Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 44.1

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Chapter 44.1

Counterattack at Dilhorn Hill 2



Part 1/2

The enemy army was steadily moving.

Not all of them turned their directions here, but as expected, they prioritized the way that had the shadow of who looked like the prince along with the magician.


“Their movement is systematic. As His Highness predicted, they’ve placed the substitutes for the enemy generals.”

However, they didn’t swiftly come putting on pressure and Cain-san speculated that it was the result of my trampling down the enemy army completely yesterday.


“Nevertheless, the majority of them still prioritized chasing us. We could say that we’ve succeeded in attracting them.”

“Quite good enough, ihihihi. That prince is quite bold, it doesn’t match his face.”

Master Horace responded while laughing.

What lied ahead their line of sight was the Ruain army’s long line of battle, just like a serpentine. Nonetheless, there were infantry and cavalry mixed in their side, as well. Their movement speed couldn’t be said as fast.


On the other hand, in the Everal army that Reggie led, there was also a limit to the infantry’s traveling distance.

Once we have a little bit of distance, we’re going to take a short break.

The Ruain army, whose advanced party checked our movements from the hill, also stopped their movement after reducing a little space.


“Kiara-san, let’s go down for a while.”

As Cain-san suggested, I moved the golem’s hand, using it as a manual elevator to put my feet on the ground.

…I recalled an anime about robots. When the pilot was about to move another people, they placed them on top of the robot’s palm as they raised and lowered it.


After that, the golem was temporarily called off.

I was only making it slowly walk, moreover it was the second time I used magic, and I continued moving it for 30 minutes. I felt a sense of fatigue, as if I was running the treadmill for around 5 minutes.


“Is it because it’s my second time that I don’t feel that tired…?”

“Once you get used to how to manage the way you perceive magical power, you’ll be able to move more comfortably. You became more aware of how to perceive magical power, didn’t you?”

The one who answered my question was Master Horace.


Yesterday, when I asked how I could be able to not immediately fall unconscious afterward, I heard a secret trick. The secret was to use just enough magical power that was essential to move only the parts of the golem that I wanted to move.

Again, since it was moving with the magical power scattered inside the earth in the first place, using that was a method to decrease the amount of magic I had to distribute from within myself.


I’ve tested various things on Master to implement it.

It was very interesting to see the clay figurine feeling tickled as he laughed, “Uhyohyohyo,” and rolled over.


Speaking of which, there was a small portion of my magic flowing inside Master. However, since the contract stone was embedded inside during the clay figurine creation, it seems to only need a regular charge from time to time, so it doesn’t need a large quantity of magic.

That was why I could remove the danger that went down quickly with this strategy… but in the last 30 minutes, I’ve been thinking about something.

Is there something I can do to extend the operating hours more…?

As I was worried, I took out a water bottle from the baggage that Cain-san brought and sipped it.


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“That kid is the magician, isn’t she? Awesome.”

“It’s my first time seeing once since I served the national border.”

“She’s officially a magician, isn’t she? Unlike fake magicians, she won’t be scattering magic around, right?”

“She’s small… I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes.”

At a slightly distant place, people who seemed to be the knights’ attendants (can be distinguished since they’re wearing blue military uniforms conforming the knights), the soldiers serving the castle and the national border (can be distinguished too since they are wearing chain mails with a cap-shaped plain helmet covering their heads)—several of them were gathering.


It was my first time witnessing the actual scene of being gossiped. For some reason, I felt ill at ease.

For the time being, I’d like to say that unless I make a mistake, I won’t die with a rampaging magic.

However, I have no courage to grandly walk up to the place where those people are making idle gossip while glancing over here. The only time I was thinking to do something like that was when the other party were some aunties who were chattering on the side of the well.

Even so, I heard that people would notice and talk about me since I was a magician, but I wonder if there was a connection to being small and didn’t seem like a magician…? Master wasn’t that tall of a person, neither.

While I was thinking about various things inside my mind, suddenly someone’s fingers were knocking my head.


“Hey, you just breached your duty, didn’t you?”

“Wa, Reggie!”

Before I noticed, Reggie who was at a slightly distant place before was now next to me. Cain-san, who went to call the attendant who was taking his own horse just now, was pulling the horse at a slightly distant place as he bitterly smiled. He tried to teach me to ride a horse, but it wasn’t in time. Alan, who was next to him, was having a troubled expression, though I didn’t know why.

For now, let’s just apologize.


“Uhm, I’m sorry.”

I slightly turned my gaze away and my monotonous words that lacked sincerity were done because I was still holding my dissatisfaction towards this strategy.


It wasn’t like I wanted to fight. It wasn’t like I wanted to kill someone.

However, since I’ve already dirtied my hands, I think that it’s more unfair for me to continue to run while being protected just like this.

Reggie was aware of my ill feeling, but I felt like he completely disregarded it.


“There won’t be any problem as long as you abide the strategy, okay? But…”

As he spoke, he moved his mouth closer to my ears. Wait, isn’t this bad? Let alone the prince giving a special treatment to someone in the army, he’s being too close to a girl in front of public!


“You’d better understand that in case your action can’t be bound by it, then…”

Being told that, I was sweating and I turned pale in a brief moment. Uu… I was thinking to take an independent action when push comes to shove, but it seems like he found out about it.

I could hear a faint whispering again, with people’s focus was over here.


“Is she the prince’s that?”

“I heard a rumor in the castle that they were close. Despite being the madam’s maid, the prince took her on a long ride…”

“Could it be, his lover?”

“No way! Even though our noble Alan has no such floating story…”

“Alan-sama is, say, he’s still around the age where he finds it fun swinging swords and spar with the other males, right? …Could it be that he’s not popular?”

“Moreover, that magician-san is small and cute, but as for her sex appeal…”

“Aa, yes, I understand. If it’s not the magician, then the one using seductive measures would be the prince, right? But if that’s the case, it’s even more puzzling.”

“Is it because she has the qualities of a magician from the start?”


Look… For some reason, it has become a weird rumor. Moreover, even Alan was also dragged into it.

When I took a glance at him, Alan hung his head with a grim expression.

Of course he’d feel down, being told that he’s unpopular…

Even though he’s the protagonist of the game, he’s too pitiful. Or rather, there was almost no romance element in that game. Eh, could it be Alan was truly unpopular? Crap, I can’t think of any words to comfort him.


As I thought, “Oh, no!”, I ended up hiding my face with one hand.

In the meanwhile, perhaps something happened as the talking voices stopped along with the scream, “Hii!”. When I raised my face, the soldiers who were talking while whispering had gone somewhere else.

In exchange, Cain-san who was having a complicated expression along with Alan who felt down were already approaching. And Reggie who was at the spot one step away from me, for some reason, he had an icy smile on his face.


Did something happen…? It was too scary to ask.

I decided to forget about it immediately. No need to press it any further… For some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t ask about it at all.



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