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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 9

Continuing the somewhat awkward chapter 8…(?)

And there’s no NSFW here in case you’re wondering XD



Chapter 9

The Young Man in The Dream is…



A young man was in trouble after dropping some a flower that was attached to his chest.

I decided to give him my flower, even though it was a flower that I was supposed to sell.

The man was wearing an upper ranked military uniform.

Then, that man bought all the flowers that I was selling for that day, for his thanks.

I was so happy, as I could use the money I earned to buy my mother’s medicine for 2 days.

At that time, the young man’s face overlapped with Wizard-sama’s.

And in that instant, I woke up from that dream.


I wonder what time is it now?

It’s bright outside.


Before Lise could notice it, Wizard’s figure was not around there anymore.

She feels a little aching from her genital.

It was much more intense yesterday than the first time she did it.

After she was attacked in the places where she felt good, she lost her consciousness in the end.

Lise felt embarrassed from just recalling it.

But, it’s all thanks to Wizard that she managed to recover her mind.

It’s not that she has completely recovered from her mother’s death. It’s just that she has calmed down a little more.



Lise then went to her mother’s grave and placed some flowers there.

“Okaa-san, what significance does this pendant hold?”

Her mother’s last words weighed her mind.

That her father is still alive.

If that’s the case, why didn’t he appear during the time when her mother was at the verge of dying?

Lise feels a little bit resentful.

She wonders where could his father be at this moment?

Does he know about mother’s death?

If he knows, would he be sad about it?

A lot of questions are crossing Lise’s mind all at once.



Besides that, she is also curious about the dream that she saw this morning.

Did that really happen in the past?

That she attached a red rose on that young man’s chest.

After that, the young man purchased all of her flowers.

If that really happened in the past, could that young man possibly be Wizard-sama?


Let’s try asking him after he’s returned from his work today.

If he’s really that young man, then she wants to say her thanks.

At that time, her mother’s condition was quite terrible.

But she didn’t have any money to buy her mother’s medicine.

It was thanks to the money she received from those flowers that she managed to buy her mother’s medicine.

At that time, Lise viewed that young man as a god.

The one who should be viewing the other as a benefactor should be Lise instead.

That young man was her mother’s benefactor.



Lise wanted to see Wizard as soon as possible.

But, when she remembers the intense sex that they had yesterday, she can hardly face him.

Yesterday, it was for Lise’s sake that Wizard intensely embraced and indulged Lise.

When she thinks about that, then she needs to thank him for that, too.

Lise’s face turned red and she tried to cover her face with her hands.

“Okaa-san, I’m going to be fine, so please rest in peace, okay?”

After saying that, Lise began to run towards the mansion.



Upon returning to the mansion, Vinan was already waiting at the entrance hall.

Thinking that she’d get scolded, Lise braced herself. But, he didn’t get mad at Lise.

“Lise-sama, is it okay for you to be going outside? It’s fine if you still want to take a rest in your room, you know?”

“I’m already fine!”

Lise decided to put on a more cheerful behavior although she’s feeling fine.

She realized that she couldn’t always put up a depressing expression all the time.

Since it would just make everyone worried.



The maids rushed over to Lise.

“Lise-sama, do you have any favorite sweets? I’m good at making sweets!”

“Then, I’d like to eat an apple pie.”

“Certainly! Please look forward to it!”

The maid seems to be confident in her skills.

(I’m looking forward to it.)



“If there’s anything else that we can do, please don’t hesitate to tell us, okay?”


Lise almost wanted to cry as she felt moved by everyone’s kindness.

But, she smiled instead, so that the tears won’t spill from her eyes.

It was a smile that would remain in the hearts of everyone who saw the smile.



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