The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 20

This should conclude the Wizard’s Jealousy Arc…

Summary for what happened last chapter :

Lise had a close friend who worked as an apprentice gardener, Darth. They were so close and one day, Wizard saw their intimacy. Feeling jealous and triggered by Lise’s dense answer, Wizard forcibly held Lise. This caused Lise to be frightened by Wizard and told him to leave her alone for awhile. During that time, the two of them were reflecting on their actions…

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Chapter 20

Self-Awareness as A Wife


From that day onwards, Lise was prohibited from going outside the mansion alone.

Wizard wasn’t only suspecting on her affair, but he wanted Lise to pay more attention towards her appearance in the eyes of the society.

Lise’s self-awareness as a wife is weak.

It wasn’t as if she was completely lacking of the self-awareness. However, just like yesterday, it was quite absurd for her to spend her time with another man other than her own husband, just the two of them, alone.

That was why she was being told to have some maids accompany her whenever she wanted to go outside.



Lise still hadn’t recovered from yesterday’s shock.

Her body trembles whenever she recalls it.

She had never seen Wizard who had that kind of frightening look and behavior up until now.

Wizard restrained Lise’s body excessively yesterday.

Even though he always caressed her and loved her gently up until now.

He had never forced her to do it against her own will.

Lise tried to think back upon everything up until now with composure.

After doing so, she realized that she was the one at fault.

Even though she is married, she interacted intimately with another man, and hurt Wizard who saw it.

Wizard also mentioned that he was jealous.

She came to understand that it was all due to her thoughtless conduct.

Lise felt guilty to Wizard.

Perhaps his behavior yesterday was reasonable.

Lise felt like she wanted to meet Wizard and apologize as soon as possible.

She decided that she won’t be intimate with another man from now on.

That is her duty as a wife.

One must preserve her chastity, and one must make sure that she won’t do anything that could lead to misunderstandings.



She discussed yesterday’s incident with her lady education tutor.

Then, she was horribly being scolded at.

“Lise-sama! You are lacking self-awareness as a wife! You can’t be intimate with another man!!”

(As I thought, that is the case…)

“At time like this, what should I do?”

The tutor held her own forehead.

“First, please go and sincerely apologize to Wizard-sama.”

“What should I do if I apologize but he won’t forgive me?”

“…Please think about that yourself.”

Lise became a little sad since she felt like she was being pushed aside.


“Then, tell the gardener boy of the circumstances, and tell him that you two couldn’t meet again.”


Lise answered straightforwardly.



Right now, Wizard is going out for work.

That was why, Lise went ahead to tell Darth that they couldn’t meet anymore.

Lise also asked one of the maids to accompany her.

“Darth… I can no longer come to meet you anymore.”

“Eh? Why?”

Lise explained the situation.

Darth came to understand why.

“Then, I’m returning this as my farewell.”

While saying that, Darth took out Lise’s handkerchief from his pocket.

Darth then handed the handkerchief over.

Lise received the handkerchief.

“I’m sorry, Darth. Good bye.”

“Yeah. Good bye.”

The maid looked at Lise with a complicated expression.



Lise returned to the mansion and fell down on the bed.

She was feeling a little bit lonely, thinking that she won’t be able to meet her precious friend anymore.

But, Wizard is the one most important for Lise.

She thought that it couldn’t be helped, since it was what he wanted and also her duty as a wife.



When the night fell, Wizard who looked sullen returned while holding a flower bouquet.

It was another bright red rose today.

“Lise, I apologize for yesterday. It’s an apology gift, will you receive it?”

“N, no. It was my fault. I should be the one to apologize.”

Wizard then asked for the maid to arrange the flowers in the vase.

“Despite the fact that I was jealous, I apologize for holding you forcibly yesterday.”

“I… am happy that you were jealous.”


“Because it means that you love me that much, right?!”

“Ah, yeah.”

“I have been thinking about yesterday for a whole day today. As I realized, it was my fault. That’s why, please don’t mind it too much, Wizard-sama.”

Lise showed her smile while saying that.



Wizard reached out his hands and hugged Lise.

When he did that, Lise also hugged Wizard back.

Wizard was surprised.

“It was rare to receive a hug from Lise…”

“Today, I have bid Darth my farewell. I apologize for making you anxious.”

“I see.”

Being told that, Wizard’s expression was brightened.

However, Lise didn’t notice his change of facial expression.

“From now on, I think that I want to live with more awareness as a wife.”

“That’s good, keep that in your mind.”

“Then, as a wife, would you allow me to embrace you now?”


That said, the two of them headed over to the bed.



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  1. kirindas

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. darklain0725

    I don’t like how it was only her being scolded or being told she was wrong, Wizard’s reaction was justified but it was also overkill. Someone should have told him he went too far.

    • LynneSuzuran

      It seems to me that the author thinks it’s enough with just how it’s implied that Wizard’s been reflecting and feels bad about it…?

      • darklain0725

        if it’s reflecting and feeling bad on it then she did so as well, even before meeting the next evening.

    • Krauser

      ehh its a noble family…noble ladies learn from a young age to be faithful to their husband. If your wife is spotted being intimate with other man other than the husband she would have shamed her whole family and be labeled as loose or easy. What MC did wasnt really over kill, not like he beat the shit out of her… normal that would happen if another man of ML status would do if he saw his wife like that. with another man…”Someone should have told him he went too far.” Like I said MC was in the right if anything he went easy on her.

      • LynneSuzuran

        I also understand Wizard’s jealousy as I think of the same thing. Lise’s the wife of the general and a nobility, so obviously things will turn sour if she continues her behavior and the society finds out. The society has already viewed Wizard and Lise’s relationship as something strange and gossip-worthy. So, it is right for her to get a scolding, I think, and that she needs to learn more about how she should act especially to others of the opposite gender. That way, she wouldn’t thoughtlessly provoke the society’s ill-rumors. (I read one of the comments in the original Japanese source and the person who commented also thought of the same thing).

        On the other hand, Wizard’s jealous action towards Lise is viewed as going too overboard for some of us, and some think that not only Lise, but he also needs to get some scolding on that matter (being unable to control his anger/jealousy and forcing himself on her?) as well (but nobody dares to do so against Wizard and Lise doesn’t have the heart to…?).

        I can understand both sides of opinions and where they come from… But then again, the setting of this story is set with old times’ values, so perhaps it doesn’t fit well with today’s values…?

        To conclude, I would like to believe that both are at fault and have reflected on their fault. I think their bonds will be deepened in the future after this incident and that they will be more lovey-dovey ^^

      • darklain0725

        Right. To the DV department of court with you!
        I saying just in case it’s not obvious but – RAPE IS MUCH WORSE THEN JUST HITTING HER!!! and so, if you think that rape is an acceptable punishment please show yourself out, or more like please show yourself to hell.

  3. Degs

    No. Rape is still rape, just because you’re married does not give you a free pass to your significant other. It’s great he also apologized, but she should have held him accountable instead of this “I was the one at fault always” behavior. This behavior is the plague of female MCs (or should I say many Japanese protagonists?) and is such a piss off.
    I agree she should have been more aware of how her actions would look to others, but completely isolating yourself to make a man happy is actually a sign of domestic abuse, not a healthy relationship. In a relationship both partners needs are important, and right now it’s only HIS needs that appear important.

    • scipo0419

      Yeah, I was ready to drop it when he forced himself on her after her mothers death and the author justified it as “saving her mind” which is absolute garbage. This was the final straw though. I feel like the author has no idea how an actual relationship works and is almost incel in his idea of how a woman should be treated. Which is strange because the story is mostly written from her point of view, so it’s not like they’re writing it for a self-insert power fantasy where they can put themselves in the male leads shoes.

      The translation quality was good, but the story just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere aside from forcing Lise into being a sex toy for Wizard.

      • LynneSuzuran

        Yeah… Even I was surprised by this sudden turn of events! To be honest, with this kind of development, it won’t be the cup of tea for some people, so I would totally understand those who dropped the series after this. I just hope and think the situation will improve after this turn of events X”D

      • Ashcheul

        >I feel like the author has no idea how an actual relationship works and is almost incel in his idea of how a woman should be treated.

        I think I can feel how author’s mind worked here. It’s a combination of two factors.

        First factor is that Japanese society treasures traditional values; kids are raised with certain expectations; with expected roles to fulfill after growing. What happens in this book is, while frowned on, still can be classified as “adequate state of how relations should work in unequal marriage where husband is from elite and wife is lowly-born”.

        Second factor is a bit petty, but so-much human. Modern life fore a male is full of stress and demeaning. Natural reactions are repressed. And oh-so often *what was expected*, or *ideals you were raised with* do not work nowadays. So common office worker might be dreaming of power. This story is exploring uneven marriage with. And author has opinion about certain matter, not exactly scientific one as you can tell. *It is* self-insert. Female’s POV is used to make situation more vivid; to show how male’s power affects her; maybe to to try understand her feelings; maybe to instill into reader’s mind that *it’s how things should properly be*.

        Goal of this story is create a bubble of virtual reality where for a few moments, things work *as they should* (from author’s point of view). This bubble is targeted at male auditory from two categories: lolicons and those who believe that malleable inexperienced powerless wife is best wife.

        Author is either misunderstands how females work; or he understands it well, but tailored this story to be best for target auditory – to make profit.

    • Krauser

      “I agree she should have been more aware of how her actions would look to others, but completely isolating yourself to make a man happy is actually a sign of domestic abuse, not a healthy relationship. In a relationship both partners needs are important, and right now it’s only HIS needs that appear importan”
      1.”isolating yourself to make a man happy is actually a sign of domestic abuse” no she can still have friends but they have to be female… No reason at all for her to have a male friend
      2.” In a relationship both partners needs are important” What are her needs? She has many maids around to talk to? if she wants to go make female friends she can go out with her maids to meet them.Does she care about ML needs? He says “im jealous” what does she do? nothing
      3. Stop with this equal rights thinking its back in the days when there was kings and nobles. Woman were just seen as wifes who will keep the bloodline going

      • darklain0725

        You do know that among nobles there is also the code of chavilarity (especially among knight and army related nobles) that dectate not to harm a woman or weaker citizens right? I think that even other nobles would find his actions “a little” unacceptable. In the first place he said he is jealous only after the fact and considering she doesn’t have any experience with relationship there is no way she knows the methods of dealing with such jealousy.
        In the first place not having any contact with any male at all is weird as heck and most women DO have male friends or close acquaintances, it’s also usually the nobles wife job to build a social network of connections so having zero contact with men will be really weird even for them. In the first place if you get scared from having your spouse getting jealous only from talking with anyone from the opposite sex doesn’t it mean you both know your spouse doesn’t trust you at all and is keeping you on an a leash?

  4. Lazy Psychobee

    thanks for the chapter XD

  5. TrollUnderBridge

    Yeah. NO. Rape is bad. Rape no good. But thank you!

  6. Araraufuufu

    It was nice and short and fluffy at first but it feels more and more “The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Pet” instead of bride… What Wizard doing is “possessing” her, not loving her. Shame…

    Thanks for the translations so far though.

    • Krauser

      ehh you have to know MC is known as ugly/scray looking and the one girl he fully opened his heart to is seen being intimate with another man who’s the complete opposite of him would break any mans heart in his position. You can say he over reacted but she needed to know her position too as a wife

  7. Krauser

    mhm many people are taking the girls side huh? So she gets a get out of jail free card because she naive? stfu at least ML put a stop to it or else if the Gardner kissed/hugged/holding hands with FL he would be dead.

  8. Fuheidage

    After reading the chapter, I felt quite bad because of the rape so I went to the comment and oh my god people just accept the rape part and validate the ML’s actions?
    I understand that it’s ancient time, the place of woman in society blabla. I also understand that FL should have been more careful of her surrounding, but she IN NO WAY intended for an affair, and as she has explicitly said such before. You guys say ‘her maids are her friends, she should only have female friends’ but what if those maids are not in the same age range as her, having a friend close to your age is important as that person will have close maturity. ‘She gave him homemade cookies ‘ yeah and she probably gave it to everyone too, not only him.
    Back to the rape. All you think these are reasonable reasons for rape ? Isn’t it the same as ‘her skirt was too short’ or ‘she is my object, I do what I want’? Rape happens a lot in couples even in our generation and that’s not ok.
    What annoyed me was also FL’s reaction, a victim mindset that everything is her fault, it will not happen again, the same thing people in disfunctionnal and abusive relationship think. It’s like an eulogy to abusive relationships.
    Couldn’t have this been resolved with ML saying “married women should not be so close to boys, I am jealous ” FL agree and papapa make up sex?

    In any case, thanks for the chap

    • LynneSuzuran

      Mmhmm, I agree that this series doesn’t have the sweetness that I was expecting and that it was rather… dull in terms of the emotional investment(?). Part of the reason I only finished translating the main story and didn’t continue to translate the extra chapters… X”D

  9. Ashcheul

    I’m… pretty repulsed by author’s erotic fantasies. Basically the whole book was about snatching a young girl that looks like 13yo from the street, then violating her in different ways. With Wizard’s other personality being shy guy… it looks like a story about maniac.

    I read some previous comments with how it might be related to setting. Yep. Girls had it hard for ages. But still… Author chooses scenes, events, shades to concentrate on. Seeing this kind of interaction in marriage that was illustrated in this book as author’s ideal or erotic fantasy… makes my skin crawl.

    The way Lisa always thinks fault in situation X lies with her makes chill go down my spine every time.

    As simple example, another story, somewhat close to this theme translated by Lynne Suzaran (be praised!) on this site – Marietta-hime no Konrei manages to pull up female character that from a first glance ends on a same road – married off to old man with scary face… with sex scenes in a book… But Marietta-hime is a blooming human being… While Lisa is defined as abused sex toy on a way to PTSD.

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