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Chapter 49

Can’t Help But Worry



Part 2/2

“Your fever is still high. Why did you come out all alone at such a place?”

“Uuu, I wanted to find food since I was hungry…”

I wanted to keep the fact that I wandered about due to my hunger, but at any rate, even if I tried to keep it a secret, Reggie would eventually make me confess it. When I resigned myself and honestly talked, Reggie smiled, looking as if he was troubled.


“Kiara is really like a child, huh? Now, you’re caught.”

“Eh? Ah…”

I was thinking that he said about how he caught my shoulder, but in no time, I was being carried with his arms supporting the back of my knees and my back.


We had grown up more in the last two years. I was more wrapped up in his arms than when I was last being carried like this, and that was so embarrassing.

But that wasn’t all. Reggie’s face was so close, and when I looked at his lips, I ended up feeling like wanting to run away.

When I recalled how I thought that it was a kiss and doubted Reggie, for some reason, I ended up becoming more aware of the situation. I reflexively hung my face down.


“Uhm, I can move on my own once I rest for a little bit.”

I tried to think on how to escape somehow, but it was gently denied by Reggie.


“You don’t seem like that, though?”

“But, but, if I were to vomit on Reggie’s shoulder just because I feel unwell, then…!”

That’s why, you should put me down,’ I intended to persuade him like that, but it went unnoticed to Reggie.


“I don’t mind. I won’t be mad to an ill person due to some force majeure like that. Be rest assured. Here, wouldn’t it be better for you to lean against me?”

Reggie slightly lifted the arm that he used to support me, making my head leaning against his own shoulder.


Uuu. Certainly, this is a much more comfortable pose, but Reggie’s pretty jaws are right in front of my eyes, and I can’t help but observe his mouth’s movements.

I felt like the temperature just rose again.


While princess-carrying me, Reggie went up the stairs quickly.

It was amazing how he didn’t seem to mind the added weight I posed him at all. In terms of our height difference, it was more like him carrying me who was about an upper grade elementary student. I was totally helpless.


Or rather, doesn’t Reggie feel that I’m heavy? I wonder what I should do should he think I’m heavy?

And then I realized. Cain-san already knew my weight! Uwaaaaaaa, after I was cured of this fever, I’d definitely go on a diet!

While the inside of my head was noisy, Reggie went up until the third floor, arriving at my room.

When Reggie skillfully opened the door himself, Maya-san and Cain-san who might have visited to look at my condition were already there.



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“Kiara, where did you go to?”

“She said that she was hungry.”

Still chuckling, Reggie put me down on the bed. Before that, Maya-san quickly took off my shoes.

As I was being wrapped up in the blanket, I thought that I should express my gratitude for the time being.


“Uhm, Reggie, thanks. And Cain-san, too, for coming here to visit me…”

“It looks like your fever has slightly gone down. Thank goodness.”

The corner of Cain-san’s lips was slightly curved upwards, just enough that I could tell he was smiling.


“Don’t overdo yourself again, Kiara.”

“It’s as His Highness says. You can’t just walk around with a high fever even if you are hungry. Where is the water?”

After Reggie’s warning, Cain-san asked a cup of water from Maya-san. Unsure whether it was because I just walked around or if it was due to my fever getting higher, I got thirsty again and so I received the cup of water.


I slightly straightened up my body, took the cup from Maya-san, then drunk the water.

The water that should have been lukewarm felt cold in my throat. However, thanks to that, I felt that the inside of my head that was about to be boiled, was now calming down.

I returned the cup and Maya-san who received it, put it back on the table. After that, she began to soak the cloth in the washbasin. She surely had prepared it to sober me up since my fever was high.

At that time, suddenly Cain-san came near me and extended his hand.


“Aah, Kiara-san, the water is…”

Did I not drink it well, or did it spill?

I was about to wipe the water with my own hand, but before that, someone else’s fingertip touched my lips.


Chills ran down my spines reflexively.

After Cain-san’s finger wiped the corner of my mouth as if I was a child, his fingertip traced a part of my lips just for a moment.


My eyes spontaneously widened, and Cain-san asked, “What’s the matter?”

His expression was a little bit difficult to understand as usual, as if nothing had happened.

As for me… I couldn’t help but think that it might be just an accident.

His fingertip touched my lips by chance… so I thought. If I were to think otherwise, then I wouldn’t be able to know how I should talk to Cain-san from now on.



I slightly shook my head and quickly lied down on the bed, pulling the quilt to cover my face.


“It’s better for you to rest now. I will visit you later again, Kiara.”

In the meanwhile, Maya-san was squeezing the soaked cloth on the washbasin that was prepared on top of the table. Then, she put the cloth on my forehead, patting my head.


But it was only for a moment before she urged for Reggie and the others to leave.

I saw how Reggie turned his questioning gaze towards Cain-san and the figure of Cain-san who gazed back at him—which was something rare.


They quickly went out of the room.

Soon, my condition improved, and perhaps thinking that there was no need to have someone to always stay by my side, Maya-san became the last person to leave the room, and I heard the sound of the door locking.


With no one other than Master around, I felt relieved.

And about what I saw earlier, I wanted to think about it since it bothered me, but sleepiness appeared thanks to my fever, and I ended up getting my thoughts dispersed.


“I see, that kind of effect huh, ihihihi.”

Master’s usual laugh could be heard, but today, it somehow made me feel anxious.




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