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Chapter 56

To Me, You Are…


Part 2/2

“Your Highness, please endure it!”

Immediately after he was called out again, Reggie mumbled at the back of his throat before his arms grew weak.



“Your Highness!”

As Cain-sand and I caught Reggie in our arms, we could see that Reggie seemed to have fainted.

I didn’t realize this as my vision was blocked by Reggie’s body until just now, but there were many people gathering around our surroundings—some were trying to give first-aid treatment to Reggie’s wounds, and some were carrying a stretcher that they procured from who-knows-where.


“It seems like the arrow was smeared with something…”

“Could it be poison, after all? Hurry and call a physician to remove the poison!”

“Where is the physician?!”

Amidst the shouting people, I tried to pull apart Reggie who was clinging to me so that his body could be placed on the stretcher that the soldiers brought.


It was at that time.

I felt like I was choked, as if there was something pressed against my stomach.

Incidentally, a spark dispersed around Reggie’s shoulder.



“Don’t drop it!”

The soldier who was carrying Reggie’s stretcher at the left side was scolded as he seemed like he was about to drop the stretcher.

However, the spark turned even bigger that caused him to be flustered and dropped the stretcher onto the ground. Then, the tip of Reggie’s shoulder turned red as if it was hideously burned, burning the nearby cloth.


…Could this be a spell to turn someone into a sham of a magician?!

Taken aback, I asked Master.


“Master, could this be from a contract stone?”

“It might have been plastered to the arrow so that it won’t drop before it hit the target. If it were to enter one’s body, even a small quantity of it was enough… It could certainly kill the opponent better than a poison.”

“Is there something we can do…?”

“Normally, the person who takes in the same stone should be the one that can affect the stone that’s put inside the other party’s body. That’s why there’s a teacher-and-student system.”

“No way…”


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The same stone that’s inside Reggie’s body isn’t available. However, if the same thing as when I became a magician was happening, if we were to remain like this without doing anything immediately, Reggie would end up turning into the sand and die.


“Oi, Kiara?!”

Ignoring Master who was screaming, I snatched away the arrow from the knight in a daze before I licked the arrowhead.

I could taste the iron scent from the blood. …What I could feel roughly was that… perhaps there was still some sand left that didn’t manage to enter Reggie’s body. I didn’t know what was used to harden and smear it there, but the unpleasant sensation akin to when I licked some cream remained.

Then, ignoring the others around me who were surprised, I fell down to my knees next to Reggie and tried to touch him.


“…It hurts!”

The flying spark caused pain to my fingertip.

However, I shouldn’t cry. The pain spread to my arm, but I ignored it as I touched Reggie’s back.

Suddenly, Reggie whose head turned sideways, opened her eyes weakly.


“Kiara. It’s dangerous, so… Kill…”

His hoarse voice made his words hard to catch, but I could tell that Reggie was asking to be killed as he might have guessed what was happening to himself.

My heart was still faltering from the pain, but it was quickly dyed in anger.


“Definitely not!”

After I screamed my objection, I tried to find the magical power within Reggie, as if I was trying to find something within the ground.

Even though only a small amount of contract sand entered my mouth, my throat was getting hotter as if it was being burned. Amidst all that, I searched for the same heat inside Reggie.


The magical power that entered Reggie’s body was detected in my consciousness, albeit its presence was thin and intermittent just like a moon that appeared in a broad daylight. Almost all were still in the same place, and I thought they were still concentrated around the mouth of the wound.

However, it was slowly getting burnt there just like a burnt paper.

I was trying to keep that heat down. Thanks to it, the dispersed spark was lessening.

Still, the magical power from the contract stone inside was heating up and turning red just like a live charcoal, it didn’t seem like it would be extinguished that easily. It was slowly destroying Reggie’s body.

What should I do?


“Master… The contract stone that entered Reggie’s body… it couldn’t be calmed down.”

As I sought Master’s help, Master Horace said in a groan.


“So you were licking the arrow in order to take in the same thing? …However, since you only took in a small dose, giving any effect on it seems impossible. If you can’t do it, then take it out. I can no longer use any magic, so I can’t help you in that sense. Choose whether or not you should give it up.”

“…Giving up… I won’t.”

By taking it out, it might mean that I have to open Reggie’s wound. Even so, it would be better than dying like this.

Thinking like that, I gathered the magical power inside Reggie just like when I created the golem.


Reggie who had lost his consciousness didn’t react at all.

When I opened my eyes after gathering my consciousness, a skin that had changed color to black and a portion of his muscle swelled from the mouth of Reggie’s wound.

Despite the fact that it was still in the early beginning of its effects, it was still passing through the mouth of his wounds. I was afraid if Reggie might end up dead from excessive bleeding if I were to cut it off abruptly.

I was bewildered, but because it had been manipulated like this, I noticed the movement of the magical power that entered Reggie calmed down.


As I suddenly thought of another way, I took out the knife that I received from Reggie from its scabbard, cutting the back of my own hand.

As I smeared the flowing blood to the mouth of Reggie’s wound, I tried to play the aggressive role.

The thing that would be the best for transmitting my magic would be my blood and my flesh. Under that basis, I thought of using my blood, and as expected, my magic managed to penetrate Reggie’s body from the mouth of his wound.


Thus, I intercepted the excessive magic that I could slightly hold down with my own magic so that it won’t spread any further. From there, I strengthened my magical power—blending it with a part of Reggie’s body that I locked up.

I had a feeling that the two magic began to mix just like a mixture of coffee and milk that were heated up.

Perhaps disturbed by the magic’s heat, sweats came out from the back of Reggie’s neck and his forehead.

Surely it was painful. I was sure that it was even more painful for Reggie who had no aptitude, in comparison to me. But please, endure it until it ends.

I continued the operation while praying.


“It… ended.”

The magic from the contract sand within Reggie’s body was finally controlled. The moment I felt that, I was overcome with relief as I collapsed next to Reggie.



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    Wait did she just set up a master/ discipline contract with Reggie? IDK how different this is compare to her contract with her master. Is she now Reggie’s master or vice versa? Can she have 2 masters?

    • Amanda

      I read ahead a few months back, and from what I recall, there’s no magical bond formed from this. You need magical aptitude to develop a master/disciple relationship this way, and as mentioned, Reggie doesn’t have any aptitude. (Something he’s lowkey disappointed about.)

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    Phew. Okay, tension lowered. At least now we know they both seem okay. Yikes! You know, it actually makes a lot of sense that if the enemy army was using failed magicians from the beginning, that the arrow that killed Reggie in the game was actually smeared with a powdered contract stone. The original Reggie must have died so miserably. (I know Kiara’s knowledge was that an arrow pierced his heart, but I really wonder if it wasn’t the same kind of arrow as this one). Thanks for the chapter!

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