Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 48

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Chapter 48

Who is the Offender?



I woke up clearly around the time the morning sun’s light fell from beyond the window.


I was absentmindedly gazing around inside the bright room.

I felt like it was still pitch dark until just now… or perhaps it was because I woke up in the middle of my sleep?

If that was the case, then was it also a dream when I felt that someone patted my head? And that someone said “good night” to me? I have never had that kind of dream until now…


I unintentionally touched my own lips with my finger.

The sensation of someone touching me as if tracing my face was too strong that I couldn’t tell whether it was the same thing I felt during when I was in between the dream and reality. No, was it really the same sensation?

But why my lips?

Could it be that, someone kissed me… no way, right?

I shuddered at that thought.


“Eh, could it be… a sexual harasser?!”

After all, since my room was so hot that Maya-san went in and out from time to time, it wasn’t locked. Was there a sexual harasser?


However, right next to my room was the margrave and margravine’s room or quarters, so there was no way someone could readily approach it even during the night.

But, the castle was quite noisy immediately after our triumphal return. Even though the castle town’s people were already returning to the town, that didn’t mean that there were no impudent people who secretly remained. It couldn’t be said that there weren’t any people who creeped into the lord’s estate to steal.

Still, there were people standing on watch in front of the estate. Inside the estate, there was also Reggie lodging here, so there were his guarding knights as well. Did they conceal themselves so that they wouldn’t be discovered? Or rather, could there be someone from the inside…


“No, no, wait a minute, myself. I can’t doubt my own allies.”

I reflexively rebuked myself.

In the first place, was it really a kiss? Just changing that alone would also alter the reasoning. It might not be a kiss, so couldn’t it be just a slip of the hand?


“Just a slip of the hand… Is it really that?”

To be honest, since I had no experience at all in this and my previous lifetime, I couldn’t tell whether that sensation was a kiss or not. Rather, I didn’t feel the same as being touched by a finger.

That being the case, I could make some guesses about the people who would come to see my condition as I was having the fever, and those who would pat my head.

Madam Beatrice, Reggie, Maya-san, Clara-san…


“But the voice seemed to belong to a male’s? Then, could it be Vayne-sama? As for Alan… he wouldn’t come, I guess? If it was Cain-san, he seemed like the type to come and look worriedly at me, though.”

However, I couldn’t think of other people who would pat my head and say “good night”.


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As I was wondering who it might be, no matter what, the most [probable] person might be someone with a silver hair. It couldn’t be helped that the idea flickered in my mind. However, in the case that the person who always bantered with me and exposed what I wanted to hide… it was hard to think that it was only a touch of the hand, though.


But, if [that] was the case, why… I ended up thinking that.

I could understand because we were the same, we were people who had to look out for themselves.

If Reggie were to do that kind of thing and I ended up awake… No matter if I accept or reject it, I definitely can’t pass the time while acting as if nothing happened.


Incidentally, it was around this time that the Ruain would occupy the royal capital soon. If the queen were to proclaim the throne, he would have no choice but to fight with the resolution of throwing away his life. If the fully-fledged prince, Reggie, is alive, then instead of Alan, he himself would need to battle as an insignia.

But if that is the case, would he put me, someone who could decide the trend of the war, into a state where I couldn’t keep my composure event for a moment?


Then, is it someone else…?

But I can’t think of other people who has a reason to do that to me.


“No, no, if it was only someone’s hand, then he might be seeing my condition in exchange for Maya-san, so it isn’t good for me to be too suspicious of him. Ah, that’s right, if I were to ask Master… eh, huh?”

Master’s sitting figure wasn’t there next to the water jug on top of the bedside table.

What’s with this? This time, it’s the mystery of the disappearing clay figurine?


“Master, where are you?”

“Here, I’m here.”

I immediately got an answer. I got up from the bed to examine the direction where I heard the voice from. Uu, it seems that my fever is still a bit high. I feel slightly dizzy.

However, I wouldn’t be able to find Master if I only did this.


Since it couldn’t be helped, I went down the bed and stood up. My legs were staggering, but I could still walk.

Then, I found him placed inside the rattan-knitted basket on top of a sofa, in the opposite side of the table where the water pitcher was.

The clay figurine was in there. Moreover, there were a sheet and a blanket, and even a pillow made in set, with their sizes precisely like his size.

I unintentionally rubbed my eyes. After that, laughter slowly built up inside me that I could no longer endure it, I ended up laughing.


“What? Why are you laughing like that?”

“No, it’s just, Master… Upupupu. You’re sleeping in a doll’s bed, upupupupu.”

“Kuu… Even I feel dissatisfied with this kind of situation!”

“Just who in the world did this kind of cute thing?”

“The one who nursed you, the maid who was called Maya or something. …Kuh.”

Master Horace gave the name of his offender in frustration.


“Ah, Maya-san, is it?”

Certainly, she is the daughter of a merchant who handles clothes. I heard that their sewing was their forte. She was surely making the set while waiting for us when we were away from the castle… upupupu.


“That’s right. Speaking of which, Master, during when I was sleeping, was there someone else beside Maya-san who went in and out from this room?”

Although Master’s soul was placed inside, he wasn’t living as a human. Sleep wasn’t necessary. …Therefore, the doll bed was so funny it was comical, though.

Master Horace answered as if he was puzzled.


“Well… I was also deep in my thoughts last night, so it wasn’t like I saw everything. It’s just… that’s right. The prince came here and endured laughing at my appearance, but that rude maid was expecting his opinion with a full smile, so he gave his praise although he didn’t put his heart into it, disregarding my objection. After that, your escort, Cain-san was it? That guy and another maid, an elderly servant, and the margrave-margravine pair came.”


Yes… Too many.

But for some reason, I could guess the reason I woke up.

It wasn’t just a simple head patting. Under normal circumstances, during a few hours of sleep, one’s sleep would become a shallow one in the middle of the night, and with lots of people coming in and out, they were still talking even if it was only whispering, that I ended up seemingly waking up.


Maya-san who was taking care of me also needed her share of rest, so there were others who had to come and inquire over the sick person, and I was certain it was the old servant who was coming in and out.

And among all these people, one person patted my head.

From the way Master was speaking, when Reggie visited, it seemed that Maya-san was also there, and other people had no chance to sneak in.


In the first place, since Master was here, it was impossible for someone to stealthily trespass.

But I was slightly relieved. I concluded that it wasn’t a suspicious person, but it was something like how one’s fingertip accidentally touched my lips, and it was highly possible.


Once I was relieved, I was somehow thirsty.

After pouring the water inside the water jug into the cup and drinking it, I became hungry next.

Rather than waiting for Maya-san, since it would take only a short time, shall I go get something?

After standing for a while, I didn’t stagger a bit anymore, so I put a light blue gown on top of the sleepwear that Maya-san and the others changed for me, then I left the room.

At that time, Master muttered.


“…Good grief. I can’t understand what the youngsters are thinking about these days.”




Translator’s Thoughts:

And so, the mystery about who did that to Kiara still continues… I’ve read your comments on the previous chapter (sorry I haven’t really responded to comments ><) and it’s really interesting to see the majority vote. When I translated the previous chapter, I already had my own guess and welp, somehow my guess was in contrary with the majority vote XD

I haven’t read/translated ahead that much, but I can tell you there will be another hint in the near future chapter, which might be a decisive(?) hint! Until then, let’s go crazy speculating things and shipping Kiara with someone lol X3

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  1. rooislangwtf


    I dislike the idea of any of them doing it.

    I can see Cain doing it, since he seems the type to pull a a creeper, but I’d prefer to break the Cain ship.

    • rooislangwtf

      I’m on the Reggie boat

    • rooislangwtf

      If you want to give well wishes you kiss the forehead, if you want to be a creepy little goblin you go for the lips.

      • LynneSuzuran

        Agreed on this! A kiss on the forehead would make it sweet rather than creepy(?)

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            *I only just

          • Yoshiwa

            Or she only remembers one because of sleep and fever, but they both kissed her. ?

    • LynneSuzuran

      To be honest I also dislike sneak-kiss unless they’re already officially dating, but oh well.
      Majority says it’s Reggie tho X”D

  2. F_J

    Many thanks
    Honestly I’m going to go on a wild guess and just throw this out there. Boy was the maid. Maya. It did a Yuri route all along. Forget the guys! LOL jk
    Many thanks
    Also happy holidays 😀

    • LynneSuzuran

      LOL, yuri route, very unexpected indeed! XD

  3. Andi

    I kinda think it was Cain. Everyone can tell Reggie cares deeply for her but he doesn’t seem to be allowing himself to think too hard about what his feelings are exactly. Didn’t Cain note that he still has a shot because of how Reggie is right now? That it is certainly very close and ambiguous but not exactly romance that Reggie and Kiara have going on (just like what Alan felt confused about).
    I think it was Cain. He’s the only one who has concluded that he is romantically interested and he wants to steal a march on Reggie. He has played the silent protector for so long that I wouldn’t be too surprised if he moved without thinking while watching over her again.

    • LynneSuzuran

      And yet another one who thinks it’s Cain instead of Reggie (like the majority guessed)! We’ll read the answer (or hint?) in future chapter :3

  4. sinkingship

    It has to be Reggie. This is a novel. Guys who aren’t the “male lead” don’t get to kiss the heroine lol

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      Oh lol the reason behind your guess XD

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