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Note: Before reading, I think I’ll need to inform this to avoid any confusion in the beginning: this chapter’s POV isn’t from Kiara’s, it’s also not a third-person view. It’s Alan’s POV ^^

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Chapter 42

Apology and Gratitude are Dangerous


Part 1/2

The meeting was over.

The cavalry commander and the defense commander were leaving as they were arranging their personnel. Meanwhile, the margrave—my father—was worried about my mother as they were headed towards their own room.


Kiara, who didn’t calm down even the slightest bit perhaps due to the agitation and the tension over what she just said herself, stood up while holding the weird clay figurine that contained her master’s soul.

At that time, Kiara looked at Reggie’s direction. Still without any expression, Reggie moved his line of sight to meet Kiara’s.

I believed that it only lasted around one second. What could it possibly express? …I don’t quite get it.


In the first place, Reggie’s action this time was something I couldn’t believe.

Reggie requested Kiara’s cooperation and treated her like a retainer for the first time.

Despite the fact that he just said that he was thinking of a way to remove Kiara from the battle until just now. …No, since it’s Reggie, on top of thinking of a plan that involves her, he might have established a plan that could be executed even without Kiara.


However, Kiara took the role as a magician.

It meant that she had no intention of running from the battle.

If that was the case, Reggie decided to stand in the battlefield himself in order to keep Kiara at a distance until the end.

He had never done that until now.


…Even though he was that sullen during the incident where Kiara exposed her legs.

This time, it would be dangerous if Wentworth wasn’t there. And yet, would he let the same thing happen again? I tilted my head in confusion.

Even during the incident of the wind wolf, even though everyone worked together behind the scene to hide it, he was asking about how weird Wentworth’s condition was. He also pressed some questions while saying that the caste’s knights were strangely kind to Kiara.

No, being kind is a good thing, isn’t it? If there were a fool within our knights who bullied a girl younger than them, we’d be shedding tears due to the shame.

That was why, I tried to pinpoint those strange points and when I did so…


“You, what would you do if your own mother were to do such kind of a thing? If Margrave Vayne were to know that, he’d surely say that he would make those who saw [lose their memories], don’t you think?” Such was Reggie’s answer.

I immediately apologized to Reggie. Sorry… I could tell that my father would go mad. Nevertheless, imagining my mother and my father being lovey dovey is a bit… the mental damage is quite strong…


Reggie is really a terrifying guy.

Despite that, he still gave his permission.



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“Could it be time for her to leave the nest?”

I was taken aback when I realized that my voice slightly leaked out.

The baby bird Kiara was trying to fly out of her nest, and Reggie, who thought that the time for her to leave the nest had come, announced that he’d guide her himself if that’s the case… Something like that?

It’s a weird representation that I can understand, yet at the same time, I can’t understand it…


Either way, since she had decided to fight, this situation should be Kiara’s long-cherished ambition. Despite that, why would Kiara look at Reggie with such condemning eyes?

Looking at those two’s condition, I reflexively wanted to say: “Don’t just stare at each other, you’d better talk it out as usual.” A parent and a child wouldn’t understand each other unless they talked, right?


When you thought about it like that, those two were strange.

From the beginning, a strange ambience was created between the two, as if they could understand each other really well. If this were an ordinary romantic feeling, I won’t be this confused.


However, the others surely thought of it perfectly like that.

A few hours ago when they arrived at the castle, if one were to look just at his figure who was embracing Kiara as if snatching her away, one could only think that there was a romantic feeling involved.

Wentworth was also staring in wonder at that time…

But Reggie should also have some kind of purpose behind his action.

It’s an action to proclaim that Kiara is under the prince’s protection. Perhaps he fussed over the incident of Kiara’s skirt before the departure was to give a lasting effect and to show off so that ‘insects’ won’t gather around.


Anyway, there was no point in looking at the seemingly complicated pair. I decided to take Wentworth along and leave the room.


“Let’s go.”

However, at the same time, Kiara also started to move in order to leave the room.


“Ah, Cain-san and Alan. I’d like to discuss more about tomorrow.”

Geh!’ As I thought inside my mind towards Kiara who tagged along, I turned around to glance at Reggie. He just began to speak with Groul who was standing behind him.

Feeling slightly relieved, the three of us left the meeting room and went to the courtyard.


“So, what’s the thing you’d like to discuss?”

“Eeh, discussing it here is a bit…”

Kiara turned to look over the surroundings. In order to evacuate the citizens of the castle town, there were several impromptu tents erected in the courtyard, and people continuously passed by. Moreover, the people gathering here were looking at us and the soldiers with anxious expressions.

Certainly, this was a bad place to talk about things.


That was why, we decided to move to one of the living rooms in the feudal lord’s mansion. Wentworth was sitting on the sofa together with me, but Kiara put the clay figurine or her master on top of the table—perhaps it was heavy—as she shook her head and said, “It’s only a short talk.”


“I want you to be careful of the arrows aimed at Reggie or of the possibility that there was a soldier infiltrating in order to assail him.”

She immediately got to the point of the conversation.


“Is that a story from your aforementioned past life memory?”

It was a story I considered as nothing but nonsense in the beginning. However, she became a magician just as she said, verifying the quality that [she knew beforehand]. Moreover, Ruain attacked when Reggie came here to negotiate. The negotiation partner was the Sarehald.


…To be honest, I felt afraid of Kiara.

I thought that people who knew of the future were only the prophets in the fantasy stories. I thought that if people like them existed, it would surely be convenient, but upon seeing at the real one here, not everything was exactly the same, and the people who were able to see through the things that nobody knew also couldn’t help but fear that they couldn’t do anything.

Kiara nodded at my question.


“There are only two people that I could talk about my previous life just as it is, so I can only discuss it with Alan and Cain-san.”

“You explained it to Reggie-sama as a dream, didn’t you?”

“That’s right. That person listened to what I talked about without pressing anything. …That’s why, I haven’t talked to him about my previous life yet.”

…She surely doesn’t want to be hated by Reggie who’s her primary guardian. As for Reggie, he understood everything she talked about even while concealing it, and even believed them. Without demanding any basis.


“I’ve also talked to Reggie about the possibility of him being shot by the arrows. However, since I told him that it happened inside the castle, I think that he considered it safe outside and thought of a plan just like some time ago.”

Actually, she wanted to raise an objection to Reggie’s strategy. However, it seemed that she didn’t voice it out because drafting a strategy might be beyond her capacities as someone who had spent her life as a maid so far.




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