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Chapter 56

To Me, You Are…


Part 1/2

To me, Reggie is a slightly special existence.

He is my lifesaver and a person who knows everything that I can’t share with anyone else.

Although our age is only apart by one year, our height difference is quite significant, his position is akin to my guardian, he’s someone who scolds me, and also someone who’s willing to save me even if that means putting his life on the line.


When I think about an existence that’s similar to him, what comes to my mind is Master Horace.

I can share talk about magic that I can’t do with another person, and we understand each other. In the first place, he is like a protector who’s enlightening and supervising me in my magic training. Furthermore, he made me a magician in exchange of his life.


Master and Reggie.

In this lifetime, I hadn’t been able to find people whose roles were like the two of them before.


When Reggie said that he was my guardian, at the same time as I thought that it was certainly like that, I also felt a sense of security as if I had a family—because Reggie acted as my guardian.

He was like my father in my past life. I felt like he was someone who sometimes clashed in arguments with his daughter, but even so, he would be watching over her until the end.


I didn’t really understand myself when I felt a resistance in response to Miss Cecilia’s words of not approaching him.

Although it wasn’t like I was in love with him, I didn’t understand how such feelings welled up inside me. However, now I could explain it even to other people.

If I was told of the same words in regard to Master, I would definitely feel angry.

Due to Reggie being someone of an opposite gender whose age was close to me, I was reluctant to show it upfront since it would be misunderstood, and the meaning behind my own emotions was somewhat difficult to understand. However, if the target was this ‘inhuman’ Master of mine, then I think I’d put it bluntly.

“I definitely won’t be away from Master.” Something like that.


I also wanted to say that when I was confronted by her about Reggie.

That “there is no reason for me to put a distance with my family.”


But if I were to do that, it would be too careless of me for wanting to hold on to him, someone that I could depend on as if he was a [father figure] to me. I thought of letting Reggie think about the next course of actions.

There were several situations that were different from what I knew.


–At that time, I turned around as I heard my name being called.


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I managed to perceive a flying arrow in my field of vision, and to me, it was akin to a miracle.

Since it all happened very quickly, I wasn’t able to escape, and I could only wonder whether I’d die in a daze like this.


At the corner of my visual field, Cain-san’s figure running over here could be seen at a distance. However, before Cain-san even arrived, my arms were pulled. Not only that, I was being embraced by someone’s chest, who was covered in a blue coat.


Almost at the same time, the sound of something heavy colliding could be heard.

Someone’s groan. That person’s strained nape of the neck along with his gritted teeth could be seen.

–The arrow pierced.

I felt like blood was drained from my body upon witnessing that.

My head fell into chaos at the situation I never wished to happen, along with Reggie’s scent as he hugged me in order to protect me, like he always did.


“Reggie… Reggie…?”

No way. This isn’t happening.

The castle siege battle has ended. There was also a magician here, and reinforcements had been gathered. The Ruain army who thought that it would be hard to attack us had gone to another fief. They had already received reinforcement from the nobles that they befriended and were going to invade the royal capital first.

The figure of Reggie who collapsed after getting shot by an arrow that was within my faraway memories shouldn’t have become reality anymore, and yet…


“Reggie, no way, this is a lie, right?!”

However, Reggie didn’t answer.

Reggie only groaned, and then his body leaned against me as if he had lost the energy to support himself.

I fell down to my knees on the spot, unable to prop Reggie.

Still, I didn’t know what I should do after this. Checking his injuries? Taking a look on where he was shot? And what if I came to learn that it was a helpless situation?



I was so scared that I couldn’t make sure of it. My whole body was trembling a little bit, that I couldn’t even move a single finger.


“Your Highness!”

Finally, someone came.

That person wanted to hold Reggie in exchange for me, but this time, Reggie’s arms couldn’t be pulled apart. That person seemed to have given up the idea of pulling us apart and wanted to do something about the arrow first.


“Your Highness, please excuse me.”

The sound of clothes being torn could be heard. It was surely done to see his wounds.

I reflexively drew my body back.

I didn’t want to hear. If I were told that he couldn’t be saved, the situation would go out of hand, and it was way too frightening. However, the hands that I could use to block my ears were still holding on to Reggie’s back.


Still, Reggie’s arms were loaded with more power, as if he sensed my trepidation.

He was still alive. Knowing that alone, my shoulders slightly grew weak.

What I finally heard was a surprising statement.


“It only pierced his shoulder, but why…”

But why? What was the meaning of it? His chest’s pulsation was still strong, just like when he sprinted with all of his power, while his breathing seemed like it was about to stop.


“How is his Highness’ condition?!”

“The arrow only struck his shoulder. It didn’t graze his heart. Since it was shot from a distance, it wasn’t deep enough to injure his lung.”

“Then, why can’t his Highness move?”

…It didn’t graze his heart.

Understanding that fact from the conversation, my mind finally started to move.


The wound wasn’t deep. Reggie won’t die?

I came to understand that it wasn’t a fatal wound. However, Reggie didn’t move. Does that mean Reggie shouldn’t have been in this condition where he was unable to move due to the pain he felt from the wound that was caused by the arrow?


“Is it poison?”

“We could only pull out the arrow quickly… Kiara-san, can you support his Highness’ body?”

When he approached me and talked close to my face, I finally realized that one of the people conversing earlier was Cain-san.



I answered, but the voice that came out of my throat was an unseemly voice akin to one’s voice after crying. My heart was still thumping so loudly, after all.



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