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Chapter 45

His Wish About Her



The confrontation in the hill continued over a period of two days after that.

The total number of troops dispatched from the Southwest’s Marquis Limerick and Viscount Rainster was around 6,000 people combined. The soldiers that Alan gathered from the branch families and commanded were around 2,000 people.

The number of the Ruain troops here had also decreased, and it was estimated to be around 6,000 people by now.


When Kiara-san was talking with Alan-sama, I went to see the other knights’ condition.

The knights brought for this time’s strategy were mainly Alan-sama’s guards just like me and Prince Reginald’s guarding knights. I was grateful that things were a lot easier since there were lots of old allies here.


“Oh, isn’t it Wentworth?”

One of the knights who was bantering with my follower waved his hand. It was Chester who also served as Alan-sama’s knight. The dark blonde-haired man had faint freckles at the tip of his nose, and he was laughing.


“Thank you for your hard work taking care of the magician-chan today, too.”

I felt that there was a different meaning to his ‘taking care’1, but I would just leave it ambiguously like this.

They had avoided telling all the other people the details on how she became a magician, after all. If it were to be spread inadvertently and they were to surmise things like the limit she could use her magic, it would only result in various troubles.


“Have you been dismissed for today, too, o guardian of the magician-sama?”

Prince Reginald’s knight, Felix, who were nearby also came near here. The sand-colored hair man was around the same age as me. I think he was around 22 years old.


“It’s still noon, right, Felix? Alan-sama is watching her, so I came here to check the horse’s condition for a bit.”

“If it’s about Ronny-kun the horse, we’re all watching over him, so there’s no problem. More importantly, tell me more about the magician-chan’s battle yesterday.”

“That’s right. Since it seemed to end after just a moment, I’d like to know the details.”

Chester excitedly asked, and Felix shifted his eyes here, full of expectations.

Of course they’d ask about it,’ so I thought and I decided to summarize only the part of the story that was safe to be told.


“To get straight to the point, when we were about to fight the Ruain army who was making failed magicians again, Kiara-san interfered.”

“…Isn’t that way too concise?”

Even though I explained it in a simple way, Chester showed a dissatisfied expression.


“But… If I were to explain it normally, there’d be a little bit of problem…”

“What kind of problem?”

Felix asked in his curiosity. After hesitating for a bit, I gave my answer.


“It’s too disastrous.”

I couldn’t help but describe it as disastrous.


That day, when we thought that several Ruain horsemen suddenly approached, a middle-aged man with a scar on his face and a young soldier went down from their horses as if they were throwing the horses away.

At first, we couldn’t tell what they were planning to do.

However, Kiara-san the magician seemed to have guessed their intention. She immediately created a golem and moved there.


Our allies also became noisy in response to the clay figure that suddenly appeared from the ground, I immediately understood it after seeing her transparent intention as she was riding on top of the clay figure.

The two soldiers, who were thrown away, were in pain that I didn’t think it was because of the blow, as they were struggling on the spot.

As soon as I thought that their bodies were floating, a tornado began to gush forth, wrapping up their bodies.

They were being transformed into failed magicians.

Then, they thought that they could disturb the Everal troops, or cutting down our soldiers.


I didn’t know on what basis the two of them were chosen. It was just that the medicine… According to the one who had become a magician—Kiara-san’s conjecture, they were being fed with the broken contract stone, making them be in a condition that was similar to the rite to become a magician, and since they didn’t have any qualities to become a magician, their power quickly rampaged.

Looking at them, Kiara-san became perplexed for a moment. However, her master said.


“Do it with ease, my disciple. It was painful to have all your flesh altered to release magical power… Hihihi. Don’t you remember that?”

With this kind of an eerie laughter, I could only see him as a cursed doll. However, Kiara-san who ended up getting used to it, nodded with a serious expression and went towards the two of them along with the golem, before she attacked them in one go.


–Thus, the enemy soldiers who had no other future than to die, were trampled in an instant.


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The blood scattered around the ground was easily covered by the crumbling golem until it could no longer be seen.

This time, she didn’t collapse. Kiara-san stood up instead and after staring at the Ruain troops, she descended from the small hill.

Her expression stiffened as she clenched her teeth. I assumed that for her, killing the failed magicians became a burden to her heart.

Master Horace then said to her.


“With such a state, it’s the most painless way for them to die.”

“But… it still hurts, right?”

“When they turn like that, they don’t have any leeway to feel anything else, right? Uhihihi.”

I couldn’t cut into the teacher and the student’s talk. It was vexing not being able to say anything to the topic only magicians could understand well.


Then, while staying on guard if the Ruain army’s soldiers were to come here, I returned to my own position to accompany Kiara-san.

I informed the series of incident while omitting the conversation that happened between the teacher and student.


“Hoo-, in an instant, huh? As expected, a real magician is amazing.”

Chester whistled, and Felix had an impressed expression on his face.

She just defeated the enemies. Everyone who listened to the story would surely praise her like that.


Immediately after that, the representation from the marquis and viscount hoses also sang praises for Kiara-san.

Kiara-san received the praises only by raising the corner of her lips to form a smile with a tired face.

However, Alan-sama noticed Kiara-san’s expression and after silently clapping her shoulders, he instructed me to talk later.

Then, Prince Reginald also couldn’t help but praise her since it was such a meritorious deed.


“Thanks for your good work. As I can’t use magic, I can’t imagine how tiring it is to use it. For now, I want you to rest just in case something will happen next.”

Even when he was thanking her, he immediately created an excuse so that Kiara-san could withdraw.

Receiving the excuse, I escorted Kiara-san to a small tent prepared for her because she was a female.


As I escorted her, I turned back to see Prince Reginald was looking this way from a distant place.

I presumed his inquiring gaze was perhaps asking things like [how is her condition, is she alright?]. Ever since becoming Alan-sama’s escort, I was also looking after the prince who had been together with Alan-sama for many years. Therefore, I could tell.

After I bowed, Prince Reginald turned his line of sight away as if nothing had happened. And then, he didn’t turn back here after that.


Unlike Alan-sama, the prince was a precocious boy who wouldn’t let anyone see the innermost depth of his heart, ever since we met.

It was obvious that he felt something special for Kiara-san.


Since he was young, he had created a wall between himself and the other people.

It was even more obvious in the royal palace. He had never played any prank even to Alan-sama, too. He had never carelessly moved as he considered how other people would think about himself.

As for his attitude towards Kiara-san, he had also created a wall between them in the beginning. He was only observing her as if he was a child who just found an unusual lizard.

Despite that, since who-knows-when, it seemed as if he wanted to hide her under his wings; it could even be said that he became overprotective towards her.


That was an obsession… I wonder?

If it were love, the prince who realized that would surely take some distance with her more carefully. After all, revealing his feelings would increase the likelihood of it becoming the others’ opportunity to take her life.

However, it was different regarding Kiara-san.

You could tell at a glance that he regarded her as someone important. However, people who saw his action would be perplexed if someone were to tell them that it was love.

After all, the condition of him pulling a step to let her move freely—it was more like he was her guardian rather than lover.


Alan-sama said that the prince was like a parent bird, but…

Could it be that Prince Reginald wasn’t aware of it himself, and so he might be protecting her in the position of a guardian.

Towards me who was so immersed in my thoughts, Chester said.


“But it’s good for you, right? Among this large family of males only, you could be together with the only cute girl, after all.”

I came to my senses and laughed.


“Even if it’s only my wishful thinking, I have no plan on yielding.”


Chester stared in wonder to my quick denial. On the other hand, Felix asked as he blinked.


“Could it be that you’re serious?”

“Do I look like so?”

I avoided giving an answer.


The figure of her running around in order to save everyone as if she was a hero, despite not having any power at all, and her powerful gaze that would never give up no matter how painful it might be, once she was determined.

I didn’t want anyone to know such virtues of her.


Since she was strong, it felt pleasant to be relied on by her.

And knowing that she has her weaknesses just like an ordinary girl makes me feel nostalgic, as if touching an unknown existence.


But the one to be thinking of such things—that should just be me alone.

That’s why, I’m wishing.

That she could quickly separate herself from the protection of the parent bird.


And before the prince noticed everything and locked her up in the birdcage, I was thinking of teaching her that she could fly as long as there were perches.



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  1. The original Japanese is お守り which can be translated into many things such as ‘protecting’, ‘taking care’, and ‘babysitting’ in this context. Fun fact: if it’s a standalone noun, it can also mean amulet/charm.

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