Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 44.2

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Chapter 44.2

Counterattack at Dilhorn Hill 2



Part 2/2

Reggie then called out to Alan as if nothing just happened.

“It’s about time we move. We’re advancing just as planned, Alan-kun would be going in the other way.”


Alan would be going separate way from now on. It seemed that the preparation for that was made last night.

Alan raised his face as if his mood was fixed, casually looking up to the sky… then he left the spot after heaving a sigh.

No good, no good. He was still feeling down.


“Now, let’s move, too.”

At Reggie’s words, I rode on the horse that Cain-san brought, together with him.


After this, we would begin haggling over with the enemy.

The soldiers led by Reggie began to move in a fast pace. I also rode on the horse in order to preserve more magical power.

The Ruain army began to move as if chasing after us, and since the golem didn’t appear, their horse-riding units were rapidly coming after us.

Reggie saw this situation and instructed me to let the golem out.


When I let the golem show up at the next rest place, the Ruain army’s progress slowed down, putting a distance between us.

Then, Reggie made the golem walk on the rear until the next rest place, cancelling the magic again after that.

The Ruain army was chasing us while looking at the situation again. Upon seeing that there was no golem until the next rest place, they shortened the distance again.

I was slightly getting used to it and planned to make the next golem to appear slightly stronger, so I tried to put a demonic horn on it.

When I did so, I was mildly scolded by Reggie to not make the enemy be so confused, and I felt my stomach shrinking.


Cain-san who laughed next to me was making a report for Reggie in regard to what was in sight from the golem that acted as a substitute for an observation platform. Reggie who heard that then took out a map and gave a revised instruction about the advancing speed to his subordinates.


While undergoing such a cycle, it took around half a day for us to approach the meadows located in the hill area.

The enemy also looked at our rhythm and they probably thought that we couldn’t produce the golem without taking a break time in between.

We stopped our march at a place where there were tall grasses growing thickly, and by the time I put the golem back into a lump of earth and rode on a horse along with Cain-san, the Ruain army began charging.


The trumpet voice indicating their march reached my ears.

My shoulders unintentionally jolted at their war cry.


“It’s all right. Please hold on just like that.”

Cain-san who was handling the horse from behind me said that as he let the horse run.

While taking several breaks repeatedly, Reggie and the advancing soldiers on horseback were behind, while the soldiers on their feet were placed in the front. The infantry didn’t stop until they reached the meadows. By this time, they must still be running desperately to escape within the meadows.


Reggie and us made our horses run towards the hill on the left side of the meadows, as if chasing after the infantry.

At the hill to our left side, a small fault that seemed to rise due to a landslide could be seen on our way. The grasses were as thick as horses until that point. However, if one were to ride on a horse, the other would be able to see the figure of the person on horseback.


The enemy surely wouldn’t want to let us escape. They seemed to have placed the cavalry in the front with the intention of striking all at once. Although there was a constant distance, they were following without being pulled apart.

It seemed that both sides’ horses were fatigued at the same level.

Since they had taken breaks several times, they could still run without any hindrance even if they were tired to some extent.

Due to the grasses growing thickly, the horses seemed to find it difficult to run, but there was a seemingly thin path there, and Reggie led the soldiers to follow him there, so we managed to somehow advance.

As I was clinging on the horse while being supported by Cain-san, I ended up stealing a glance behind.


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“Ca-ca-ca-cain-san, they are much closer than before, aren’t they?!”

“You’re right.”

While being on a horseback, I could clearly see the enemy’s approaching group from behind. Obviously, they were running through the same path we took.

Different from me who was scared, Cain-san was looking forward with a calm expression.


“Is it really okay for me to not be doing anything?!”

“…Will you not be able to calm down unless you do something?”

When he asked me that, I nodded.

Although it was a critical situation that we created on purpose, one would be worried over facing a crushing defeat if one were to make even a slightest mistake. If I were to be forbidden from lending a hand although I could do something in the meantime, I would be overcome with the feeling that someone was made as a sacrifice.


“Then… [when it begins], you can close your eyes and don’t get caught up.”

“Wa, thank y…”

It was when I was about to say thank you.

Countless arrows were fired from within the meadows on the left side.



I reflexively shrunk my body in response to the arrows’ trajectory that might get us caught in them if it moved just a little bit more.


However, this was part of Reggie’s plan.

The Ruain cavalry who chased after us were confined due to the arrows, or their horses were hit by the arrows and they were thrown off, or the soldiers themselves were shot.


Even if they wanted to go back, fire arrows were fired there, and the meadows began to be burnt even if the fire arrows only hit one part. Originally, the verdant grasses containing water shouldn’t catch fire that easily. However, for the sake of this plan, we’ve scattered dry grasses as the fire’s designated path.

That was why, the horseback riders didn’t shrink due to the fire and pressed on forward.

When their numbers had decreased to some extent, the concealed soldiers on the right side of the meadows showed up.



In accordance to the command, countless number of soldiers that surely reached thousands were striking the Ruain army from the side.

First, destroy the Ruain cavalry’s vanguard.

The soldiers who were in the back, perhaps they were to focused on chasing us that their reaction was delayed and their battle line collapsed.


It was just as Reggie planned.

Earlier last night, several knights sneaked away from the castle and traveled to the branch family who was nearby this hill area. It was slightly on the south side of the castle, where there was yet any damage. There, the soldiers were gathered to hide in the hill area.

Alan who sneaked away before should be commanding the united soldiers over there.


Also, the two aristocratic reinforcements that Reggie requested that should have been nearby, were also guided here.

One of the knights who departed ahead directly traveled to the reinforcement in order to let them know the strategy.


At the same time, Reggie brought the Ruain army with himself as a bait. Then, while joining forces with the reinforcement, he beat and reduced the Ruain army’s expanding battle line to catch them.

With this, the Ruain army would have no choice but to think about the castle siege with them losing their soldiers, together with them knowing about the existence of our reinforcement.


However, even if we were pressing our momentum, there were still no less than 5,000 soldiers behind the Ruain. If the battle drags on, our soldiers and the reinforcement’s soldiers will be forced to fight until we’re exhausted to some extent.


“We didn’t aim to get a perfect victory, right?”

After saying that to Cain-san, I went down from the horse at a distant place from the battlefield.



Before being stopped, I made the golem once more.

Due to the fact that I’ve created it several times within this half a day, I had a slight shortness of breath. However, I could still do it.


I let the golem extend its arm and with a heave-ho, I hopped on its palm.

The golem’s two hands wrapped me up and I had it hold me around its chest, then I went towards the Ruain army.


“Are you planning on daunting them? Ihhihihi.”

I nodded at Master Horace’s guess.


The Ruain army who saw this giant golem would surely recall their nightmare during the castle siege war. Slowly but surely, the soldiers retreated, withdrawing to the north hill area.



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