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Chapter 51

A Request from Earl Tolisfid’s Daughter


The Tolisfid earl house.

The daughter of some predecessor king had married into this house, and even the previous earl had the right to succeed the throne even if he occupied the lowest position.


Incidentally, their territory was currently being highly occupied.

8 or 9 cases out of 10, it would be an appeal for reinforcement to save the occupied territory. Everyone would have thought so.

However, her demand was different.


“Thanks to the fact that there was a mansion slightly away from the castle, we could avoid misfortune. But, o-our territory, whether we faced left or right, there were the Ruain army all over. When we sought for a place we could escape to, we heard that His Highness—whom I was honored to be acquainted with—managed to subside the Ruain…”

Just like that, she cast her eyes downward as she uttered some evasive words.

Since she was facing downward with teary eyes, tears fell little by little to the knee part of her red dress, soaking the dress.


I felt sorry for her, but I couldn’t just open my mouth carelessly. At any rate, this was something that should be decided by Reggie and Margrave Vayne who were being visited. Add that I didn’t understand the full details of political stuff, I could not say anything carelessly.

Above all, I could feel that everyone in Everal had gone into their alert mode especially since they came here at this timing.


“What about the royal capital or your other relatives’ place?”

Vayne-sama curtly asked.

I could tell that he was indirectly saying, ‘You could have just gone there, so why did you come to our place where no relative of yours was?’. Despite escaping during a war, they didn’t go to their relatives’ place, but they went to visit someone who was only an acquaintance—it would definitely bring about questions and doubt.


Reggie was also having a slightly troubled expression. However, in case of this person, even though he had been looking at her with an icy cold expressionless face until just now, he was now having a very troubled expression, I wonder…


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“Has it been half a year since I met you? We met at the new year’s banquet, didn’t we?”

When Reggie said that, Miss Cecilia raised her face.


At that moment, I was startled.

Even while her face was soaked wet with tears, she had the kind of gaze that seemed to want Reggie to talk more about it. Although her seemingly sad expression didn’t change at all, an uncontainable heat was apparent on her cheeks.


…I wonder if she liked him?

I immediately thought of that.

Reggie is certainly cool and kind, a person who’s like an ideal prince. …He can be very scary at times, though. If he eventually becomes the person arranged to inherit the throne in the next term, there will surely be lots of noble women who’d approach him either with their true feelings or because they were told by their parents to get Reggie’s attention.


And then, I suddenly realized.

After escaping from his supposed death at the castle siege war, Reggie had obtained his previous life back. If we were to proceed in accordance to the game and defeat the Ruain army, it was certain for him to ascend the throne.

In a peaceful country, he would be revered by fellow nobles for rescuing the country, lots of women would yearn after him, and he would be receiving love confessions as well.

By defeating the Ruain, the nobles’ allegiance should be secure. In order to protect the war-torn country, a marriage with a noble daughter whose family had great assets… And thus, his life would continue.


It wouldn’t end with just how he was saved.

I also had become a magician, but if everything could end without me dying, then I should be able to spend my life leisurely. …Just like what I wanted nearly two years ago.


The margrave pair would surely let me stay here as long as I could be any of use to them.

I wouldn’t have to worry for my life, and I wouldn’t be forced to marry. If I want to, I can go on without marrying anyone. I have obtained that kind of power.


As long as we are able to win against the Ruain. As long as we can eventually defeat the queen. That sort of a future will be able to come true.

Cain-san who wished to defeat the Ruain, too, he would continue to serve by Alan’s side just like before. And Alan who hadn’t lost his parents, I wonder if he would be living in the royal palace in order to help his friend, Reggie?


I imagined such kind of future, and yet I felt lonely as well.

Was it because I was relying on everyone?

But it was certain that everyone would go their own ways in the future… nah, it couldn’t be helped for them to be separated from me. I wouldn’t know if I could lead a quiet life if I were to stay around the person who’d become the king and the people who’d be his close aides.

If I want to stay in the center, then I can only become the royal magician. If it’s like that, then it won’t be good. I would be in a position where I have to think even further than just supporting myself, and I don’t have the confidence that I can do something like that, even if I receive Master’s help.


Thus, as I realized that I would have to be separated from everyone else someday, I felt terribly uneasy.


On the other hand, Miss Cecilia is a timid person. She wasn’t able to spin a good answer immediately, and after a while later, she said, “I’m sorry for being such a bother. But, I can only rely on His Highness…,” and left the words hanging.


“The road to the royal capital has already been shut down by the Ruain army… Just before that, His Majesty sent out a request for troops, but our people who came along shortly after the messenger brought the rumor that just before this, His Majesty’s figure couldn’t be seen. In this kind of situation where one couldn’t tell what would happen, one wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to escape to the dreadful royal capital, right?”

Margrave Vayne said.


“I could understand the reason why Cecilia-dono decided to come to our territory. However, this is a place close to the national border with the Ruain. It’s highly likely that the Ruain will attack again. Even His Highness would need to lead the troops in order to protect the royal capital should the kingdom be in danger. …It will be hard to stay here for quite a long time. However, you can use the south territory. I’d like you to change your destination to that area.”

Being told the decision, Miss Cecilia obediently nodded even while she was having a sad-looking expression. Perhaps due to the time we were in, she had already prepared her resolution to be rejected.


“Nonetheless, it will take a few days to get in touch with them. During the meantime, I will leave the correspondence to my wife, and it will be fine for you to stay here as well.”

“I’m very grateful for your kindness, Margrave.”

With that, we dissolved from the spot where the discussion took place.


Madam Beatrice who was present at that time then took Miss Cecilia out of the room. Based on their conversation, I heard that she was going to show her around the castle.

When the two of them and the maid Clara-san left, the knights who received the Margrave’s order also hurriedly left.

The order was to strengthen the defense around the room where Miss Cecilia would be allocated to.


“Are you monitoring her under the name of guarding her?”

Reggie asked as he stood up. In response to his words, Margrave Vayne nodded.


“It’s because she’s way too suspicious.”

“Is she… really suspicious?”

I understood that we would be alert against people who showed up from outside, but I hadn’t thought that she could be said as suspicious.

Alan then explained.


“We couldn’t ascertain whether or not that girl was telling the truth to us.”

Tolisfid should have already fallen. We couldn’t ascertain whether she was really in a place other than the lord’s castle, and the truth behind her reason to come here after safely making it through the invasion in her territory.


“It is possible for her to immediately visit us after the information that Tolisfid had fallen reached her, but… I’m slightly curious about the quick arrival of such an information that led her here.”

Such were Reggie’s words.


Anyhow, Miss Cecilia managed to escape through the area where the Ruain and Sarehald had passed through.

It wouldn’t be too conspicuous for people other than the military personnel to wander around the place that was formerly a battlefield as some people such as merchants who wanted to run their business by serving in a war would chase after the troops, but it should have been difficult for a noble woman to pass through the area in combination with several knights who were guarding her.


They couldn’t have just got out of it completely.

But let’s say it was really just as she said. Nevertheless, if we were to deny them from entering the castle, it might induce distrust from the other fief lords who were looking for reinforcements from Everal. It was like saying that we won’t lend them a hand even though they wanted military force.


“There is another thing, your Highness.”

Margrave Vayne added.


“Your Highness’ reputation might be damaged if you were to abandon the woman who was a candidate for the prince’s consort.”

Eh, the prince consort’s candidate? Which means, a candidate for Reggie’s bride?

I widened my eyes as I was very surprised.



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