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The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 24

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Chapter 24

Lise Caught A Cold


In the morning when she opened her eyes, Lise felt that her body was feeling uneasy.

Her joints were aching, and her head was so painful as if it was being smashed.

Her body was burning, as she could feel the heat.

She couldn’t let out a good voice.

Her throat was sore.



Wizard who was hugging Lise noticed that unusual phenomenon.

“Lise, could it be that you caught a cold?”

Saying that, he touched his forehead to Lise’s forehead.

“As expected, it’s hot.”

“It looks like I was too excited for the date we had the day before yesterday…”

“Don’t talk. It seems like your throat is sore, as well.”



After saying that, Wizard put some water into a cup and brought it over.

“Here, can you drink it?”

She straightened her body and drank up the water from the cup.

“Do you have an appetite?”

“Not really…”

To her honest answer, Wizard asked Vinan to call a doctor.



“You won’t get better if you don’t eat anything, you know?”

“…I know.”

After saying that, Lise entered the bed again.

The maid put out a futon and took Lise there.

Her body was feeling a bit heavy but it was so her body could cool down.

Zard was also worried, and he stuck up to Lise.




Zard was warm that it felt good.

His fur was also fluffy that it felt comfortable to touch.

While stroking his fur, the doctor came and did a medical examination.

“Fumu, it’s a light cold. She should be able to heal quickly as long as she’s eating something warm and nutritious.”

It was about time Wizard had to work, but he couldn’t leave Lise.

Seeing Wizard like that, Lise urged him to go to work.



“I’ll be fine, so please go to work.”


“There are the maids and the others, and you can’t catch my cold.”

“Understood. However, please do exactly what the doctor said, okay?”


And finally Wizard went to work.



One of the maids put a cold towel on Lise’s forehead.

“Thank you.”

As Lise said that while smiling, the maid returned her smile.

“Since it will be dangerous if everyone gets infected, I’ll be alright alone, okay?”

“But Wizard-sama has told us.”


“To keep an eye on Lise-sama…”

(I wonder if that’s how much I can’t be depended at…?)

Lise received a light shock.

(Since it’s a light cold, so it should be fine even if they leave me alone…)

But since it was Wizard’s order, so everyone would abide it.



Lise received the courteous nursing.

The sweat was wiped away from her body, and she was provided a wonderful meal.

The quantity of the meal was quite large.

However, she managed to cleanly eat everything without leaving anything behind.



At noon, when she was sleeping inside the room, she felt someone’s presence and opened her eyes.

When she did so, she saw that Wizard had returned to the mansion.

“Sorry, I wanted to see how you were doing so I returned… did I wake you up?”

“It’s okay. I’ve gotten considerably better.”

“But, you shouldn’t leave the room today, okay?”




Even if Wizard said that, it couldn’t be helped that Lise wanted to get out of the bed as she was feeling better.

In addition, the maids took turns in watching her over.

Lise decided to give it up and sleep.

“I have to return to work soon.”


“Be a good girl, okay?”

Saying that, Wizard kissed Lise’s cheek.

It was a gentle kiss.

Lise then went to sleep again.

Lise fell asleep as she was thinking that she was happy.



When night fell, the fever already came down.

“Wizard-sama, my fever went down!”

“Even still, it might be back again.”

Wizard said that as he hugged Lise.

“I’m already fine!”

(Even though I kept telling him I’m already fine…)

With the worried Wizard around, Lise couldn’t go out of the mansion for the next two weeks.




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