriciel to be linked by fate with the Ruain, but as for the others, just what in the world did they use to…”

“Hihihii. Did you feel threatened? What a fascinating present they gave, didn’t they? The beginning of hostilities are humans. I’m the cutest one here.”

The situation was just reconfirmed to be more severe with this talk about Sarehald betraying us. Perhaps due to that, everyone had a gloomy expression.

The words that came out of Reggie’s mouth next just turned the atmosphere even heavier.



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“Marquis Limerick and Viscount Rainster’s reinforcements should have been dispatched to advance if there was an unusual phenomenon. I’ve already raised the smoke signals, so they should be approaching a spot where they would reach us in around 2 days. However, the Ruain should also realize that we were preparing reinforcements by this time. It’s also possible for a short decisive battle to happen with them using the failed magicians again in order to break through the gate.”

“Without the reinforcements, we wouldn’t be able to move, and if the reinforcements were to be noticed, there’s a possibility that a decisive battle will happen tomorrow… is it?”

Reggie nodded in response to Margrave Vayne’s summary.


“In addition, on top of knowing that the Sarehald betrayed us, it was so unthinkable for them to move an army of 10,000 soldiers just to raid the frontier. We can think that another army has already advanced towards the royal capital.”

Everyone once again turned silent at Reggie’s prediction.


They’re surely thinking of a breakthrough solution. The plan might also contain how they’re going to make use of me.

However, the thing that I can do is to make a golem and have it run around. Moreover, there’s also a time limit. Defeating the Ruain army with just that alone is difficult.


But, I think.

It should be fine as long as we can pull apart the Ruain army from the castle to a certain extent. Then, they should give up trying to capture this territory.


“The victory condition is to have them withdraw…”

Oh no!’ I thought as I ended up muttering my thoughts.

‘Victory condition’ is a mindset completely brought over to me due to the influence of the game. But it might be easier to understand. Margrave Vayne accepted that term.


“Victory condition, huh? Certainly, being able to hold on to the territory is like a victory to us.”

“It’s certainly important to have them withdraw. It would be useless to reinforce the military force if we can’t keep them away.”

In response to the cavalry commander’s agreeing words, Alan and the others also nodded.

Urged by the accepting atmosphere, I made up my mind and tried to say what was on my mind.


“Uhm, considering the military force, it would be impossible at the present time to stop the invasion towards the kingdom. That’s why, I think it’s better for us not to think about it first. Then, I think that it’s most likely that they won’t withdraw their soldiers by tomorrow. After all, their objective is to kill his Highness Prince Reginald.”

In the game’s opening, the reason as to why the enemy’s main force quickly left the Everal territory after killing Reggie and defeating the margrave’s castle was the absence of the heir to the throne.


“That’s right.”

Reggie approved my opinion.


“Ruain invaded in order to seize the Faruzia kingdom. If that’s the case, the best victory we could earn in this situation is to keep the heir to the throne—to have me stay alive. Even if they manage to seize the royal capital, my succession rank is higher than the queen. Even if a merging were to happen, the foreign countries wouldn’t give their tacit consent. If one overlooks another country’s usurpation, it might even slide to one’s own country.”


There is no king of any country who wishes for their country to be surpassed by a country of a lower military force.

After saying that, Reggie closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes next, his expression changed as if he just made up his mind about something.


“They know that the Ruain wouldn’t be able to get mutual understanding from the foreign countries. Nevertheless, they couldn’t put seizing our territory on hold.”


He then continued to talk about the plan to use the other fief’s army that we just appealed for reinforcement.

If we were to combine their military force with the Everal’s potential military force, the number could reach 15,000. Then, even if the Ruain could create failed magicians, they would still want to avoid fighting against the magician that the Everal territory’s army had.


“Ruain has only let out two failed magicians so far. It seems to me that they can’t create failed magicians in a large quantity. That’s why, let’s give them the impression that we have a magician here with us… And in order to do that, I’d like to have your cooperation, Kiara-dono.”

It was the first time Reggie proactively wanted to make use of my power.


His expression seemed to be colder than what I imagined, but it was a chance that came due to the rational judgement that stated it was indispensable to have me included.

Therefore, I nodded.


“I agree to cooperate.”

Even if I understand that the plan will inevitably make me become someone who has to be protected.



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