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Chapter 43.2

Counterattack at Dilhorn Hill 1



Everyone was preparing the battle line.

Perhaps due to the excitement or suspense, the horses’ breathing quieted down as we reached in front of the castle gate.

After receiving a confirmation from the scout that the enemies still haven’t approached anywhere near the castle, the castle gate was opened.


The soldiers rushed out and ran fast.

While waiting for them to go past the gate, at a place right in front of the castle gate, I went down to the ground and put my hands on it.


“…Please come out!”

Just like yesterday, a golem with a form of a stacked up square-shaped stones appeared as if it was surging out of the ground.

I felt the sensation that my vitality faded away from within my body due to my using magic.

Then, I rode on the golem’s shoulder just like yesterday again. I was also with Cain-san today.


“Hold on tightly. You look like you’re about to be thrown off just like the other day, too.”

Cain-san said that as if it was nothing as he grasped my left arm.

My shoulders felt like they were about to spring up. Thinking that I couldn’t lose sense, I pretended to be as calm as I could and nodded.

I wanted to calm my inner turmoil by taking a deep breath, but it would be troublesome if it were to be sensed, so I calmed myself down by taking a bit of a deep breath.


After all, I ended up thinking about how Cain-san tried to tease a certain girl. Yup.

Master Horace who saw yesterday’s incident laughed with his usual laughter, “Ihhihi,” but let’s ignore him.

Honestly speaking, if I thought that he liked me and it turned out to be wrong, it would be very embarrassing so let’s not mind it!


‘Yosh,’ I thought as I surveyed the surroundings.

There was a deep dugout before the castle’s gate, proportional to the part that I used to create the golem.

This deep cavity would be able to become something to protect the castle as well. If it didn’t get filled out, a battering ram wouldn’t be able to be moved. A log that could be carried wouldn’t get broken easily, though.

Since it would take quite some time to fill the hollow out, we could just increase the castle gate’s defense easily by not bringing troops.

I was secretly astonished by Reggie’s strategy that thought that far. As expected, his outlook was vastly different than mine who only played a game where one crushed the attacking enemies in order to increase the level.

The departing soldiers had advanced slightly ahead.


“Yosh, let’s go!”

I called out to Cain-san as I commanded the golem to walk.


“Ouou, I wanted to see the moving flag, too.”

Master was looking outside from the earth fence’s gap while hanging from my waist.

On the opposite side, one could see that the enemy army that sought us had suddenly started to move.

They were advancing towards us while preparing here and there, as if they were small ants.

The enemy army saw the golem that I was riding on, and after that, they noticed a whitish figure of a person running.


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“Uuu, you’re way too conspicuous, Reggieee.”

Under any circumstances, the advancing figure that was surrounded by multiple people was akin to screaming his identity: “I am the prince!”. I hastened the golem’s movement to move beside Reggie and the others.

Even a little bit would be fine. I wanted to hide that conspicuous figure of his.


When I did so, Reggie noticed it right away and slightly lowered his arm to give an instruction.

I pretended not to hear or see anything and proceeded to be next to him even more. And then I was reprimanded.


“Where were you stationed? Execute only the thing you’ve been told to.”

Reggie’s piercing gaze made me feel as if I had trouble breathing. A sense of anxiety that I might end up being abandoned by him started to well up… what should I do? For some reason, I greatly feel like wanting to cry.


“Kiara-san. You shouldn’t ignore any command amidst a war mobilization.”


Cain-san also urged me. I dejectedly hung my head and moved behind.


“You can’t change the strategy that has been decided. This time, it’s just 300 people so we can somehow patch things up, but if it involved 10,000 people, especially when your movement’s influence is strong, there’s the possibility that it can obstruct the whole strategy.”

“I’m sorry…”

I couldn’t do anything but apologize.

I understood. That Reggie’s movement was in accordance to this time’s strategy.


The reinforcement was still far. However, if we stalled for time excessively without doing anything, our situation would gradually turn worse.

If that was the case, Reggie’s proposal was [for us to go and meet the reinforcement].


At the same time, we were pulling the enemy apart from the castle. If they were targeting Reggie, Reggie would become a decoy for the enemy army to pursue. In order to enhance the credibility that the person they were targeting was here, I also created the golem and chased him.

In the unlikely event that the enemy army displayed a tendency to attack the castle where the number of soldiers decreased, I was told to return to the castle.


That was why Reggie had to stand out.


Furthermore, this strategy required the prince to run away from Everal, towards the direction where there were more military forces, rather than having the castle siege war prolonged and the provisions end up run out that we could only fold our arms.

If they could tell that even the magician also moved, the credibility that the prince ran away would increase. I pursued Reggie’s party just for that sake alone.


Since it was necessary to be conspicuous, during the departure, I let the golem walk, and during recess, I drew the golem back in order to let the enemy believe that [it couldn’t attack].

That was my role.


Obviously, if the enemy comes attacking during when the golem was extinguished, I would be carried by Cain-san and we would promptly escape.

Reggie once said, “A magician is precious. If it’s only about the throne succession right, in the worst case, Alan can claim it if he remains,” and gave priority to me and Alan.


At that time, even Margrave Vayne gave his words of repudiation, and it was decided that we would prioritize Reggie’s protection, though.

Even so, Reggie was content. Anyway, what he stated just planted a cognitive path in everyone’s head that in the case that Reggie disappeared, everyone would protect me and Alan.


It was the first time I regretted so much for having said anything about my previous life.

Reggie knew that in the case he died, Alan would lead the army and defeat Ruain. That was why in the worst case that anything happened to himself, he thought of things so that I would be protected.


Then, in the case that we managed to rush safely to the reinforcement’s side, just as planned. This time, if we have that number of soldiers, we’d be able to manipulate the situation easily so that at least the Ruain wouldn’t come.

I don’t have to proactively come out in the battle.

At the same time, if I were to manipulate the golem the whole travel time, I reckoned that I wouldn’t be able to participate in wars for quite a long period of time, and that would be troublesome.


“Although I’ve decided I’d fight…”

For the sake of me who still decided to fight even when I said that killing people was scary, I was told that I would be given the time to do field trips and get used to wars.

However, I didn’t want to get used to it.

Unexpected things could occur at any time in this world. It would be late at that time if one didn’t have any mental preparedness.



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