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Chapter 55

Fate Chases After Your Back


Part 2/2

“Eh, what? There’s another reason?!”

“There are a lot.”

By the time Reggie answered, we arrived at the living room of the hall where Miss Cecilia was waiting at.

As Reggie emphasized to his guarding knights that he’d ‘like to bring Kiara along’, in the end, I ended up entering the room, following after Reggie. With the knights standing behind me as if they were a wall on my back, I wasn’t able to run away…


However, as soon as I entered, my chest suffered from a shock. Miss Cecilia’s expression was weird.

Why did she… look so frightened?

It wasn’t in a manner that showed that her greatest love rival showed up. I felt like normally, she’d make a reluctant face rather than having a pale face like this.

Beatrice-sama, who single-handedly took the task of receiving her, was also present there, but she had a bewildered expression. In other words, Miss Cecilia had never displayed such a frightened state like this up until now.


And then, Miss Cecilia didn’t even look at us in the eyes.

Apparently, she said that she wanted to pour the tea, so a maid brought the tea utensils and hot water, but even before she touched the items, her fingers were trembling.

Due to how everyone reflexively turned silent as we looked at her, the sound of the clacking tea utensils resounded quite greatly.

Since each of her action seemed dangerous somehow, I couldn’t help but want to assist her. At that time, the statement of how I shouldn’t get close to her, was blown off from my mind.

Then, the decisive moment finally came.



Miss Cecilia’s hand slipped as she was still trembling, and the pot containing hot water fell.

The sound of porcelain breaking was so surprising. However, I immediately left my seat as I was concerned over Miss Cecilia who was next to the hot water. I was the fastest one to rush over to her. After all, Miss Cecilia was doing her work near me.


“Did you get scalded?!”

First, I took a look at her feet. Fortunately, her dress was quite lengthy, that I concluded that her feet should be alright. Next, I reached out in order to check her hands, but Miss Cecilia grasped my hand tightly.



At first, I thought that what she said with such a hoarse and small voice was how she wanted me to be away from her.

However, Miss Cecilia was looking straight at me.

…Could she really be asking for my help?

But why? As I started to think, Miss Cecilia was already pulled away by her own knight.


“It seems that you are injured. I apologize, but we would like to take our leave from this place.”

The brown-haired knight was the same knight who glared at me yesterday. He asked Beatrice-sama and Reggie to leave the room, and after receiving the permission, he escorted Miss Cecilia out.



I wanted to consult this uncomfortable feeling I felt just now with someone else. However, there was still the knight who was escorting Miss Cecilia at this place, and there were also several servants who turned up to clean the broken pot and the spilled hot water.

It wasn’t a good place to have a private talk.


Unfortunately, I was taken away by Beatrice-sama to do costume fitting for my traveling outfits, thus I couldn’t consult it to Reggie.

Beatrice-sama offered me her own traveling outfits, which I was grateful for, and it seemed that Maya-san fixed the outfits to make it fit my size. Maya-san’s sewing fever seemed to have stopped after creating Master’s bedding. It seemed that there was no other target.

It was at this exact moment that I managed to talk to Beatrice-sama about Miss Cecilia’s condition.


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When I nodded, Beatrice-sama’s expression turned complex.


“We had doubted that she came here straight from Tolisfid, but… Could it be that her guarding knight was someone from Ruain? And that there was other monitoring…? That’s right, let’s discuss this with Vayne-sama.”


For now, I felt relieved after entrusting this matter to Beatrice-sama.


–However, even that was too late.


On this very same day, there was a continuous stream of merchants’ carriages carrying goods coming in and out. We were receiving the last batch of items needed for our departure the day after tomorrow.


In a carriage, there was a young boy that was hired.

The young boy that was said to have escaped from the town at the northern side of the branch house, begging the merchants that he’d do anything, and he had only begun working as a servant.


However, the young boy who entered the castle was exhausted that he sank down to the floor, then he received a drink that had been offered to him by a person who seemed to be a soldier from the castle. Nobody had seen it all, not even the moment the young boy drank it without any doubt.


However, a few minutes later, the young boy underwent a transformation in one of the lands inside the castle.

Flame spouted from the young boy’s body.

The horse that was attached to the carriage nearby responded with a rage, toppling the carriage sideways, and then was burned after coming in touch with the young boy who was tottering around.

The merchants screamed as they fled, rushing towards the guarding soldiers that were stationed within the castle.

By the time I became aware of the noise and went out of the building, the sight of several people collapsing as they were blazing came to my vision, no matter to which direction I turned my head around.


People were running around as they were injured by the flames.

The screaming voices of the failed magician.

Hearing the screams, I rushed out from the building, avoiding the flames as I hid around the building, then I placed my hands on the ground.



As Master Horace nodded, I immediately controlled the soil from the distance.

The magic inside the earth made the surrounding soil to rise up as if covering the figure that was already halfway crumbling, hollowing out the ground at the person’s feet.

Looking at his current condition, he could no longer be saved. That was why, I tried to reduce the damage that might be inflicted to others by imprisoning him.


After safely accomplishing it, I locked up the flames inside the walls of earth.

The atmosphere inside the castle loosened up a bit.

The soldiers promptly began carrying out the injured people, and as the merchants who had been crouching down in terror checked their luggage and were informed of the wounded people, another noise was made.


“Don’t approach it yet.”

Some of the soldiers approached the mud wall and they seemed about to touch it. In order to stop them, I ran across the courtyard—and in the middle of that…



I turned around hearing someone shouting my name, and I saw an arrow flying in front of me.




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    Wait… I’m confused. Did Reggie bring Kiara with him since he knows Cecilia wanted help from Kiara? He didn’t even say anything during the whole ordeal and it ended too quickly!

    Were the opposing team aiming for Kiara? To kill her?

    • MagicMan

      Yep because she is a Magician that summon golems from the earth.

  2. Lizaahh

    Intresting but i still dont like Cecilia.. maybe she needs help but somehow i get this snowflake vibe from her.

  3. Potaito

    Ok but I feel like the knight with Cecilia is an enemy and the whole thing while the failed magician was a trap to uncover Kiara as the magician to the enemy so they can kill her? maybe I am stating the obvious but hehe, can’t wait for the next chapter, thank you for your amazing translations!

  4. MagicMan

    And that’s how you kill Reggie-sama or is it Cain? Idk

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    Oh no… That last sentence smells like a deathflag… I wonder who though.

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