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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 10

At first, I was planning to release the chapters in bulk during the New Year… but then again, I’m afraid I might get busy or lazy during the New Year, like if there’s a family gathering or what… And when I think that many of you will also be busy celebrating, I decided to just release whatever I have right now and not stacking them (lol).

I don’t know if I’ll have some chapters again for the new year, and if I post quite a lot during the new year, you can just conclude that I’ve nothing else to do! (bitter smile)

And yes, I’m speeding up while there’s time, chance, and motivation to translate!


Chapter 10

That Evening



Lise was intently waiting for Wizard’s return.

[Thud!] The voice of the door slamming could be heard from the first floor.

Lise hurriedly walked down the stairs.

“Wizard-sama… welcome home!”

“Ah, I’m home.”

“Wizard-sama, uhm, I need to talk with you.”



After saying that, Wizard held down Lise who was trying to approach him.

“Lise, I’m dirty right now. Please don’t come closer to me.”


“It’s not like I’m angry, alright? After I’m done taking a bath, I’ll directly go to the bedroom, so please wait there.”

Lise who felt a little rejected, dropped her shoulders and went up to the second floor.

Lise thought that at time like this, it must be quite unfavorable for him to have such a scary-looking face.



Lise decided to wait obediently in the bedroom.

After a while, Wizard also entered the room.

Wizard sat down on the bed.

There was still water dripping from his hair.

Lise brought a towel, thinking that Wizard would catch a cold at this rate, and began to wipe his hair.

Wizard stayed still until Lise was done.

And then, he opened his mouth.



“Well then, what is it that you want to talk about?”

“I wanted to talk about… uhm… that…”

“Say it clearly.”

Wizard replied while furrowing his brows.

“Okay. Long time ago, were you having troubles with dropping the rose that was on your chest?”

“Have you remembered?”

“Ah, so it really was Wizard-sama after all! Thank you very much for purchasing all of the flowers afterwards!”

“I intended it to be a modest way to show my gratitude.”

“But, thanks to that, I managed to buy my mother some good medicine.”

“I see, I’m glad that the money from that time could be useful to you.”



Lise was glad that the young man at that time was really Wizard.

Wizard then noticed the pendant that Lise was wearing.

“Lise, did you have that pendant before?”

“It’s a keepsake from my mother. I was told to take a good care of it.”

“I see, can you let me see it for a while?”


Lise removed the pendant and handed it over to Wizard.



Wizard observed the pendant thoroughly.

The pendant was surrounded with a golden edge that was fitly woven into the amber.

Looking closer at it, a pattern could be seen underneath the amber.

The pattern was the crest of the royal family.

Realizing that, Wizard unintentionally dropped the pendant.

However, he managed to catch it before it fell down.



“Was it really your mother who had this pendant?”

“Yes. What’s with the pendant?”

“…no, it’s nothing. Don’t lose that pendant, okay?”


Wizard put the pendant back on Lise.

There was a custom for the royal family members to wear accessories with the crest of the royal family.

If this pendant was the real thing, then Lise would be a member of the royal family.

He wondered whether there really was that kind of possibility?

Wizard frowned, and he began to worry.



“Wizard-sama, what’s wrong with that grim face?”

“…It’s normal for my face to be scary-looking.”

Saying that sentence jokingly, Lise let out her laugh.

Wizard gazed lovingly at Lise who laughed.

Lise’s change of expression was adorable.

Wizard envied Lise a little bit, for he couldn’t change his expression like that no matter what.

He decided to forget about the pendant for the time being.

Even if Lise was truly of the royal family, she was already his wife.

He had no intention to give her up to anyone else.



Wizard then kissed Lise, as if he was snarling.

Lise, who became intoxicated with the passionate adult kiss, collapsed onto the bed.

It was already too late when she thought to herself, “Oh dear!”

He had already laid his hands and took off Lise’s clothes.



“Are we going to do it… today, as well?”

“Do you not want it?”

Lise shook her head.

“But, please do it gently, okay?”

“I thought I have always been gentle to Lise?”

Wizard said with a sullen face.



Well, it may also be right, but…

It didn’t mean that Lise was dissatisfied with Wizard.

She was just trying to hide her own embarrassment.

Wizard took off his own clothes and began to caress Lise lovingly as usual.

Thus, Lise was held in Wizard’s arms again tonight.



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