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Chapter 22

The Day of The Date



The weather was fine during the day of the date.

The two got into a carriage, and went out to the town.

It took about one hour to reach the town by the carriage.

The two of them enjoyed their conversation in the carriage.



“Have you decided on where to go today?”

“Yes! It’s been quite a long time for me to go to the town, so I’m going to enjoy it!”

Wizard has always been busy with his work.

He has gone to work almost every day.

Although he said he was taking a day off, in actuality, it was only half a day, but one way or another, Wizard managed to make a commotion for his day off.

And hence, that was how the two of them managed to go out.

And that was how Lise finally tasted her dream of going on a date with the person she loves.

Her life was quite harsh until now that she had no time to think about such a thing.



Inside the carriage, Lise held Wizard’s hand and thanked him.

“Even when you’re busy, thank you for taking me out to the town.”

Wizard became a little bashful.

He squeezed Lise’s hand back.

“That’s why I told you not to provoke me too much.”

Wizard then kissed Lise.


It was a very long and a deep kiss.

Lise who never thought he’d do that kind of thing in the carriage became surprised.



“D, don’t do anything more than this, okay?!”

“I want to do more but I’m trying to hold it back.”

Wizard thought.

(Aah, why is Lise so cute?)

Lise has no self-awareness about it at all.

That is how without even noticing it, Lise has provoked Wizard.

Lise’s face turned red as she gazed outside.

It seemed like she suddenly became embarrassed, as well.

They were being shaken inside the carriage for one hour.



Finally, they arrived at the town.

Lise went to a corner where the street stalls were lined up in a row.

There were adorable accessories on sale.

“Do you want something?”

“No. I’m just looking at them.”


Wizard thought it was strange.

Don’t you usually go to the store to buy something?

(T/N : Confirmed. Wizard doesn’t understand the concept of window shopping.)



However, Lise has been looking at them since some time ago, but she doesn’t seem to want something.

“Lise, let’s have a lunch soon.”

“Ah, yes.”

Lise chose a fancy café.

“Wizard-sama, let’s go over there.”


There, the thing that Lise ordered was an apple pie.

Just how much did she like it? Wizard crammed his thought inside his own mind.



“Why this café?”

“The apple pie here is really famous! I wanted to try eating it once!”

Wizard ordered the daily special lunch and coffee.

The daily special lunch’s quantity was plenty enough, and it was also delicious.

The coffee was also delicious.

Lise ate her apple pie and tea bit by bit.

They were so delicious and worth trying.

How Lise ate her lunch was similar to how a small animal ate their food.

When Lise finished eating, Wizard paid the bill.

The two of them went out of the shop.



A crunch of the pie was stuck at the corner of Lise’s mouth.



After calling Lise, Wizard licked the pie crunch from the corner of her mouth.

Lise’s face turned red as her mouth was shifting from being open to being closed.

“You had a pie crunch on the corner of your mouth. …As expected, it was sweet.”

Even for Wizard who doesn’t like sweet food, he could still taste that the pie crunch was sweet.

“P, please don’t do that kind of a thing so suddenly! You can just tell me, right?!”

Lise, who touched the place where she was licked, became flustered.




Wizard let out an unusual voice and then laughed.

Watching that, Lise became happy.

Her embarrassment still remained, but more than anything, she was glad that Wizard laughed.

“Wizard-sama laughed just now, right?!”

“Muu, d, did I just laugh?”

“Yes. It was a very nice smile.”

Lise smiled as she said that.

“T, then, where should we go next?”

“Uhm… can we hold hands?”

“Ah, yeah.”

Wizard’s hand was a bit sweaty.

“Wizard-sama, are you feeling hot?”

“Nah, it’s fine.”

“Next, I want to go to the pet shop.”

After saying that, Lise started to walk and lead Wizard by his hand.



When they did that, they could hear their surroundings.

“Oi, isn’t that the fierce god, Wizard-sama…?”

“I heard that he recently got married.”

“Then, the one who’s with him right now is his wife?”

“No way, did he marry such a young child?”

“That seems like it.”

Of course, Wizard also heard that kind of gossips.

Wizard put his hand on the handle of his sword.

“Wizard-sama, you can’t make a commotion, okay? If it’s about me, I’m fine.”


“It’s fine.”

Even though Wizard was very frustrated, but he couldn’t do anything as Lise already told him that.

Besides, since he didn’t want to ruin the date that they finally could have, Wizard also couldn’t do anything.



After that, the two of them entered the pet shop and looked at the animals.

“Shall we buy one?”

Lise shook her head.

“Why, don’t you want to buy anything?”

“Because I already have everything I need.”

(T/N : Wait, he asked that when you’re looking at pets… Lise, don’t tell me you mean that your pet is…?!)



Lise answered it like that.

Certainly, the things that Lise needed had been generally provided.

“It is also fine if you want to buy new things, okay?”

“I don’t need that. As long as I have Wizard-sama, then I’m happy.”

(T/N : As I thought!!)



“…I can’t endure it any longer.”


Lise was carried into the carriage and then he ordered the people around them to leave.



[NSFW Alert! …Seriously?!]


Wizard took off his clothes and only removed Lise’s underwear.

“Hii, please don’t do this in this kind of a place!”

“It’s your fault for continuing to seduce me.”

Saying that, Wizard rolled up the dress’ skirt, and rubbed her pleasure buds as he began to lick her honey pot.


And just like that, in no time, Lise’s drenched wet.

Wizard aimed his already erect rod towards the mouth of her honey pot and slowly put it in.

“Nn, fuu!!”

“Yaa, no… not in this place…”

“Aren’t you feeling good right now?”

As Wizard moved his hips, the carriage was also shaking.



Lise was confused as she thought that they were already doing it last night, and yet he also wanted to do it outside.

However, she soon became unable to think of anything.

Wizard continued to give her strong pleasure.

“Yah, uhh, yaaaaa!!”

Lise came.

“Did you just come? You’re fast today.”


“Did you get excited because we’re doing it outdoor?”

Hearing those words, Lise casted her eyes downward and blushed red.



“I still haven’t come, so let’s keep it up for a little bit more.”


He thrust his hips more intense than before.

He nudged Lise’s sweet spots many times over and over again.

“Mo, yaaaaan!!”

Lise’s honey pot squirmed and won’t let go of Wizard’s twitching rod.

Wizard came just like that.

[NSFW Ends Here]



During their journey home in the carriage, Lise was being silent.

“Lise? Are you mad? Were you not satisfied?”

“I, it felt good, but… that’s not the problem here!!”

(Then, what kind of problem is it?)

Wizard was troubled over not understanding it.

(T/N : Wizard!! You’re also dense!!)



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