Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen 63

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Chapter 63

A Written Walkthrough Guide isn’t Enough?


“Chronfald’s fort is right next to the main road. Essentially, it is something like the second fortress after Everal that functions as a defensive measure against foreign enemies…”

“Everal has sent a notice to be on guard using a fast horse, but it still ended up getting occupied earlier than our prediction.”


Currently, I was having a meal while listening to the conversation between Marquis Limerick and Alan.

It couldn’t be helped to think that thinking while eating like this would be bad for our digestive system.

We were talking while eating because we didn’t really have time to just talk.

During our two-days stay, today was used for meeting, and tomorrow would be used to do a final check of the troop’s composition, and we would depart the day after tomorrow.


Even so, the soldiers gained a moment of rest, and aside from going out to make additional purchases in Marquis Limerick’s castle town, they should be able to spend their time freely.

But as for the commanding officers and the higher-ups, there was no leeway to rest.

After today’s information exchange is over, we have to quickly rest to preserve stamina. Today, I’m going to have a light practice at where a lot of people can see—this acts as a demonstration so that they can get used to my power as a magician.

When the time comes, it will be troublesome if the others are surprised by magic and then takes an unexpected action, after all.


If I recall it right, Limerick-san and Rainster-san’s soldiers were quite agitated during the battle at Dilhorn hill. The Everal’s soldiers accepted the news without getting surprised because it was a situation in which we weren’t able to escape without having sacrifices anyway. It was akin to receiving whichever aid was there in a critical situation.

While I was thinking about having a golem move around later on to get them used to it, Alan and the others’ conversation continued.


“Have you heard the news from Baron Cassia?”

“The information has changed over and over, making it hard to grasp up until now, but… apparently he managed to escape when his castle was invaded, but he appeared to have been caught and killed.”

“The news about him being killed was, apparently, from a citizen who managed to escape.”

The young Viscount Rainster’s expression turned sullen upon hearing Marquis Limerick’s words.


“Still, to think that they managed to trample down Cassia to this state… Ruain seemed to bring the failed magicians to the front and routed the army. It seems that Ruain knows a method to easily create failed magicians, huh?”

“That’s right. I can only say that it’s inhumane.”

Marquis Limerick nodded at Alan’s response.


“I only saw it for a moment at Dilhorn, but if you were attacked without any prior knowledge of it, even the soldiers would be at their wits’ end.”

Viscount Rainster’s uncle, General Adam who had come to Dilhorn hill, agreed.


Failed magician, huh…?

Certainly, fighting them without having a magician will be hard.

This is different from the game. In the field where Alan fought, the failed magicians didn’t appear as frequent enemies. Sometimes there were magical beasts involved.


It was worrisome, but it seemed like Ruain won’t just let it go easily. It seemed that they expected the Everal—which was supposed to be defeated quickly in the battle at their own territory—to appear in the next fierce battle at the Chronfald fort, so they seemed to not invest most of their personnel during when they seized Cassia castle.

I think that the contract stones are precious that it can only be used by Viscount Credius and other important people in the Ruain army’s main force.


Even so, it is terrifying enough.

I was already convinced that Viscount Credius was a magician.

So, the one who turned the in-game Kiara into a magician was Viscount Credius. With that in mind, Earl Patriciel wanted to have me married to him. In order to secretly cultivate a magician.

Viscount Credius sides with the queen. The in-game Kiara couldn’t run away and had no choice but to fight under their orders.


But, Viscount Credius had never appeared in the battles with Alan. I wonder why? Was he already dead?

I still had no clue about that, but if we continue to march like this, we might even face each other in a battle. We have to find our way and think of countermeasures beforehand.


“But Magician-dono appeared in the Dilhorn battle, right? Thanks to it, we managed to immediately defeat the enemy and in turn, the damage we suffered was—fortunately—almost none.”

“As expected of Magician-dono.”

Marquis Limerick nodded as if he was impressed.


“How did you defeat them?”

The marquis turned his gaze towards me. Everyone was already looking at me by this time. U, I wonder how I should answer this…

The head of the knights who was present next to Alan then answered on the behalf of me, who was still bewildered.







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“A giant golem appeared, and its feet stepped on the people.”

“…Stepped on the people, huh?”

I cast my eyes downward when they widened their eyes.


I understood that it was better to be praised rather than not receiving any at all. However, I couldn’t gratefully accept them because I ended up remembering.

About the suffering people. About how I couldn’t save some people and could only watch them die.

I buried the people who were trampled by the golem at that place, to make up for their graves.

I didn’t want to ignore the corpses being exposed just like that. At least, I wanted to bury them quietly after their deaths.


“…But the fact that failed magicians didn’t appear each and every time means that there’s a limit to how many they can make, right?”

Alan interjected and pulled their consciousness back.

I was relieved that their lines of sight left me.


“If that’s the case, there’s a possibility that they won’t appear later on at the battle in Chronfald fort?”

“It’s said that the Ruain army’s main troops are advancing from Baron Delphion’s territory towards the royal territory. If there’s a limit, then are they focusing on there?”

The topic grew further from me just like that.


After dinner was over, I took a bath—a bath was a reward that you could only get upon staying in a lodging. The servants at Marquis Limerick’s residence used a warm towel that was dried to help dry my hair.

I changed into a dress that was prepared by Marchioness Limerick after having my dried hair put in order, then I visited Alan.

There were Alan and Cain-san in the room. The two of them seemed to be discussing something.


“Thanks for earlier, Alan.”

“No…I also didn’t want to have the conversation turn into a long one. Having a prolonged talk about other people’s deaths doesn’t feel good, too. You think so, too, don’t you?”

I nodded in response to the lightly brought-up topic.

Apparently, Alan’s thoughts coincided with mine.


Alan’s feeling seemed to be similar to mine, rather than going by conjecture just like Reggie, we acted on the out-of-place sensation and discomfort. The similarity got me worried over whether it was my thought or not.

But it was much appreciated.


“Anyway, what’s the matter?”

“I want you to look at this.”

I handed out a handmade strategy guide, a book where I wrote what I remembered from the game.


“Aah, I’ve heard about it from Wentworth. It’s the enemies’ arrangement and spots that you know from memories?”

“That’s right. Do you think it can be used?”

“Well, wait. …Hmm…”

When Alan opened the book, his expression turned to a serious one as he scanned over the instructions and the illustrations I made.


It was quite embarrassing to show my poor drawings. If only I had a little bit of artistic skills, I would be able to make nice drawings, but I wasn’t blessed with artistic skills either in this life of previous life.

At any rate, it was good as long as it was understandable. I encouraged myself as I waited for Alan’s answer.


“I don’t think that the enemies will move in accordance to what’s written here, but I know that the arrangements will be somewhat similar to this.”

“Is that so?”


“Judging from the place, it felt like things would go as arranged in the textbook. As for the military force, one of it might not be equal to 100 or even other simple division. This felt like it would go in accordance to the number written, though. I think the archers will be treated as infantry if they can use swords in a close combat. But if the people skilled in using bows were chosen, then I won’t treat them fully as infantry. As for soldiers with shields, they might fight while throwing away their large shields in a melee battle, so considering that as well…”


It seemed that in reality, infantry could become archers as well, so they could change their classes depending on the situation.

As for my question of how many people were there in one unit, I was told that it [depends on the situation at that time], so I understood that the number was quite vague.


“I think this can be used. Since it’s an internal matter, we are familiar with the land to a certain degree, and if the position of the battle formation could be arranged, as Wentworth said, we could have a detached force go incognito to disturb the enemy, then we would attack from the side.”

“Really? I’m glad.”

Anyway, I made a scribble that was helpful enough, so it was not something went in vain.


This could still be used as a reference.

Even though I knew something that was going to happen, it didn’t mean that everything would just occur in accordance to my memories. But I ended up thinking after having the conversation during our dinner.


There was no other choice than to defeat the enemy. If their number didn’t decrease, the Ruain army would occupy other areas and had their forces increase in number. It would just make the fight after that become harder.


But can the damage to our allies alone be reduced a little bit more?

If only I could think of another way…

…Something that we could do to capture a fort while having just a few sacrifices.


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