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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 19

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Have another chapter of this novel and to note, there’s NSFW part here. Also, it sounds like a forced act in this chapter, so… please beware for those who can’t stand it. I will also be making a little summary of this chapter for the next chapter’s opening, just in case someone decides to skip this chapter.

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Chapter 19

Wizard’s Jealousy


Even amidst her lady education, Lise still has spare time.

During her spare time, she usually goes to the garden and has fun after her education.

In the garden, there is a gardener whose age is close to her.

He is an apprentice gardener.

The boy’s name is Darth.

Darth is a gentle boy who likes flowers.



Today, Lise brought her handmade cookies to Darth.

She thought that they could eat the cookies together, but he was busy mixing fertilizer enthusiastically, so they couldn’t eat the cookies together.

That was why it couldn’t be helped that she wrapped the cookies with a handkerchief and handed it over to Darth, then she returned back to the mansion.

Darth ate the cookies deliciously after his work.

He then washed the handkerchief and put it in his pocket so he could return it whenever possible.



Darth was interested in Lise.

However, he didn’t think that it was a romantic feeling.

Darth had ever seen the situation during when Lise received her lady education.

She was being scolded and yelled at.

Even still, Lise undauntedly received the education.

Before he noticed it, he was attracted by that kind of Lise.



The next day, Lise brought an apple pie that the maids made.

Darth went to wash his hands and left the spot at once.

When he returned, Lise was having a fun conversation with the mansion’s lord.

Darth was afraid of the mansion’s lord.

However, he thought that he had to give a proper greeting, and went to the two of them.



“Danna-sama, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Darth, an apprentice gardener.”

“…What were the two of you doing here?”

When he inquired about it, Lise answered.

“We were eating an apple pie.”

“Is that so, Lise? I have something important to discuss with you.”

After saying that, Wizard left the place while carrying Lise.



“Please let me down! What is going on? Besides, did something happen, for you to call it something important?!”

“Have you always been meeting that man?”

“Eh? You mean, Darth? That’s right, but…”

“Darth? Are you two a close friend that call each other by their given names?”




Wizard roughly opened the door to the couple’s room and ordered people to clear out of the place.

Then, he tossed Lise on top of the sofa.


Lise was perplexed by that sudden action.

“W, what are you doing?”

“Lise, do you like him?”

“Is it about Darth? Yes, I like him.”

Lise answered without any hesitation.

“Is that so…”



Wizard suddenly tore off Lise’s dress.

With a ripping sound, the dress was torn.

Lise was frightened of her husband who had a scarier face than usual.

“Hii, please stop it.”


“What have I done?!”

“You don’t remember?”


“Then, let’s try asking your body.”




[NSFW part begins here]

He reached out his hands to Lise’s lower body and touched her honey pot.

Her honey pot was tightly closed.

“Your body doesn’t seem to allow it, huh.”


Wizard fell on top of Lise and covered her mouth.


Lise couldn’t understand anything.

Her clothes being suddenly torn, her lower body was touched, and she was being kissed as if he was snarling at her.

At the intense kiss, she felt dizzy from lack of oxygen as Lise fell limp on top of the sofa.

Wizard began to rub Lise’s breasts.



“Hyaa! I hate Wizard-sama who’s doing this kind of thing forcibly!”

“I love Lise. Of course I’d get jealous if you were being intimate with another man.”


“Ah, nn, yaah.”

He rubbed Lise’s breasts without taking a break.

He also fiddled and pinched the pinky tips on top of her breasts.

“Yaah, stop…”

Lise pleaded, but Wizard didn’t show any sign of stopping.

He took off her underwear and check the state of Lise’s honey pot.

It was already wet enough.

Wizard took out his thingand poked inside of Lise’s honey pot all at once.


Lise’s eyes flickered due to her pleasure.

Wizard was looking down at Lise with a scarier face than usual.



“Do you think you can come easily today?”

While saying that, instead of poking Lise’s sensitive spots as usual, today, he purposely missed those spots.

Lise unconsciously shook her hips impatiently.

“You are unsatisfied with this, right? Don’t you want an intense pleasure?”


With her free hand, Lise slapped Wizard’s cheek.

Wizard continued his action without being perturbed.

“No, yaaa!! Please stop!”

After Lise said that, Wizard began to hit Lise’s sweet spots.

“Ah, ahn. Aah…”




Lise came.

She finally came.

And then, just as usual, the violent thrusts began.

Her honey pot began to squeeze out.


Without a voice, Wizard also came.



[NSFW part ends here]

Wizard came to his senses when he looked at the completely exhausted Lise.


“Noo! Please don’t come!!”

Lise’s whole body trembled as she was frightened at Wizard.

“Please leave!!”


“Please calm down.”


Wizard tried to touch Lise but she brushed his hand away.

“I’m begging you, please leave me alone…”


Being told that, Wizard had no choice but to leave the room.

He reflected on his act of forcibly ravishing Lise.




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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Anger and regret in the Wizard’s mind. XD

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    Lise making poor wizard drowned in jealousy and get intense punisment in return~

  3. ehh im the jealous type so I can kinda understand but, shes pretty childish if thinking a married woman can have her own male friends…I mean if the guy was her childhood friend or something that already had a wife than sure you could allow them to be friends but… a new random guy same age as her… shes fking feeding him homemade she and sharing with him….Your married… you should only have female friends if not no friends at all… Well thats how marriage works…I looked up shit about marriages and woman who are faithful know how to be a wife.

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