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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 6

Continuing where we left off, here you go!

Also, I’m going to paste the summary of the last chapter for those of you who skipped the whole post or cannot read NSFW~

In the last chapter, it’s Wizard and Lise’s first night together as husband and wife. Lise who’s inexperienced is lead by Wizard, but can’t help but be shy during the night. In the middle of it, somehow Wizard brought the topic about Lise’s father at the wrong time, obviously. Lise’s father passed away due to an illness when Lise was still a small kid. Anyway, the two of them managed to do their first night safely and fell asleep as they hugged each other.

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Chapter 6

The Morning After the First Night


 “Eh, where is this?”

When Lise looked at the ceilings, she saw a pink canopy.

And when she looked over the room, she could see many girly things.

Feeling the pain in her lower abdomen, Lise couldn’t bring herself to stand up.

Her feet were trembling, and thus she couldn’t walk very well.

(How come…?)




Lise then recalled the things that happened last night.

When she took a closer look, she realized that she was still naked.



“Lise, did you wake up already?”


“Is your body alright?”

His face was still scary-looking, but Lise could hear his voice filled with concern.

“My whole body hurts…”

“Sorry, I lost my self-control last night. I’ll be more careful for the next time.”

(So, there is the next time… I wonder if the next time also will be as painful as this?)

This time alone, Lise felt a great pain for the first time.

Her mother and her friend said that starting from the second time onwards, it won’t be very painful anymore.

She wondered whether she could completely trust that.

No matter how Lise tried to think about that, her head didn’t come up with a good answer.



“Uhm, it was my first time, but, did it turn out alright?”

“…what do you mean?”

“Errr, did Wizard-sama also feel good?”

Wizard was very surprised hearing Lise saying such unexpected words.


“Uhm…? Wizard-sama?”

“Ah, yeah. It felt really good.”



Wizard then thought that Lise was quite an airhead.

Normally, there would be no woman who would ask such a thing after having their love affair.

After all, he had embraced his beloved woman.

Wouldn’t it be obvious to say that he felt really good from doing so?

He wanted Lise to be more aware of it.

Wizard then thought.

Could it be that he hasn’t been clear enough in conveying his own feelings?



“Lise. Let me say it again. I love you.”


Lise’s train of thoughts stopped.


“It’s unthinkable for me to seek out a woman I don’t like and make her my wife.”

“But, weren’t you about to get married to some noble’s daughter before?”

“It was something inevitable, since it’s the obligation of nobles.”

“So it’s something like that…?”


“The one I’ve been longing for so long is Lise. It can’t be anyone else but you.”

Wizard hugged Lise.



“But, I didn’t even remember our first meeting. Therefore I cannot understand why Wizard-sama would have that kind of attachment towards someone like me…”

“Hahahahaha! You sure said a lot of “but”s!”

“You laughed! Just now, you laughed, right!!”

Wizard reflexively covered his mouth with his hand.

Then, his face turned red.

“Wizard-sama is actually a really shy person, eh?”

“Yeah. Please keep it a secret. To tell you the truth, I’m a very shy person.”

“Is that why you always have a scary-looking face?”

“My face turns out to be like this due to work-related matters.”

“Work-related matters?”

“I must command the army, so I should never laugh during my job. Since everyone is fighting on the battlefield.”

“I see, so that’s why. Even so, I think I can accept Wizard-sama, no matter what.”

“That’s reassuring. Thank you. Just that feeling alone is enough for me.”

Saying that, Wizard felt as if he was saved a little bit by Lise’s words.



“Soon, let’s talk about the time when we first met. If possible, I would like it if you could recall that time by yourself.”

“Recalling it by myself… I will try to do it.”

“Yeah, please try to remember it.”


“I will have to go to the military soon. Will you be alright being alone?”

Wizard looked anxious.

“Yes. Since the maids in this mansion are all kind, it’s going to be alright.”

Then, I’ll see you later.”



After saying that, Wizard quickly put on his clothes and left the room.

(Hmm, I wonder where did I meet him. I cannot seem to remember…)

Lise tried to recall her own memories.



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