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Chapter 46

My Way to Settle


Part 1/2

It was the third day since the confrontation continued. The Ruain army moved.

They didn’t return towards the castle’s direction. Instead, they were headed towards the northwest, and I guessed they were probably going to merge their troops to go straight ahead for the royal capital.


“…Is it finished?”

Unlike a game, music didn’t flow here.

It wasn’t as dramatic as the so-called turning point, and as I saw the figure of people getting farther away, I got the weird feeling that it was about to be finished, yet at the same time, it wasn’t finished yet.


After that, the enemy left our vision field and as the result of the scouts chasing after them for half a day, the Everal troops finally decided to return to the castle.


In the meantime, we retrieved the things that our deceased allies left behind.

After we collected their items, we couldn’t just carry the corpses. However, we cremated the corpses so that it would be easier to return them to the soil, and then we buried them. It was just that this matter needed a considerable labor as well.


“But, since there’s a magician here, the people we need to bury are only a few, so we’re saved.”

“It’s also about time we become friends with her.”

In front of the soldiers who were conversing harmoniously, there was a big hollow. That was where the withered grasses and the dry woods were burnt, and the corpses were cremated.


The smell of the burnt trees was too strong that it became sultry. Perhaps thanks to that, I didn’t really notice the foul smell that I heard from the rumors, and I felt happy.

As I was thinking about it, I walked to a slightly distant place from the soldiers.

I stopped when I found a fallen black cloak that was covered by the bushes, and the next thing I found was a corpse that stunk so bad and nauseating due to it undergoing decomposition after three days being abandoned, and I dropped a small copper coin nearby.


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As I covered my mouth with my left hand, I walked to find the next abandoned corpse, and I continued my work of dropping a copper coin on the ground.


“It’s fine for you to go away once if you can’t endure it, my disciple, ihihihi.”

Master urged me, as he was still being tied to the leather strap on my waist as usual. Therefore, I took a break from my work, looking for a place with nobody there, and entered the nearby woods.

I took a breath of relief at the fresh wind which came through the trees along with the strong smell of grasses.


“You’re weak to it, huh?”

“After all, towards such kind of thing… I can’t get used to it.”

On top of not getting used to it in my present life, I also hadn’t encountered any accident or incident in my previous life, and I only faced corpses during the funeral of my close relatives.

Anyhow, despite I was still in the middle of my work, my nausea was already at a level where I couldn’t help it.



Thinking that there was no one here, I placed my arm on a tree and faced downward. It wasn’t like I vomited, but I only let out my voice in order to make myself feel slightly better.


At any rate, I was glad that Cain-san wasn’t near me. I couldn’t show my current condition to Cain-san who was like a perfect elder brother. Though I don’t have any beauty or something like that, I still that as a girl, exposing such a state will be bad.


Cain-san isn’t sticking around me because the Ruain army has withdrawn, and there are only allies in the circumference. To put it in another way, there was no other girl than me here, but the environment has also changed because the enemy has withdrawn.

The people from the nearby town appeared, the blacksmiths were selling swords to replace the ones that were getting bad, there were merchants who were selling daily necessities, and there were people who came to sell food, and there were also females among them.

Everyone wouldn’t want to carelessly approach a dubious magician who possessed a clay figurine that could speak.


Cain-san had some errands to do, so he told me, “If there’s anything, you can eliminate them with magic,” before he left me.

Thanks to that, I can do what I want, though.


“Uu, tired…”

I was more tired than I thought I was. However, I didn’t feel like stopping.


–I was burying the enemy soldiers’ corpses. That was also the reason I was wandering around here and there.


It was decided that the enemy soldiers’ corpses would be left as they were. It was under the stance that it would require quite a labor, and since we would be returning to the castle tomorrow, we couldn’t do such a long and tiring work. But as an ulterior motive, this decision also considered the grudge over the allies that were killed due to the sudden aggression.

That was why, the soldiers left the corpses alone after taking their belongings such as equipment and swords.


If they were to find out that I buried the corpses kindly, carefully, and thoroughly, then, well… the soldiers and everyone would surely not give their approval.

So, I thought of a reason. That the rotting smell would trouble everyone in the nearby town, and I did it in order to prevent plague.

In my previous life, I never thought about plague caused by war. However, I’ve seen the words of plague outbreak following disasters several times. The flies were acting as an intermediary. That was why, I prepared a theoretical backing of reason that burying them quickly was for the sake of our allies, but I was still anxious whether everyone would understand it or not, and so I moved in secrecy.


“Uu, but it isn’t finished yet. I won’t be able to tell if I don’t do it during when the sun is up.”

The sun has already started to set. However, I want to take a little break.

As I was thinking about it and as I was sitting down with my back against a tree,


“Kiara, is it you…?”

On the left side of the tree’s shade, Alan was sitting with a pale face.



Why are you there?


“Are you feeling bad?”

I was thinking that he might have caught a cold, but Alan turned his face away as if he was hesitant to tell me. Immediately after I pondered over what the heck happened, Master laughed, “Kishishishi.”


“You have been helping in carrying the corpses up until just now, right? You were leaving it to your subordinates, but you came to lend some help when you had some energy to spare so that you could put up some airs, but you still end up feeling bad, don’t you? Ihihi.”


It seemed that Master guessed right. Alan was looking at Master with a resentful gaze.


“Why did you have to say it? I look uncool, huh?”

“Only people with some energy to spare can afford mending their appearance, hyohyohyo.”

Alan didn’t say any more objection to Master’s answer, perhaps it was because he was exhausted. Thinking that he was the same as me, I felt slightly relieved.


“So, are we the same? You look like you’re feeling nauseous as well.”

It seemed that the target of “who was feeling bad” was changed. Or rather, as expected, was it obvious…?

I resigned myself and answered Alan.


“Just like Alan, the smell of the corpses is more than what I expected.”

“But, how come? It’s not like you’re carrying the corpses…”

It was then that Alan noticed.


“…I see, the enemy soldiers’ corpses, huh?”

I couldn’t answer him at once. If I were to admit it, if it were Alan who was bearing the fact that Margrave Vayne was injured—and when I recalled the in-game Alan who was always having a strict expression that was unable to relax as he always talked about his bitterness of losing his father and the others, I thought that he wouldn’t be able to understand my reasoning.



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