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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 7

I just finished translating this chapter, so without further ado, here you go!



Chapter 7

Lise and the Maids


The maids in the mansion are all cheerful.

Also, everyone knows about Wizard who is actually a kind person despite his frightening face.

This is also the same for the butler, Vinan.

Wizard may not have noticed it, but he is liked by everyone in the mansion.

If not so, then everyone will be having a gloomy facial expression with a more frightened face.

Wizard seems to be concerned about his scary-looking face, but Lise doesn’t care about it.

She honestly thinks that the kind Wizard is likeable.



While thinking about that, Lise could hear a knock to her room.


“The preparation for the hot water bath is ready, so I’m coming here to escort Lise-sama.”

“Alright, I’ll go there right away.”



Dragging along her staggering body, Lise finally managed to reach the door somehow.

While walking in the corridor, Lise would often crouch down due to the pain, and she received the maids’ help during that time.

(Look, as I thought, the maids here are all nice.)



“Are you alright?”

“It looks like last night was very intense, eh?”

“Hey, you cannot say such things like that!”


(But I don’t want them to throw in jokes like that. Since I’m having trouble in responding to them…)


The maids giggle when they saw Lise who looked down while her face turned red.

“Hey, Lise-sama is a pure-hearted person, so please don’t tease her too much.”

(That’s right, I wish you won’t tease me so much…)



Lise’s clothes were taken off and her body was being washed.

Lise’s whole body was full of kissmarks.

“I thought that Wizard-sama was more like an indifferent person, but turns out he is such a passionate person, eh.”

“Well well, that’s true.”

Lise became embarrassed and hid away her body.

“Aaah, please excuse us, Lise-sama. We were just so surprised that we just blurted out our thoughts.”

“No, it’s alright.”

Lise forced herself to smile.

Even though the maids were fellow females, it was still embarrassing for her.



Being completely immersed in the bathtub, Lise could feel that her fatigue from last night was healed.

She felt that the pain in her body was somewhat reduced.

With the help of the maids, Lise got out of the bath, dried her body, and put on her dress.

Today, her corset was loosened.



Lise was raised in the downtown.

She likes lively people.

That’s why she came to like the maids here at once.

They are all cheerful and are always smiling.

She also likes the butler, Vinan.

If only he had not been so strict, she would come to like him more.

(I wonder if today I will also receive the lady’s education?)

“I would like to meet Vinan-sama, do you happen to know where he is?”

Hearing that, the maids gladly told Lise where Vinan’s room is.



Lise knocked the door but there was no reply.

Although she could hear Vinan’s voice.


When Lise opened the door, there was a figure of Vinan, playing with 10 cats.

“Everyone is cute today, too~!”

Vinan said that while kissing the cat.

Vinan’s body stiffened when he met with Lise’s eyes.




“Uhm, I already knocked before, but…”

Vinan’s cheeks were dyed in red.

“Please do not tell anyone else about what you saw just now…”


Vinan seemed extremely embarrassed.

“Ahem, then, what business do you have with me today?”

Vinan cleared his throat.



“Uhm, will we still do the lady’s education?”

“That’s right. Since the lessons you’ve learned so far were still insufficient, so I’m thinking about assigning a private tutor.”

“But for today, please take a good rest in your room. Since it’s not good if your health turns bad.”


“Wasn’t it difficult last night? Since that person has a ridiculously high stamina.”


When Lise came to understand what Vinan was talking about, her face turned red.



Thus, Lise would be spending her day by taking a good rest.

When Lise returned to her room, the cleaning was already over.

Lise laid down on her bed and decided to sleep all day long.



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  1. Thanks for the chapter. My little cute bride.wish you merry Christmas dear translator.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. This story is so stiff and lackluster. Almost like someone describing the happenings whilst on a tight schedule. Where are Lise’s thoughts and music? Where’s the spice of additional information, the flair of a long and meaningful conversation?

    Thanks for the translation.

    • Yup, each chapter is this short… and basically just entertaining us with what’s happening. I haven’t read what’s coming next but I hope at least the author would explain Lise’s thoughts of what happened XD

      And you’re welcome!

  4. Did the author make Vinan like Sebastian from Black Butler? His weakness for the cat is really cute, just like Sebastian hide a lot of cats in his wardrobe

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