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Chapter 49

Can’t Help But Worry



Part 1/2

The kitchen of the feudal lord’s mansion is located in the first floor.

Putting on a soft pair of indoor cloth shoes, I walked through the hard grey stone floor of the corridor.

I tottered a bit, but as expected, there seemed to be no problem in walking. I was slower than usual, but I finally reached the stairs after walking small steps at a time, and so I headed downstairs.

Perhaps it was just the time everyone was busy doing a meeting that people’s figures couldn’t be seen inside the mansion.


Although I was slightly panting, I managed to reach the kitchen.

Have the preparations for lunch already begun? I could sense the smell of a soup with vegetables and meat. I was restored by the mild salty taste of the soup inside my mouth that my drool seemed to be going out.

I wiped the corner of my lips with my sleeve once because I knew that it would be troublesome if my drools were to drip, then I opened the door to the dining hall used by the employees located next to the kitchen. I knew there were people inside as I could hear talking voices from inside, and I was thinking whether there were any leftovers remaining.


When I opened the door in the same manner I’ve been used to, as usual, there were three servant aunties who were finishing the laundry and mending the clothes in the morning.


“Good morning, uhm, is some leftover meal…”

Available? I couldn’t finish my words.


“Wait, Kiara-chan, what are you doing?!”

“Aren’t you sleeping because of the fever?!”

“You guys, that isn’t the case, a magician shouldn’t come to the gathering spot of us servants like this!”

Everyone was simultaneously cautious. My words were drowned out as if it was being hit directly by a blizzard or raining stones.



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“Even so, you’ve really become a magician, huh?! Since when are you such a capable child…”

“A small girl like you is fighting as well, huh? And to think that my grandchild’s age is close to you…”

“Isn’t your grandchild still two?”

“Uhm, meal…”

My modest words were washed away as if there was a transparent barrier between us.


“You went out in the battlefield, didn’t you? And then you caught a fever.”

“You kicked around ten thousands of soldiers, right?! As expected from the child who became the madam’s maid, you’re different.”

I could only wait until this storm calmed down. When my mind was slightly absent, a godsend arrived.


“Everyone, the other party is still sick, so you shouldn’t talk to her that much!”

The one who forced their way between me who was standing still as if I was clinging to the door and the aunties who stood up from their seats and approached me was a familiar chef apprentice, Harith-kun.

The aunties came to their senses with that, ceasing their machine gun-like talk. I was saved.

However, when I turned around, Harith-kun started to give me an advice this time.


“This and that are different. Wasn’t there a bell in your room?”

“Uhm, there is, but…”

But using that to call people was a bit… I thought, and so I walked here. However, Harith-kun said that I shouldn’t do that.


“It’s not only because you’re a sick person, but Kiara’s position is now different from the ordinary employees.”

“But I am still me, I haven’t really changed…”

“I understand what you mean, but didn’t you become a magician? I heard that a magician is a position where one can even object to the royalty. Actually, I’ve heard the talk about how Kiara is also close with the prince. You should behave in a way that matches that position, shouldn’t you?”

Harith-kun rebuked as the edge of his eyebrows were lowered, it was as if they were slightly slanted upward, as he added one thing after another as if he was troubled.


“No one is in the position to change it, so you can only conduct yourself in a way that matches your current position. Kiara’s job has also changed, right?”

Being told about it like that, I had no choice but to nod. Certainly, I was no longer a maid. Also, I would be sitting in a class higher than the knight leader or the defense leader in the meeting.

Certainly, the knight leader or the defense leader wouldn’t be personally coming over here to beg for food.


“Yeah… Sorry. If that’s the case, I’ll be happy if you can bring me something to my room because I feel hungry.”

“Then, I’ll ask Maya-san, so please calmly wait for it in your room.”

Harith-kun whose expression softened took responsibility for my food, so I decided to return to my room.


As I was about to close the dining hall’s door, I heard the aunties’ voices, “You… Good luck,” and the head chef’s voice, “You should just rest today. Feeling defeated is quite heartrending, after all.” Then, Harith-kun’s voice could be heard, “Ha?! That isn’t the case, though?!”

Apparently, since Harith-kun is on good terms with me who’s a girl of the same generation as him, everyone has misunderstood it. Since I felt that it would earn us a teasing instead if I were to go back and correct that for his honor, I decided to leave that place even if I felt sorry for him.

Or rather, I was getting tired after standing and walking for a while.


“It seems I’ve underestimated it…”

Perhaps since my fever slightly went down after I woke up, I felt like I was in good health.

I went up the stairs in order to go back quickly. However, that was the most difficult thing. By the time I managed to reach the second floor, I ended up crouching down on the spot.


“Uu, I have to hurry.”

If I knew things would turn out like this, I’d rather stay on the second floor even if I had to endure my hunger. Because then, the gentle Maya-san would arrange various things for me.


“Why did I think that I could move easily?”

Although my head was going weird due to the fever, I was surely acting like an idiot now.

When I was resting with introspection and regret, there was the sound of a door somewhere in the second floor being opened and closed, and someone called my voice as if they were surprised.


“Kiara? What are you doing in this place?”

When I slightly raised my head, I saw Reggie rushing over here with a rare flustered appearance.

Perhaps since he was only moving around inside the mansion, he didn’t have any escort, and his clothes were also simple: a shirt covered by a pale light yellow coat.


Since I was crouching down at the edge of the stairs, he surely could tell that my condition was bad. Reggie who knelt near me immediately put his hand on my forehead.

I reflexively ended up jolting my shoulders up and down in surprise. …Since I remembered how my head was being patted by someone during the time I was asleep.

Reggie’s expressions turned cloudy.



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