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Chapter 58

Denied Thoughts


Part 1/2

I slept in for a whole day.

When I woke up, my body was sluggish. Moreover, I got some injuries here and there from the fire sparks that were produced from Reggie, so several parts of my arms were covered in bandages.


The servant auntie who was one of the personnel shifting around to nurse me lamented, “This happened before you got married, such a pity…,” but Maya-san said, “The wounds are your medals from saving the prince, right?”. I earnestly felt that there were varying responses, each depended on the person who received the information.

With my arms being in such a condition, it was a given that my clothes were scorched here and there that it turned into a practically unusable thing. Hence, Maya-san said, “I will be making another clothes with Beatrice-sama now.”


After Master Horace told me that I used too much power, he gave his honest opinion, “You were too rash back then…”

Even so, I do not regret exerting myself for Reggie’s sake. It seemed like Master understood that thought of mine, he only sighed.


“Well, I knew that you were quite attached with that prince. Even so, it wasn’t wrong that you had no choice but to sink or swim. But you’d better remember this. Next time you do something like this, your whole arm will turn into sand. Don’t forget that those who see that will be smashed with their guilty conscience.”



Those words worked well.

It had escaped my mind when I tried to save Reggie, but if my body were to crumble when I was using my magic in the middle of my daze… Reggie would surely condemn himself more than anyone else.


“Anyway, what about Reggie?”

“He is still alive up until now. However, he is still a human with no magician qualities that received the effects of a contract stone. It seems like his body is exerting all of its power in order to preserve its function, so he is still in a coma.”

If he were to possess the qualities of a magician, Reggie surely wouldn’t suffer like this. However, I think that if he were to possess the qualities of magician, it would be bad.


As Reggie would certainly make himself a magician.

Then, I was certain he would keep me back in the Everal territory and told me to wait until the war is over. I could understand what Reggie wanted to do since I also would like to do the same if it were possible.


In the end, Reggie woke up two days after me.

I was called immediately after the physician gave their diagnosis. I believed it was because they wanted me to examine Reggie’s condition—whether there was a problem or not—from the point-of-view of a magician.


Felix, Reggie’s knight who possessed a sand-colored hair was standing in front of his room.

After Felix opened the door for me, I could see the figure of a standing knight next to Reggie’s bed-it was Groul.


“The physician has already said that there was no problem. Also, there is something I’ve been wanting to talk with you about…”

Odd enough, Groul-san seemed like he had something he wanted to talk with me about. Could it be that he was angry since Reggie got injured because he protected me?


“Please don’t mind it if his Highness talks nonsense. His Highness covered you, Miss Magician, as he was thinking about the military strength and that it was natural to protect a woman. Nobody had expected that it was a poisoned arrow or a special weapon just like this time, so it couldn’t be helped. Miss Magician, please have our gratitude for exerting all of your power in order to save his Highness.”

Groul-san left the room after he finished talking. After hearing the sound of door closing tightly, it was only me and Reggie, with me still confused.


What did he mean by talking nonsense?

Also, Groul-san even had to leave. Does that mean Reggie wish to talk with me about something?


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As I was pondering over it, Reggie—who was awake despite him still lying down on the bed—said, “Sorry that Groul said something weird.”

His cheeks were more or less scrawny, but it didn’t reduce Reggie’s gracefulness. His body was surely still tired. Reggie, who only turned his face to me, smiled as usual.


“More importantly, are you alright, Kiara?”

“Yes, I am fine. What about you, Reggie?”

“…Yeah, I think I’m fine as well.”

For the time being, I decided to ascertain his condition.

I grasped Reggie’s left hand as it seemed like it would be a difficult task for him to get out of the bed. Then, I lightly checked whether the magic power inside him had something wrong or not. …Yes, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.


“It seems you’re fine. Thank goodness.”

As expected, I wouldn’t be able to feel relieved before I checked it myself—as I wasn’t sure if everything would turn alright with how I dealt with the incident before.

I was about to let go of my hand in relief, but Reggie stopped my hand as he grabbed it back.


“But I heard that you had to cross the bridge of fire1 in order to keep me alive. If there is the next time, you must not try to save me.”

Reggie said with a gentle expression and voice.


“That is impossible… Reggie is my benefactor, and besides, you’re also everyone’s insignia, aren’t you?”

The supreme commander who would lead this country to regain its power back from Ruain’s invasion was none other than Reggie. If Reggie were not here, the morale of the army would be negatively affected, and it was dubious whether the other nobles would be interested in cooperating with us readily. That was why in the game where Alan was the main character, he took quite the time to rebuild the military strength and to gather them. When it was time for him to depart in the game, the royal capital had already fallen.


“Certainly if things stay like this, Everal would be attacked and be overrun again for the second time in the near future. But it is not necessary for me to be the insignia to brush them away.”

“Eh, what are you saying…?”

“You should have understood. …In the story that you know, I no longer existed, after all.”

I had my breath taken away.


The story. It was certainly like what Reggie said.

But I had never told Reggie that it was the story in the game. I only told him that I saw a dream in which Reggie and the others might end up death. And yet…


“…I heard from Wentworth. You had a memory of when you were living as another human being before you were reborn as yourself. You didn’t just vaguely foresee the incident in a dream, but you understood that such kind of future was possible. In that case, the one fighting the Ruain would be Alan, right? That’s why… Even without me, the country will be protected, right?”

I couldn’t answer him.

Since what Reggie said was true.


It is fine even if it’s not Reggie acting as the insignia. Even if there are some troubles, Alan also has the right to inherit the throne. It is fine to have him lead the war just like how it was in the game.

But Reggie is alive. Why would he say such things? I wanted to ask that, but I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth.


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  1. In other words, Kiara had to face a dangerous repercussion as well.

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