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Chapter 55

Fate Chases After Your Back


Part 1/2

Yesterday, a command that prohibited me from approaching Reggie was issued by Miss Cecilia.


With that being said, I was thinking of becoming more distant from Reggie until the time we depart. If one were to look for enjoyable things, one would fine that there were lots of things to do. Such as trying to strengthen yesterday’s wall even further.

Above all, after my first battle, I ended up thinking whether the enemies I killed would still feel resentful now. Despite that, I also want to be excused from receiving people’s resentment. The mental damage is over-accumulating.


“A woman’s jealousy is scary, after all, kishishishishi.”

I consulted the problem with Master Horace and that was his answer, as he agreed with my thoughts.


“But that’s not the main problem, dear Kiara. Don’t you want to fight as a woman? I’m going to root for you, you know? Ihhihihi.”

I was troubled over Master’s words that seemed to contain an expectation of seeing an interesting show.


“I don’t have any intention on fighting with Cecilia-san, though…”

“Hoo? Even though you were flirting around in front of me?”

“Flirt?! No, what did you say? Uhm…”

When I heard that Reggie was going to marry someone, I was shocked. But it was the kind of shock you’d receive if a friend of yours were to say, “I have someone I’m considering to marry.”

Because of that, I don’t think that it is a romantic love.


Normally, if you fall in love with someone, wouldn’t you be thinking of that person day and night?

Certainly, when Reggie grabbed my injured leg, I thought that I was embarrassed because he was a male, though. But if that’s all, then wouldn’t siblings also feel like that after they pass the age of 16?


When I recalled about Reggie, I felt relieved and warm. When I thought of him when he wasn’t here, sometimes I felt lonely. And when I heard the talk about the crown prince consort candidate, it felt as if a friend of mine was snatched away by another friend, leaving me behind.


Being left behind is scary. That’s why I want him not to leave me.

That is all… I feel like it’s quite different. I can’t explain it well, though.

For the time being, I brought Master with me as we went out—however.


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“Reggie, why do I have to go and see the training?”

Before long after I went out of the room, I met Reggie and was soon asked to accompany him to check the supplies along with Vayne-sama who was working overtime. Next, I was also asked to accompany him to make some arrangements with the guards, and then I was also asked to accompany him to train so that his physical strength won’t fall behind.

Reggie, who’s busy today, is trying to take me along with him during the little spare time he has. I wonder what I should do?


“I’d like to use Master Horace’s experience as reference,” he said, but then it’s supposed to be fine even if I don’t have to tag along with them.

I held out this earthen figure to Reggie who just finished exchanging blows with Alan with the hopes that he’d take it along with him.


“I’m lending him to you, so go and carry him, okay?”

“Oi, I am not something you can lend and borrow…”

“Master Horace can’t move around as he likes, so I’ll be helped if Kiara can bring him along with you as you walk.”

“Master will be fine even if he’s alone for a whole day! Besides, if you were to tie him up here, there’s no need to have someone to carry him around!”

Since he didn’t want to take Master, I was about to tie Master around Reggie’s waist.


“Kiara, no.”

“Eei, I won’t accept ‘no’ as an answer! Look, if you tie him around your sword’s belt like this, it will be fine!”

I caught Reggie who was ready to run away and when I was about to take Master and tie him with a string, Master who was left alone on the ground then said.


“I am fine with whichever it is. But more importantly, my disciple, don’t you think that this posture is quite awkward? Kishishishi…”


I reflexively turned around and noticed my current situation.

My two hands were grabbing Reggie’s waist belt as I was slightly bending down, and Reggie was placing his hand on my shoulder…


When I turned my eyes to another side, Groul-san, Reggie’s guarding knight, was looking to the side with slightly slanted eyes. Meanwhile, the other young knights were turning their faces away, and there were even people who seemed to be trying to hold their laughter back by placing their hands on their mouths.

Eventually, Alan who was nearby then whispered.


“…You haven’t thought about this calmly, have you?”

“Uaaaaa, I’m sorryyyy!”

I distanced myself from Reggie and squatted on another spot. I was only trying to push the big earthen figure to him, but I completely haven’t thought on how other people would see us as.


I was distressed and greatly perplexed. As I was thinking on how I should run away from this embarrassing setting, both of my hands were grabbed, and my face was raised.

Reggie was kneeling down next to me.


“I don’t have any problem with it, though? If it’s to make us get used to being together so much, then I should have us be together more and more often.”


My mind was confused over Reggie’s enigmatic theory. Reggie then stood up and caught my arms, taking me away from that place once more.


I came along to the waiting room of Reggie’s room.

During the time Reggie was changing his clothes, I was involved in the talk about Reggie with the old servant that was there instead of a maid, and also with a male chamberlain who served in the war.

It seemed that Maybel-san, the maid who had been taking care of Reggie, was placed at the royal palace since there might be a war coming up soon.

But this fawn-colored hair chambelain was also working under Reggie even at the royal palace, so I thought that there was no need for me to give him any advice.


Around the time our talk finished, Reggie who arranged his clothes to face inward, went to haul me again.

It seemed to be the time to meet Miss Cecilia, and he intended to take me along there.


“No, no, no, no. Reggie, you also heard it yesterday, right? I’d like to be reserved, though.”

“I heard, but it’s only a request, and there’s no need for me to abide her words.”

Reggie smiled as he declared that he’d ignore other people’s demand, befitting of his image as a prince, before he whispered, “But there is another reason, too.”


“Eh, what? There’s another reason?!”




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  1. shell

    Reggie definitely have some knowledge of his feelings towards her but she’s still so dense about her feelings. Wonder why he is bringing her along. Pretending to use her as an excuse to cancel the engagement?

  2. Andi

    Well, on one hand I would say getting jealous of colleagues is really no good considering Reggie will need to work alongside so many people (male and female) to make the country run smoothly. Cecilia’s request really wasn’t appropriate, especially when she herself is only a candidate. And on the other hand I understand her being anxious with how ambiguous the relationship is between Kiara and Reggie. Even if Kiara herself doesn’t feel like the feelings are romantic, it’s definitely not strictly platonic either.

    I don’t think even Kiara herself realizes it, but she wasn’t embarrassed exactly when Alan saw her legs. Instead she felt a weird apologetic “Sorry for showing you something unpleasant.” Towards siblings I would say “ew, gross, cover up” is a really normal response and that seems to be more in line with where Kiara’s brain went when it came to Alan.
    When Reggie saw her legs at the beginning of the story though, she was plenty embarrassed. She reflects she was just surprised when Reggie touched her legs more recently, but was that really it? She still seemed pretty embarrassed at the time.

  3. Mighthose

    This chick is really dense…

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