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Chapter 52

A Day of Slight Confusion


Part 1/2

I see, obviously there would be a bride candidate for a prince.


After thinking about it for around three seconds. I left the meeting room for the time being.

There are still things I have to do. I was planning to build a wall at the national border.


I left the main tower where the meeting room was located in, and I was headed towards the barn. I would take Cain-san who had become my exclusive guard there… just when I was thinking about it, my arm was suddenly taken through my armpit by Cain-san who had prepared the horse in advance. When I was about to fall backward in my surprise, I was lifted up as if I was being scooped.



Just what happened?’ I was that surprised. This way of bringing me along was quite overbearing and during the war, I was only forcibly moved during necessary times.

So, could there be an enemy?! I thought so, but it wasn’t it.

This was right in front of the Everal castle’s barn, and only the horses were staring fixatedly on us with their round and cute eyes—no, wrong. The barn’s caretaker uncle and the passing servant girl were feigning ignorance by turning their faces away, but even so, only their eyes were looking at this direction!

It was extremely embarrassing to be princess-carried in the middle of ordinary days, and had others [pretend not to see].


“Ca-ca-ca-cain-san, pu-pu-pu-pu-put me…”

“It will be better to be like this just in case something happens.”

Cain-san said that, and he agilely put me sideways on top of his horse. And when the barn’s caretaker uncle called, the horse that I ended up taking out went back.


Aah, horse #82 is returning back…

Sorry for having to give you back although there’s an opportunity you can run outside,’ I apologized in my heart as I looked at the horse’s back. For some reason, I felt like it was making a sighing face, I wonder if it was just my imagination?


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During the moment, Cain-san rode on the horse, just right behind me.

We had been riding together on the saddle ever since Cain-san became my guard, and whenever Cain-san’s chest touched my back, I always felt the solid and painful chain mail armor, but today, I felt the warmth gradually traveling through clothes, and I suddenly felt awkward.


Somehow, I wanted to say that it wasn’t good for a man and a woman to be in such a close contact. I wanted to call back the #82 horse with all my power, but I couldn’t do it in front of the kind Cain-san. What should I do if he were to say sorry for not being conscious about the opposite gender?


Or rather, why was I this conscious about this today in particular? Then, I ended up recalling the kiss attempt incident that I had tried to forget.

Then, Cain-san picked the reins by circling his hands before me, while whispering.


“Will you let me protect you, Kiara-san?”

As his breath touched the top of my head, I ended up raising my voice. Then, I couldn’t come up with an answer.


“After all, it’s my duty.”

……Ah, yes. It’s his duty. It’s his job.

For some reason, I felt oddly composed upon hearing the continuation of his words. It was a duty that Vayne-sama ordered, and I was also a scatterbrain. To be honest, since I wasn’t that good at horse riding, I thought that it would be better for me to hug the horse with my arms as it runs, just in case.


“Ah, yes. Please help me.”

“……Then, shall we go?”

After I meekly nodded, there was a strange silence before Cain-san’s answer for some reason. I wonder why? Should I have expressed a bigger gratitude?

I tilted my head in confusion, but the horse only continued to walk.


And just like that, it took around one hour to arrive at the national border, and I had calmed down more or less. I went down the horse with the help of Cain-san without having my heart throbbing, and I stood in front of the fort created in the national border.


The national border is located next to the river that runs around a rocky mountain.

There is a stone bridge that was created during the ancient times in order to cross the river, and beyond that, the national border’s fort, wall, and gate was built.

The wall was built quite lengthy and there wasn’t any need to build it taller thanks to the riverbank’s cliff that was probably made by the river’s scraping off in the past for many months and years.

The problem is that even though you break the stone bridge, it can’t stop the soldiers from walking or riding on horses to cross the wide-but-shallow river.


Even during the castle siege battle the other day, the Ruain soldiers managed to come and attack.

The wall was in a good condition, and on the cliff top where there were no walls, the thorny shrubs grew abundantly that people wouldn’t carelessly climb over it, but if the thorny shrubs were to be burnt down, there is a chance that they can climb over it.

However, once most of the troops depart to chase after the Ruain army, there remains some insecurity over whether we could cope with what is to come or not.

And that is where I make my entry.


“Now, let’s make the wall-.”

I turned my right arm around as I fired myself up.

Next, I touched the big rock nearby using both of my hands, so there was completely no meaning in my turning my arm around, though.

I was used to playing with the dirt, but I still hadn’t made a stone move. However, I decided to try on this rock and used this chance to practice.


Magical power should also exist inside the rock. According to Master, such magical power seemed to be contained in everything in this world. Which meant, people whose specialty was water could dry humans up completely, or that they could use magic like that… How scary.


Perhaps due to how I thought to myself clearly that [I could do it], it felt similar to tinkering with the dirt. If I were to work hard, I might be able to manipulate other things, but at the moment, this was what I needed to get stronger in first.




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  1. Potaito

    Why do chapters, especially in this light novel feel so short when enjoying them? ???
    I see my man Cain making his moves ??? ohohohoho
    Also! I feel so excited when Kiara uses her magic !! Like its so awesome!
    As always, thank you for the quality translations and I hope you have a wonderful day/night ??

  2. Andi

    Thank you for the chapter! I feel like Cain is walking a very fine line between trying to make her more conscious of him and trying not to scare her away. Is it working? I really can’t tell haha. Because currently Kiara seems to go into full flight mode if she thinks he’s interested or full ignoring mode if he tries to play it off like it’s just his job that he’s doing.

    Also, I agree with Potaito! It’s so exciting when Kiara uses her magic. Although, how horrifying. Water magicians can desiccate people. That feels like super cursed knowledge that no one would want to hear on the battlefield.

  3. L

    I was somehow worried on how she will solve the river flow, cause she can’t just block the river with a bunch of rocks. This can cause a lot of trouble.

    I hope she will use some of her modern knowledge, and make it go underground and then up again so it will not be disrupted or trouble the border wall.

    It’s probably the strangest thing to be worrying about on a novel, but I don’t feel that invested in the ships and I just wanna see her solve some more war/territory like problems with magic and being amazing on main.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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