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Chapter 46

My Way to Settle


Part 2/2

A little while later, Alan looked up at the tree as he sighed.


“That is, well, anyone wouldn’t want to see corpses after all. If they’re left alone and people see the corpses, they’d end up feeling uneasy, thinking that they’ll end up like the corpses someday. Some of the soldiers should also be thinking that it’s detestable leaving such awful figures exposed to rot.”

Surprisingly, he didn’t say any words of repudiation. I was so surprised that I ended up looking at Alan’s face unblinkingly.


Could this be because the margrave didn’t die? Not losing his friend and not facing the grief over the castle getting trampled down. Perhaps that was why Alan could talk of the dead enemies this calmly.


…I slightly felt like I obtained a new proof of my own hard work.


“Also, you… Reggie told me that you cried about how you didn’t want to kill even the enemy.”

I stared in wonder at the unexpected words.


“Eh, Reggie…? He talked about it?!”

I was so embarrassed that my face turned hot. Why would he tell Alan that kind of a thing? At least he could’ve just said that I only spoke of it, and not crying about it.

When I hung my head down because it was too difficult to look at Alan’s face, he gave an explanation in a fluster.


“Ah, of course Reggie had some considerations as well, and you… it was just in case there’d come a time when you don’t want to fight, it would be difficult for Reggie to fight alone, so he wanted me to lend a hand as well…”

“I… I see.”

I couldn’t help but understand how he wanted to make the necessary arrangements for when I say I don’t want to kill anyone as a magician. I was certainly the one to cause trouble for them.

Then, Alan slowly stood up.


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“Okay, I’ll help you out.”


“It’s still not finished yet, right, burying the enemy soldiers… You’re not burying them, huh? What were you doing?”

“Uhm, I put a mark. I was thinking of burying them quickly at night, so everyone wouldn’t notice it. Master Horace had taught me that intermediary could help with magic related to the ground, so I prepared lots of money change.”

I then showed a small 1 ciento copper coin. 10 coins equal to 1 big copper coin. It was a small coin where 100 coins of it would equal to 1 small silver coin.


Just like crystal ores, copper could become an intermediary for magic.

Since that was the case, I thought that it would be fine for me to use copper coins, so I exchanged some money to the merchants who came from the town. Although it might not be sufficient for all, but I should be able to bury a large quantity of people using my magic.


“Then, I’ll lend you some. I bring some coins, although it’s not that many.”

“Yes, that will be good, but… are you really going to help me?”

Alan laughed when I asked him that.


“It’s not like I also want to see the weather-beaten corpses rotting just like that. …There’s no enemy or ally when it comes to the deceased.”

I had my breath taken away at Alan’s words.

“Besides,” he continued.


“With this, you’re trying to settle your feelings of not wanting to kill people, right? If this is your way of doing things, then I’ll help you.”


I didn’t want to kill. But in a war, if you didn’t fight, then you’d get killed.

Amidst all that, after I thought of making a compromise with myself about it, I thought that I wanted to let all the dead people similarly rest in peace, at least. When one was dead, there was no longer enemy or ally. If that was the case, I thought that it would be fine to treat them all the same.


That was why, when Alan said, ‘There’s no enemy or ally when it comes to the deceased,’ I felt as if he spoke of my feelings, so I was surprised. Thus, Alan understood my reason to bury them without fussing over it.


I’m happy.

There’s someone with the same line of thought as me. When I think of it, I’m thinking of working even harder.


“Although Reggie doesn’t say that publicly, but perhaps he approves your view. However, if the prince treats the enemy soldiers cordially, it will affect the soldiers’ morale, so he couldn’t say that.”

“I also have thought about it. So, I’ve prepared an excuse just in case. Since it decomposed, it could cause plague with insects as the intermediary… Something like that.”

“Geh, is there such a thing?”

“You didn’t know?”


As we were conversing, Alan and I kept walking on the battlefield together until we ran out of coins.


Then, night arrived.

Everyone didn’t fall asleep, but after eating, they felt relaxed. And while they were having friendly conversation because there were no enemy, I went to bury the enemy soldiers.


As I was moving sneakily in the middle of the pitch darkness, as expected Cain-san found me this time, and he followed me. Then, perhaps having heard of it from Alan, Reggie also came along as he concealed his conspicuous silver hair with a hood.


In front of everyone, and under Master Horace’s guidance, I controlled the ground at a slightly distant place.

I couldn’t see because it was too dark, but I could feel the copper coins’ whereabouts.

At first, the corpse near the light that Cain-san carried disappeared as if it was sucked in by the sinking ground, and the soil was filling the surface up. It became like a bare ground just showed up alone in the meadows.

The work continued in order, until everyone became the same, so I thought. Around the time it was all over, as expected I was totally exhausted and ended up sitting on that spot.


“Thanks for your hard work.”

Reggie thanked me with a gentle voice as he lightly patted my head. It was so comfortable that I ended up closing my eyes.


But I couldn’t fall asleep here.

Last, I muttered a funeral prayer. I offered it to the god who’d protect everyone who was resting in peace.

Originally, when the church father or the priest held the ceremony, they’d be chanting sonorously as if offering a song, but since it was a quiet burial, surely a muttering would be enough.

When I did that, Alan who also memorized it in lessons at the church school and Reggie who seemed to know about it joined together.


The next day, it was a matter of course that everyone realized how the enemy soldiers’ corpses were also buried.

Since it was too late, and it was also too late to complain, so nobody said that we should dig them up again.

However, the soldiers’ responses were mixed.

It was a little unexpected since I thought that the opposition would be the majority.


The opposition party also obediently accepted it after they received the announcement of the burial objective from Reggie, that it would be a trouble if the rotten smell were to harm or cause plague to the neighborhood.

As expected, they thought that it would be unbearable to have diseases spread just because the corpses weren’t buried.


However, it ended up decided that ‘I used up my power in accordance to Reggie’s order’.

I slightly felt guilty for having Reggie protect me again.




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