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Chapter 59

Departure from the Everal Territory


Tomorrow would be the Everal army’s departure, one that was already delayed by several days from the originally planned departure.


The part of the army whose movement was slow would depart first.

The supreme commander would be Alan. He substituted for Reggie who was still unwell, and thus, our departure had to be delayed.

I had to move along with the army.


Again, I was among the crowd who were riding on a carriage.

Unlike when we were repelling the Ruain army before, this time we were going to have a long distance travel that spanned around several days. Although I was given an inconspicuous box-shaped carriage, I still felt bad because I was given the privilege of riding on the carriage alone to improve my comfort.

When I voiced my thought, everyone unanimously said, “It would be troublesome if you couldn’t fight well when push comes to shove.” Since their words made sense, I finally consented with this arrangement.


If I were to have a muscular pain due to riding on a horseback, causing my magic utility to be hindered, it would definitely be dangerous. If I were unable to become any of use, I would only be a baggage for them.

I felt like the knights, the soldiers, and everyone were treating me like a fixed goods to be carried in a carriage very carefully, although I didn’t feel like this was something significant…

I didn’t know whether or not they’d get tired, though. At that time, I should think of something to lift up their morale.


I was worried about Reggie’s recovery and whether or not the enemies would target us while we were on the move… But my concern was justified under this kind of circumstances. Still, it wasn’t like Reggie departed without any equipment, rather, we had a formation with two forwards at the front line moving separately in case of us getting attacked en route. The preparation was done very well.


While persuading myself, I put on the new clothes that Maya-san had prepared for me.

The purplish red dress’ length was adjusted as per my request so the hem was slightly above my ankles. To cover up the exposed skin, I wore a pair of boots and a dark pants that would be useful in case I had to ride on a horse.

…If I were to ride on a horse with just my dress, my legs would definitely be exposed, be it during when I was mounting or when I was on the horse—it would definitely expose them. Also, I wanted my skirt to be alright even if they were rolled up during the unlikely event that I needed to dash with all my power again.

Even I would still feel embarrassed having my skirt folded over if not for the danger I was facing.

Taking that into consideration, I had the pants made as well.


“Shall I use pants as well, I wonder…,” Beatrice-sama muttered, but sometimes I saw Madam Beatrice crossdressing as a man during the times she returned safely to the residence.

And then there was the cloak. I had it tailored into a jacket so that it could protect me against the cold and be easier to move in.

My attire was cute yet cool at the same time, so having Master attached to my waist seemed to be out of place. Since the season was turning hotter, I didn’t have to wear the jacket all the time, but it was indispensable during the night. There were also several spare clothes ready.

After wearing my full attire, Beatrice-sama hugged me.


“Please come home safely. …In the worst case that everything didn’t go smoothly, I’ve arranged a plan with Vayne-sama so we could flee abroad together.”

In the worst case, let’s run away together. I smiled in response to Beatrice-sama who said that.


“I will be relying on it if push comes to shove. But I will work hard so we will win. Then, Alan can also return here.”

“I will be waiting.”

Beatrice-sama didn’t say anything such as “You have to win” nor did she say, “Please take care of Alan”.


Since we were going to a war, we couldn’t tell what would happen in the future until it happens.

Moreover, Alan became the vanguard as Reggie’s proxy. She might have prepared herself that we were no longer in the safe positions—both Alan and me.

Still, Madam Beatrice couldn’t leave the territory defenseless as Margrave Vayne was still seriously wounded. Beatrice-sama should be the one feeling frustrated as she couldn’t join us.


“I’ll be going.”

I said as I exited the room.

My luggage was already carried by the servants. All that was left was me.



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The departing soldiers were standing in a row outside the castle gate.

Positioned in the center were some of the carriages that held the baggage, the knights, Alan, my carriage, and the stronghold that would be on alert. Behind us, the lines of soldiers continued, leading the carriages transporting goods and carriages where the merchants serving in a war and their luggage were in.


“You’ve come, Kiara.”

Alan noticed me and nodded.


“Hurry and get on. Wentworth is already waiting.”


I nodded, walking towards the carriage.

Cain-san was already there, mounting on the horse that would lead the carriage. He then opened the carriage’s door as if he was an attendant.


“Please treat me well, Cain-san.”

When I said that to Cain-san who was beside the carriage, he laughed.


“Don’t be too hard on me too, Kiara-san.”

Borrowing Cain-san’s hand that was held out, I got on the carriage.


Before long, the trumpet’s sound resounded, and it caused the carriage’s window to vibrate. Inside the carriage that began to move after that, I looked up at the castle walls that soared so high.

Reggie wasn’t there, as he was ordered by the physician to stay in the bed.

Beatrice-sama and Margrave Vayne were standing in front of the gate, sending off the soldiers who were departing.


The four days after leaving the frontier passed by without anything in particular.

Since we were still moving within the territory, there was no Ruain soldier waiting to ambush despite us staying on guard. Fortunately, nothing had happened.

The army was headed directly to the west.

As we were moving, we stayed in the nearby towns during the night. At that time, I stayed inside the town as much as possible.


After all, I was the sole female among the men. Even if I was a magician who was somewhat feared not less than a demon, it won’t be good if something were to happen during the time I was asleep. Besides, it seemed that the others were more relieved to have me isolated.

I felt sorry having to sleep inside a building alone, but it wouldn’t be good if I were to put a mental fatigue to my allies, so I silently obeyed Alan’s order.

That way, there won’t be any need to trouble someone else to arrange for my own tent.

I was thinking about it when I entered a room in an inn within the town, accompanied by Cain-san. Then, I got an idea.


“Ah, but I can just make a cabin out of the soil in exchange for a tent.”

Let’s try to suggest that to Alan tomorrow. At any rate, Master’s magic attribute was different from mine, so we couldn’t tell just what kind of things I could really make well based on soil.

I understand that it’s all about my imagination, determination, and getting used to using magic power.


“But there is a limit to your magic. If you have told that there was no need to put your resting area to consideration, where will you sleep if you’ve used up all your power? Uhihihi.”

Upon hearing Master’s comment, I answered.


“In that case, I should just share with someone else, for example at Alan or Cain-san’s place.”


Surprisingly, Cain-san was the most shocked out of us all. Despite him being a person with less expressions, his cheeks were now stiff.


“Ah, forgive me. I would surely become a bother that way, right?”

“…That’s not it.”

I apologized, and Cain-san’s answer was a little late. Hence, it surely bothered him, right? I didn’t know if Master understood his thought, but he was laughing in a very weird way, “Uhyahyahya.”

Even so, Cain-san still told me his reason, perhaps he did it because he felt sorry that he refused.


“We can’t set too many tents, so I’m also sleeping together with the others.”

“Ah, that’s right. I really am sorry for saying that without thinking things thoroughly. If it’s Alan, I think he’s going to occupy a tent by himself, right? I will try negotiating with him about sharing the tent should there be an emergency.”

I have to ask Alan.

As I made a mental note to myself, I sat in front of the desk within the room, putting out a pen, ink, and papers that were in my hand luggage.

The papers were bound together with a thread at the edge, making it look like a notebook.


“Kiara-san, is there anything that needs to be recorded?”

Cain-san finally regained his initial composure back, as he asked me what I was planning on writing.


“I’m… going to write everything within my scope of knowledge.”

That is one of the things I can do for Reggie.


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