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Chapter 42

Apology and Gratitude are Dangerous


Part 2/2

Well, I think that Kiara is reasonably [up to the task], though. During when we returned to the castle, the plan of giving a blow to the enemy in order to save my father was certainly a foul play that was enabled because we had a magician, but it was still a valid strategy after all.

When I thought about it, it wasn’t that Kiara couldn’t object to Reggie’s strategy. It was because she thought that Reggie’s plan was [excellent] that one could poke it at nowhere.

That was why, she asked me and Wentworth who would be by Reggie’s side.


“But judging from the last time’s progress, it isn’t guaranteed that things will turn out just like what I knew. From what I knew, Ruain crossed the national border and didn’t join hands with the Sarehald. That’s why, I’m not sure if it’ll be better for us not to be cautious only for arrows hitting Reggie…”

“Understood. I will propose an advice regarding that matter to Father. Reggie should also be armed, but the more hands I have, the better it will be to protect the person who’s our insignia.”

“Thank you, Alan.”

Kiara smiled as if she was slightly relieved.


“It seems that there is nothing I can do in relation to that matter. I’m going to stick together with you. I’ve received such an order again from the margrave and from his Excellency.”

Kiara lowered her eyes and brows upon hearing Wentworth’s words, and she had a troubled expression.


“I feel guilty about that.”

“But Kiara-san, you can’t do anything if your magical power has worn out, right?”

“It’s exactly as you said…”

Kiara also seemed to have reflected on the time she collapsed during when we rushed into the castle. Certainly, if Cain didn’t forcibly follow her, how would things turn out?

Perhaps it was due to his wandering around together with Kiara for a long time, Cain could read her behavior and even his method of cajoling her was brilliant.

Anyway, I remembered something at this point. The reason why Cain began to follow Kiara in the first place and the result of that.


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“Come to think about it, Kiara. Have you thought of the details for my apology? If there’s anything you want, just say it. I’ll do it as long as it’s within my capabilities.”

Kiara became a magician and proved the truth of her words. I was certainly dubious about finding a magician as well…

Later on, I heard that the magician called Horace—who was now within the clay figurine—his body decayed and turned into sand. Towards Kiara who still carried it through despite watching that process and understood it, I felt like completely surrendering to her all the more. That was why, I intended on giving her a favor even if it was slightly troublesome, but…


“Eh, apology?! Ah…”

It seemed that Kiara had completely forgotten about it. She was bewildered when I asked her that. Therefore, I thought that it would be fine if she answered me in another opportunity, but a little while later, Kiara seemed to think of something.


“Then, I’ll ask this!”

Kiara said with a full smile on her face as she clapped her hands.


“I was just thinking about expressing my gratitude to Cain-san who saved me. That’s why, let’s have Cain-san ask what he wants to Alan, and Alan granting Cain-san’s request will become a proof of your apology to me!”

Hey! Being told that, Wentworth and I looked at each other. Looking at Wentworth who was having a troubled expression, I thought that perhaps I was also making the same kind of expression.


“Anyway, listen. You, what kind of request do you want to ask from Kiara?”

“I think it’s dangerous to restrict it to Kiara-san. Alan-sama is the one who has to do it, after all.”

“That’s right.”

Wentworth has a high morals. If Kiara were to ask him what he wanted as a form of her gratitude, he wouldn’t think of anything at an unreasonable scope, and he would surely only ask for a [blessing] usually requested from the noble ladies.

In short, it would only be limited to the extent of kissing Wentworth’s cheek, but… Kiara, are you waving that to me? It’s terrifying in a peculiar meaning.


Although it would surely become a spectacle that could only violate one’s vision, for me who’s a male to be giving a blessing just like what a female would do, I beg you pardon.

The doll of her master that Kiara carried was also laughing while trying to hide his voice, making it a stifled laughter. He was surely thinking of the same thing as us.

Thereupon, Wentworth suggested.


“If that’s the case, let’s just do it just like how it is originally. Let’s have Alan-sama’s apology and your gift of gratitude to me separately?”

“Yeah, that’s right. That would be good. Then, Kiara.”

I put my sword on the floor and kneeled before her. Perhaps not understanding what was going on well, Kiara profusely felt shaken.


“Eh?! Why?”

“I have to apologize, right? Then, it’s only logical for me to do this until you say that you’ve forgiven me.”

“But it’s not like I want an apology, so… Hasn’t Alan apologized to me, anyway?”

It seemed that she was troubled over me kneeling like this. Therefore, for the time being, I stood up, but at that time, Wentworth forced his way through, strangely in a mood that seemed as if he was having fun.


“Then, I’m also thinking of having the proof of gratitude from Kiara-san.”


Kiara was perplexed and her eyes were avoiding his gaze. At any rate, she was going to kiss his cheek. She would surely feel shy.


“Then, would you rather have it like expressing gratitude between fellow girls?”

Wentworth, who foresaw Kiara’s condition, proposed with a smile.


“Ah, that much should be easy… wait, could it be that…?!”

“Oi, Wentwo—…”

Although Kiara had a period of time that she spent as an earl’s daughter, she couldn’t seem to recall it quickly. And I also had no time to stop him.


Wentworth quickly stood up and kissed Kiara’s cheek as he pulled her towards himself.

After she was separated from Wentworth, Kiara held his right cheek and her face turned bright red.

As for Wentworth, he narrowed his eyes looking at her.


Looking at this situation, I unintentionally blinked.

Was Wentworth someone who could do such a thing? He was relatively indifferent towards women, and I had seen and heard him socializing with them, but… I had never seen the figure of him teasing a younger girl.


“That will be enough as a form of gratitude towards me. What about Alan-sama’s apology?”

Wentworth detachedly declared, and towards him who was like an unknown person, I was… I felt slightly anxious.


Kiara also answered with a very thin voice, “Uhm, let’s leave it for another time…,” and so it wasn’t done right at that place.

By the way, I gave Kiara something that acted as a medium for magic as a form of my apology in another day.




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