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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 21

Another chapter for Wizard and Lise!


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Now entering, the date arc!


Chapter 21

The Day Before A Date


“Tomorrow, I’ll be having a day off. Would you like to go shopping with me?”

Out of a sudden, Wizard said such a thing.

Lise who mostly spend her days in the mansion, jumped at those words.


“Eh?! Is that true?! Where should we go?!”

“Lise, calm down…”

Lise came to her senses and calm down.


“Ah, excuse me! I was just too happy.”

“Where we will go is up to Lise.”


Wizard who thought that Lise would certainly be happy, got surprised.



“What’s wrong? Are you dissatisfied with it?”

“No, I can’t think of any place where Wizard-sama will seem to be happy with.”

As Lise said so, Wizard answered.

“Since this is a date, we should go to the place where Lise wants to go to.”

As he said that, he lied down on a sofa.

If you look closely, Wizard’s face was red as far as his ears.



“Wizard-sama, thank you very much.”

Lise hugged Wizard.

“…Lise, are you tempting me?”


“I thought that since we will be going out early in the morning tomorrow, I need to endure it. But if you do that kind of cute thing, then I won’t be able to hold back.”

Wizard pushed down Lise to the sofa.



“Ah, we’ll be going out tomorrow early in the morning?”


“Then, it will be better if tonight you don’t…”

“It’s your fault for provoking me.”

He said that and kissed her.

Wizard’s kiss is long and passionate.


[As if it wasn’t obvious, NSFW starts here ’til the end of the chapter.]



As usual, just with his kiss alone causes her body to lose its strength.

And as usual, as Lise’s body grows weak, Wizard takes off her sleepwear.

Today, he took off her sleepwear , and her underwear was also stripped.

Before one knows, Wizard also undressed all of his clothes.

Whenever Lise looks at it, his figure is completely different than that of a woman’s.



Suddenly, she caught a sight of Wizard’s thing.

“It’s big…”

She carelessly expressed her thoughts.

Wizard understood what she was talking about, so he said.

“It will only get bigger from now on, you know? Would you like to see it?”

Lise shook her head.

She felt like she saw something that she shouldn’t have seen.



Wizard began to touch Lise’s body.


He has completely grasped Lise’s sweet spots, so if he continues to keep that in mind, Lise will be able to come in a short time.

However, seeing Lise’s gasping figure, he teased her on purpose.

“Ah, ahn, aah.”

“Au, hyaa, uun.”

In Wizard’s eyes, Lise’s gasping figure is way too adorable.

He wants to keep seeing it forever.

But, it is too pitiful to continue giving her the frustration.

Thinking that, Wizard reached out his hand to her honey pot and checked its wetness.

It was already wet enough.

The nectar was flowing, and it fell onto the sheets.



While rubbing the pleasure buds with his fingers, Wizard inserted his rod.

“Yaau! I don’t like it!! Ahn, ah, aaah!”

“Wauu, noo!”

“Don’t make a lie, it’s not that you dislike it, right? As an evidence, your nectar is already overflowing.”

“Please don’t rub it with your fingers…”

“Why? Doesn’t it feel good?”


Lise seemed to be very embarrassed that she could cry.



Wizard rubbed the pleasure buds while moving his hips intensely.

“Ah, enough. Aaaaaaaah!!”

Lise came.

She also understood that her honey pot was stirring.

Wizard’s rod was twitching while as it didn’t want to be separated.





Due to Lise calling out his name, it was clear that Wizard’s thing got even bigger.

Wizard continued to move his hips intensely.

Then, he finally came.


The white and hot liquid was poured into her honey pot.



However, Wizard who couldn’t be satisfied with just doing it once, began to move his hips again.

“Wizard-sama! Don’t we need to be up early tomorrow morning…?!”

“I can’t hold it back. Let me do it one more time.”

Wizard nudged Lise’s sweet spots.

It was quite a tough treatment towards her body who just came once.

Wizard drilled them many times over.

“Ah, aah, yah, aaaaaa!!”

Lise easily came again.



Wizard continued to aim at Lise’s sweet spots and drilled it.

“E, enough. Please stop…”

“Please endure it a bit more.”

The sound of the two bodies colliding is resounding inside the room.

“Uh, waah.”

Wizard moaned as he came.

By that time, Lise was already worn out.

She had no confidence in waking up early for tomorrow.




My Comment :

So uhm, Wizard has quite a little bit of S side? And Lise, a big tsundere in bed???



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