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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 23

And what awaits them after the date…?


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Chapter 23



Lise’s mood wasn’t fixed yet.

As expected from doing that kind of thing in the carriage, Lise was surprised and got angry.

“You’re still in a bad mood?”

“Wizard-sama’s endurance isn’t good enough!”

Lise said that and entered the couple’s bedroom.

Wizard scratched his head and reflected a bit on what he just did.

However, it was also because of Lise being too cute.



Did Lise have fun today?

She didn’t buy anything.

She only walked around and looked at things.

It was Wizard’s first time accompanying a woman shopping, so he thought that it might be something like that.

As she was eating the apple pie wholeheartedly, Lise was satisfied with that, perhaps.

But, the real problem started after that.

Lise was just too cute that he embraced her in the carriage.

At that point on, Lise’s cheerful conduct ended and she suddenly became sullen.

Wizard didn’t understand.



For the time being, he should try apologizing.

Thinking that, Wizard went to see Lise.

“Lise… it’s about today, but…”

“P, please don’t approach me. I don’t want to do it anymore today!”

“Don’t treat me as if I am some kind of a beast.”

From Lise’s point of view, Wizard was indeed a beast.

She doesn’t know when he will come to attack her.

As he slowly closes in their distance, Lise would try to run away.

Even that reaction is viewed as something very cute from Wizard’s point of view.



“Lise, forgive me for ruining today’s date.”


“Won’t you forgive me? I will never do it in the carriage again.”

Lise thought, then where else will he want to do it?

However, Wizard was earnestly apologizing.

It wasn’t like she could not give her forgiveness now.

Lise heaved a long sigh and said.



“…It’s fine already.”

“Really? Thank goodness, I was wondering what I should do if you were not to forgive me.”

“Did you have fun today, Wizard-sama?”

“Yeah, since I came to know what kind of things Lise likes.”


“It’s supposed to be delivered soon after this.”

“Did you buy something?”

“Yeah, it was something that I thought I wanted, as well.”

Lise tilted her head.



“Just what did you buy?”

“Let’s look forward to it for when it’s delivered. What I bought is supposed to be the commemoration of our first date.”

The commemoration of their first date… Lise never thought that she’d hear those words from Wizard’s mouth.

At that time, a knock could be heard.




When Lise answered, the maid brought in a puppy.

“Whoa, so cute!!”

Lise received the puppy from the maid and hugged it tightly.

“I also wanted to have a dog and keep it as a watch dog.”

The words didn’t reach Lise’s ears.



She was already entranced by the puppy.

She placed the puppy on her lap, and stroke its head and body.

Wizard bought the puppy that Lise had been looking at during the last time they went to the petshop.

Lise was greatly delighted.

“Wizard-sama, this puppy seems to be a male!”

“Is that so?”

“What shall we name him…? Is it okay for me to decide it?”

“Ah, yeah.”

(If you are so delighted from getting him, then I’m glad I bought him.)

Wizard thought so.



“Hmm–… Let’s go with [Zard].”

After thinking about it for a while, finally Lise decided to name the puppy Zard.

“Why Zard?”

“I took it from Wizard-sama’s name.”

“I think that it will feel as if Wizard-sama will always be by my side with it, so I’m going with Zard.”

Wizard’s face was bright red.

(Lise… thinks of me to such a length…?)



Wizard faced away so that his face won’t be seen.

Zard seemed to have become familiar with Lise at once.

He licked Lise’s cheek.

Wizard felt a little bit jealous.

From now on, once Zard gets bigger, he will surely protect Lise, right?

Wizard bought a dog so that the bad insects won’t flock around Lise.



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