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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 11

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Chapter 11

Wizard, Going to War



On one night, upon returning home, Wizard began to talk.

“Lise, I’ll be going to a war from now on.”


It was inevitable since it was what military job was supposed to do.

“W, when will you return?”

Lise asked with her trembling voice.



Wizard replied without any expression.

“I don’t know. But, it shouldn’t be that long since it is only a war with the neighboring country.”

“Is there any chance of victory?”

“Who do you think I am? I’m the fierce god, Wizard, right?”

 Wizard jokingly said that.

However, his face was still scary.



“Vinan, I’m asking you to take care of the mansion during my absence.”

“Yes, I understand.”

 Lise was surprised.

Was this a normal scene?

Wizard who served as a general would frequently went to the war.

The maids also had gloomy expressions.

Lise casted her eyes downward.



But then, she decided to conduct herself in a cheerful manner.

“Wizard-sama, please be careful and don’t get injured!”

She said that with a smile on her face.

Frankly, deep in her hearts, she thought, [Don’t go.]

However, the person responsible for leading the army was Wizard.

She shouldn’t hinder him by any means.



As if Lise’s feelings were conveyed, the maids also regained their cheerfulness.

“Well then, we will also make delicious lunch boxes!”

“…It’s not that I’m going to a picnic, okay?”

“Yes, I can only manage the mansion, though.”

“Isn’t that your usual job, though, Vinan?”

“I will wait while praying to God every day.”

“Aah, I’m relieved if Lise is praying for me.”



It was a public secret to everyone there that Wizard was gentle, albeit his face was scary.

“I feel like the mansion has become more cheerful after Lise-sama came here.”

“That’s not true!”

“The mansion seems cheerful only because everyone here are cheerful from the start!”

“Please spend some time together alone with Lise-sama in the second floor.”




Lise and Wizard went up to the couple’s bedroom at the second floor.

And then, the two of them hugged each other.

“Please come home safely, okay?!”

“That… I cannot promise it…”

“Then, please don’t overexert yourself, okay?”




“Lise, don’t go anywhere and wait for me in this mansion, will you?”

“Isn’t that obvious?! The place where I belong to is by your side, Wizard-sama!”

“…That’s good, then.”

(Wizard-sama is acting strange.)

Lise was perplexed at Wizard’s mysterious remarks.

The meaning behind that remark will be known later on in the future.



“I still haven’t heard (I like you) from Lise.”


“Won’t you let me hear it?”

“I… like you, Wizard-sama…”

Lise’s face turned red from saying that, and Wizard became happy.

“Do you really mean it?”

“Y, yes.”

“With that, my motivation is replenished.”



After saying that, Wizard’s corner of his mouth was raised, forming a smile.

(Yeah, even if you laugh, your face is still scary-looking.)

Lise thought something that she couldn’t say out loud.

Wizard began to pack his luggage inside his bag.



Afterwards, he kissed Lise.

“I’ll be going.”

“Yes, please take care!”

After Lise said that, Wizard hurriedly left the mansion.




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