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Chapter 43.1

Counterattack at Dilhorn Hill 1



On the next day, I ended up waking earlier than expected, so I suddenly thought of sewing copper coin at the hem of my skirt.


“What are you doing? Is this your original charm?”

Master Horace asked in a wonder. Perhaps I was getting quite considerably used to the clay figurine face of his that I could somehow see through his countenance.


“I’m sewing it to make the hem heavier, so it would be difficult for my skirt to get turned over.”

I’m going to go up to another high platform again.

At least I want my skirt not to flutter in the wind.


“What? How boring… And here I was hoping you’d have the guts to surprise the enemies with your sex appeal.”

“No, Master. I don’t have any sex appeal, it’s nowhere to be seen.”

Compared to my previous life, the people of this world seem to mature sooner with a slightly larger build, but well, it looks like the growth in my chest area is splendidly delayed… It’s much better than when I was a Japanese, but I still feel a bit uneasy. When I was still in the church school, I had quite an expectation upon looking at the other noble ladies older than me.

However, Master laughed, “Ihihii…”


“No, no. Your unripe condition is still… Ubeeh!”

I threw my master who was spouting yet another outrageous thing inside the blanket.

After sending a sidelong glance towards my master who was squirming there, I changed my clothes and fixed the string and the brooch to my cloak.


Next, I attached the short sword given to me for self-defense—though I must say that it appeared more like a large knife—to the belt hanging on my waist.

The silver knife with meager ornament was a present from Reggie.

But he didn’t give it to me firsthand. One of Reggie’s guarding knights brought it to me and said, “I was told to give this to magician-dono to use for protection.”

The knife was of a size I desired.


“He remembered, didn’t he…?”

That time after I was finally found out riding free of charge at Reggie and the others. The knife’s size was the same as the one I threw away after being told to remove any dangerous object.

A sword is too heavy, and as for edged tool, knife is my limit, so this one here is just right.


As for Reggie who gave me a fighting tool, he surely had recognized my determination to go to the battlefield even if he had some dissatisfaction with it.

Recalling the content of the strategy, I thought that he was quite reluctant.


Be that as it may, since a knife’s reach isn’t as great as a spear or sword, I’d have no choice but to jump towards the enemy’s bust.

That’s an overwhelming challenge, so I’d have no choice but to combine it with magic. …If I can use it, that is.


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After that, I took out my master who was still squirming inside the blanket and fastened him to my belt using a leather strap, next to the knife. His torso was hanging on the strap.

Master Horace who was fixed like that seemed to be somewhat disgruntled.


“…Oi, Disciple. Isn’t it too rude to treat me the same as the knife?”

“Didn’t you say that you hated being thrown into the bag I carried on my back? Then, I don’t see any other way than this, don’t you see?”

Master Horace was the one who complained that it was boring since he couldn’t see anything being tossed into the bag.



After eating the breakfast, around 500 cavalry were gathered near the castle gate.

The sky was just barely turning bright.

I went to line up at the front. Then, together with the other 500 people, we stared at Reggie who was on horseback before our eyes.


Reggie was wearing a deep blue long cloak along with the light blue military clothes that seemed like it’d get dirty quickly. Underneath that, he was wearing conspicuous white clothes.

His beautiful silver hair was glittering under the sunlight, adding a golden color in it.

Conspicuous, Reggie, you’re way too conspicuous. When I thought that it could be saved by his horse’s fawn color, the fur color of the horse Reggie mounted splendidly enlivened Reggie. It ended up becoming a fitting background color.

The beautiful figure that approached the age of youth managed to turn the eyes of the women who were in the tents near the edge of the courtyard in toxication.


Meanwhile, anxiety stirred me up and I couldn’t compose myself in response to that figure that was excessively inviting danger.

To be honest, only the enemies with bows and arrows would be able to see him. Even if I knew that it was done on purpose, it was all the more scary instead.


“I assume everyone has understood today’s strategy quite well.”

Margrave Vayne, who wouldn’t be accompanying us in this time’s battle due to his wounds, was standing next to Reggie as he raised his voice.


“We will defend our banner ‘til the very end, without fail. With this battle, we will change the future of our territory, and also Faruzia’s future! Glory to our army!”

“Glory to our army!”

The 500 cavalry along with the ones staying behind to protect the castle were shouting in unison.

As for me… I grasped both my hands tightly as if I was praying and muttered.

For glory. For victory.

Alan then lightly tapped on my shoulder.


“…I know you’re worried, but first, try not to get hit by a stray arrow yourself, okay?”

“Un, thanks.”

When I turned to look at him, a cheerful smile showed on Alan’s face. However, his eyes weren’t laughing. He was worried. Alan, too, was feeling anxious.

My heart was slightly consoled at the existence of a person who was embracing the same feelings as me.

Everyone was anxious. Despite that, Alan would still surely lend a hand to save his guarding knights. However, as for the soldiers who were lining up behind—who possessed none of the supernatural power like me, they were going to jump into a place where swords would be drawn upon themselves.

I pinched my own cheeks. It was too hard that it felt a bit painful.


“Uu, I pinched it too much…”

“What the heck were you doing?”

“I was trying to motivate myself a bit…”

Alan was puzzled, but after that, he clapped my back as he said, “If you want to motivate yourself, wouldn’t it be like this?”


“Ouch, Alan, that’s a bit too much!”

I’m not wearing an armor just like you, okay? It’s unendurable to be hit while you’re wearing the steel armor.

Speaking of which, it wasn’t a full armor like medieval knights’, but Alan and the others were wearing armor that could protect their shoulders, chests, and backs. Their legs were also equipped with armors since they were going to mount horses.


“My bad, my bad. I intended to do it exactly like what I used to do to the other guys.”

However, Alan didn’t show any remorseful expression. While we were going at it, everyone had begun to mount their horses and line up for the war. Alan also got on his horse, and I reflexively grumbled a little.


“Even if I’m like Faust, I’m still feeble after all.”

“What is Faust?”

Alan heard my grumble and stopped. At that time, I noticed I made yet another slip of the tongue. But I couldn’t take back what I said. That being the case, I thought that it would be fine not hiding it from a friend who had swallowed my absurd story before.


“It refers to someone who’s made a contract with the devil. I heard there was a rumor stating that such was the method of becoming a magician. Well, then.”

I found Cain-san beckoning at a slightly distant place, so I headed there.


At that time, Master who was hanging from my waist muttered with an earnest tone, “The devil, huh… That’s a perfectly fitting phrase, ihihihi…”. I thought that such a goblin-like laughter was just so like him.


And thus, everyone was preparing the battle line.




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