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Chapter 50

Unwelcomed Visitor


In the end, it took around one week for my developmental fever to completely come down.


Nonetheless, in case of catching a cold and considering the effectivity of the medicine in this world, it isn’t that unusual for a complete recovery to take around one week, so I wasn’t considered ill for such a long time.


In the meanwhile, the state of affairs on Everal’s side also changed quite considerably. The soldiers gathered, and the soldiers and also the people of the branch family living in area near Sarehald who ran away had also joined.

Based on their information, Sarehald’s act of treachery was confirmed.


…The information couldn’t be collected well until it reached here was partly due to my fault as well.

During the fight to scatter the Ruain army in the hill area, in order to coerce the soldiers to withdraw by using the golem, we weren’t able to capture a prisoner whose class was a commander of the intelligence source.

It was great that we hadn’t wasted any military force, but without crossing swords with the enemy, we couldn’t capture an intelligence source.

I thought and wanted them to be people like the Oniwaban1, but in this world where magic isn’t common, there is no one who can move astonishingly like a ninja. At most, the best personnel seem to be spies who can blend with the other people.


At any rate, according to the information from the people of the branch family, the Sarehald seems to have various internal circumstances, such as how the younger brother and the older brother of the royalty were fighting for the throne inheritance. As a result, the younger brother joined hands with Ruain and imprisoned the older brother. Although as a prince, the younger brother would be given a territory, but since he originally loved wars, he seemed to have marched to the royal capital with the addition of a few Sarehald army.


The ones who told me that were Alan and Reggie.

To be honest, my thoughts were like: ‘The mid-boss has been changed, and our enemy number has increased…’


In the game, the Sarehald didn;t side with us nor with the Ruain. I wasn’t sure if it was because the developer didn’t establish things until that detailed or not, but they didn’t have anything to do with our battle.

The Ruain had also employed their domestically allied magician, and their invasion to Everal was done normally by crossing over the national border. There had been no need for them to propose any dealing with the Sarehald.


However, since the Everal was cautious this time, they couldn’t use the strategy of breaking through the national border and rush from there.

That was when they persuaded the Sarehald to join.

Honestly, I think that the 20,000 people of Sarehald army is way scarier than a lone magician.

With the situation turning like something of a hard mode, I couldn’t help but become frightened.


With this, I can’t help but rely on Reggie, Margrave Vayne, and the others’ wisdom.

The not-so-bright me, for the time being, I prayed to my earthen figure master.


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“Aah, if only fist-sized hail could fall down, or heavy rain that would cause a flood to wash everything away, or a sudden lightning strike that could make the commanding officer gone and the enemy army scattered…”

“Aren’t you relying too much on the higher being for that? Did your heart turn faint due to the fever? Ihihihi.”

Master who was looking at me as if he was astounded then poked me at the place where it hurt the most.


“Perhaps, since there are other things in your mind, your consciousness is more pointed towards the other problem. Think more about what you can do with your own head, kukkuku.”

…Master’s attack gave 10 points damage to my heart.

The truth hurts my heart.


But, well, the first stage of the battle had been completed and I caught a fever, and since there was no other information, so this was the best circumstances to think about it. There existed someone who could do that without being bothered?!


Especially Cain-san… He was the criminal, for sure.

If he wasn’t, then he wouldn’t have especially reached out his hand in order to wipe the water I spilled with such a timing, and of all things, used his fingertip to touch my lips… it was only for a moment, but why did he need to do that?

Moreover, if he did something like that, it’d make me curious, right?! Of course I’d be curious, right?!


If I were to make an analogy based on the situation, perhaps the doubt of the ‘kiss’ from before was only a touch of the finger behind Maya-san’s back, I think. I was a bit relieved that it wasn;t a kiss, but… why would there a need to do something like that?


Even I could tell that normally, an indifferent person wouldn’t do something like that. He didn’t seem like a child who was doing it as a punishment of a game, too.

But at the same time, I also knew that if one had some kind of an ulterior motive, then one could do something like that. But I didn’t think that Cain-san was someone who could do that on purpose to me.

On the other hand…


“Does he like me? That’s impossible.”

Just why did he fall in love with me, then? To be frank, since we first met, I had shown some eccentric behaviour. Moreover, I talked nonsense things such as about my previous life. He believed it, but just like the others, he thought of it as I was bestowed an oracle from the god via my dream. I should be the type of person one would want to slightly avoid after being together for the whole time.


Since I don’t understand the reason, I’m still much confused.

On the other hand, if I were to be naively honest and ask him, if I were told that he really had an interest in me, then…

I couldn’t fight the curiosity in my mind. I am not that skilful. If only I had the experience of going out with someone and breaking up with them twice or three times, then I might be able to divide romance matter from other things, though.


And in the unlikely event that it really turns into a romantic relationship… I don’t even know how I should act.

I might not be able to bear watching Cain-san get hurt, and I wouldn’t be able to rely on him as my guard. But if he were not by my side and I were to fight with all my power, things would go bat. And it might be impossible, but my mind might be filled with the thoughts of being lovey dovey that it wouldn’t feel like I were in a war.

If that’s the case, there’s a possibility I will become a bother to my surroundings, right?

Since I have never dated even once in this and my previous lifetime, I couldn’t imagine anything.


Besides, there’s Reggie.

He was always looking at Cain-san with a probing look. That expression of his was somewhat really cold.

I wonder if his gaze turned strict… because he was my guardian?


As for me, it was inevitable for me to be anxious as to whether or not Reggie saw that moment. I was also curious, so so curious about his thoughts if he indeed witnessed that moment.

Thinking about it, I couldn’t calm down. Even when Reggie came to talk with me as usual, I felt a strange air of tension.


On the surface, both Reggie and Cain-san didn’t have any particular change. However, there were times when it felt like they were conscious of each other.

Alan who ended up sensing it from time to time would have a bewildered expression on his face, and I felt pitiful for him… However, I couldn’t see a chance to really confirm whether it was about me or not, so I couldn’t say anything.


Other than that, Cain-san hadn’t changed at all up until now. And perhaps since I was alert, he couldn’t reach out his hand to me at all since then.


In the end, I couldn’t understand it no matter how I thought about it, and it was also scary to ask whichever of the two, “what’s the matter?”, so for the time being, I decided not to do anything.

As I thought to forget and forget it, time passed by.


Now then, let’s return to talk about the Ruain.

By the time I recovered and the corpse burial in the area outside the castle was stealthily done—it was already about two weeks since we returned to the castle. The news about how the west’s Earl Tolisfid’s territory fell, and how the territory of Baron Delphion received the Ruain army also reached our side.


Because there were such territories who’d ally themselves with the Ruain army, they could replenish their goods and military force without exerting much effort to have their reinforcements force their way through the Everal.

Furthermore, another small territory in contact with Sarehald was occupied, and they seemed to have secured their communication and supply road this way.


At this rate, if they manage to pass through another marquis’ territory and the royal territory, the Ruain will reach the royal capital. Although the king of Faruzia can call the army together to crush the Ruain, there will still be rumors about how he doesn’t show up in public during that time.


Nonetheless, the Everal army can’t move that quickly.

First, since this is not a game, everyone’s HP can’t be restored to maximum at the same time as the changes in the battlefield are taking place. Margrave Vayne’s injury hasn’t been completely recovered, and we couldn’t take any injured person along on our expedition to the royal capital.


As for the two families that Reggie asked for their assistance, they would be returning to their own territory once, and they seemed to be reorganizing their army in preparation that they’d be marching towards the royal capital in the future.

However, compared to the Ruain army whose military force had swelled up after absorbing the military force from the likes of Earl Patriciel, our military strength was way too small.

The margrave and Reggie had sent out an envoy to request a cooperation from the territory whose mobilization was hindered by the Ruain, in order to assemble at the royal capital.


At the moment, there is nothing else to do other than that.

Then, as soon as the military force’s been assembled, the Everal army will depart in order to suppress the territories that have changed sides to Ruain army, along with Reggie as their insignia.

That was why, everyone was doing the preparations with the expedition on their mind.


Amidst all of it.

There was a person who arrived at the castle while being protected by several guards on their horseback.

A slightly dark golden hair. Nevertheless, her long hair, that had been treated with care and neatly combed, brightly added her presence especially under the brilliant light of the sun.

Her virtuous and lovely facial features, her transparent green eyes, and the big hay-coloured mantle wrapped up around her delicate body due to the journey she took—everything seemed to be showing that she was a secluded princess.


The woman who was one or two years older than me had a sweet face despite the remaining fatigue due to her journey. With tears floating on her face, she greeted Margrave Vayne and Reggie who went out until the castle’s gate.


“I-I-I am Earl Tolisfid’s daughter, Cecilia.”

The moment we heard her name,


“How troublesome…”

Cain-san, who was looking at her along with me from a slightly distant place, slightly whispered, yet his whisper still reached my ears.




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  1. The Oniwaban or niwaban was a group of government-employed undercover agents, established by the 8th Tokugawa shōgun, Tokugawa Yoshimune. They were under the direct command of the shōgun and were in charge of undercover intelligence operations.

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