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Chapter 52

A Day of Slight Confusion



Part 2/2

Before long, the stone I touched began to flexibly warp. It couldn’t warp as easily as the soil, perhaps it was since the rock was harder.

Even while a strange power went into my shoulders, I managed to form a doll-like form out of the large stone somehow, then I made it walk.

At this time, it was also a part of practice that I didn’t follow it even if I touched it.

The rock doll within my vision slowly moved by moving its legs forward with the legs never leaving the ground, perhaps it was because of how I kept saying “Move-, forward-,” anxiously while putting both of my hands on the ground.


The stone who finally arrived at the edge of the cliff after struggling then remotely transformed into a rectangular form… for some reason, it was crooked, and when I stroked it, its surface wasn’t smooth. More practice was required. However, it was quite an improvement for me to be able to move it remotely like this.

I repeated this practice several times, and by the time I managed to move the stone doll better than my first attempt, I was forced to stop my practice.


“That’s enough, Kiara-san.”

In the end, after I continued until we were satisfied with the results, as expected I was exhausted and so I sat down.


Cain-san promptly retrieved me, gave me a ride on the horse and retreated. This time, perhaps since there was no leeway for me to think, my head wasn’t overheating due to minding about this and that just like when we were on our way here, so I was glad.

Then, the border security guards were so delighted that the wall was extended in such a short time and were cheering together.


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That night, my dinner was served in my room.

Perhaps since I had become the rare magician, I was told to refrain from coming into contact with Miss Cecilia’s party and be on guard, so I couldn’t have a dinner together with everyone else.

However, since the servant auntie who carried my dinner was quite a chatterbox, I wasn’t lonely.


It was just that the servant auntie was telling me the details of Reggie’s behavior.

Since this was a territory where guests rarely visited, the servant auntie was like a woman who loved weekly magazine and who had wanted to provide a topic and get excited over it together in my previous life.


It seemed that Reggie was having the tea together with Miss Cecilia.

Madam Beatrice was apparently present at the tea time as well. Despite how Miss Cecilia had just arrived after a long trip, she said that she would pour in the tea and stood up from her seat, but her feet was caught in the chair and she seemed to have fallen over.


Somehow, when I imagined it, it was very pitiful of her.

As a noble daughter who didn’t wield swords, she had no living skills as she was used to rely on other people’s favor. However, in order to make herself comfortable, she surely wanted to increase Reggie and the Margrave house’s impression of her as she was somehow becoming indebted to them.

I also had that kind of worries from time to time, so I totally felt for her.

Towards her blunder, Reggie immediately stood up and urged her to sit down, seemingly covering up for her. What a prince-like, Reggie…

Yes, Auntie. There is no need to tell me more than this about things related to Reggie, okay?


After I finished dinner, I discussed about my magic proficiency level with Master who had been left alone in this room for a whole day this time.


Speaking of which, it seemed that Master’s magic affinity was of wind system.

Now that you think about it, there were lots of magical beasts whose types were of wind system.

It seemed that the magical beasts absorbed the contract stone which was in a sandy state, and Master who took the small fragment of the same stone was able to control them.


“The contract stone wasn’t produced by the same method as an ordinary mineral stone, ihihihi.”

“Then where does the contract stone come from?”

“What’s same is how it was taken out from inside the stone. It is always at the size of a fingertip, and it was dug out as a stand-alone. It isn’t like mineral which is contained in the stone and running parallel to the vein of the ore.”

Somehow, it seems that the stone isn’t an ordinary stone.


Minerals are formed by dissolving various materials using the heat of the magma or by compressing old things in the process of soil sedimentation and geological formation, right?

If it’s dissolved by the hear, then it is likely to have a lumpy state, and if it’s condensed, it will be hard to produce a fixed size.

Ah, but something that comes out with a fixed form is akin to a fossil.

When I said that, Master happily said, “What an interesting way of thinking, uhihihi.”


As we were talking about various matters, I ended up feeling thirsty.

Since it was already late at night, it isn’t a time where people would be coming in and out. Since my body condition had improved, I thought that I wouldn’t be scolded at this time, so I held the water jug in my hand and went out to the corridor, but…

I ended up bumping into Reggie at the stairs.



Crap. Would I be scolded for not calling for someone else to do it for me?

I reflexively put myself on guard, but Reggie only smiled as usual.


“Are you thirsty again?”

“Uhm, I talked too much with Master…”

“If you’d like it, there are people stationed at my place, so I can ask someone to do it for you?”

Being told like that, I ended up asking Reggie again just like the previous time.


“Then, I will accept your offer.”

“Alright. Then, see you tomorrow.”

Reggie lightly waved his hand and headed back towards his room.

I also thought I should just return to my own room, so I turned around to go up the stairs, but the moment I looked upward, I found Miss Cecilia who was standing idly upstairs, at the second floor.


She saw Reggie who went upstairs ahead, and as her sight wandered about just for a moment, she found me next… and for some reason, she ran off.

Speaking of which, her room was at the third floor.

What the heck was up with her?

I tilted my head in confusion, but by the time I returned to my room, I realized… I barely had a hunch on why.


Could it be that Miss Cecilia misunderstood something after looking at my and Reggie, the person whom she might end up marrying or not, talking in what seemingly an intimate way?



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