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Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 39.1

It’s finally time for another update :3

Are you excited to read further development after what the previous update gave you?

Wait a second!! Before you go on to read the chapter, I have an important announcement to tell you about the future updates. I hope you will not skip reading this announcement so you will know what’s going on:

I will be staying at the hospital for the next 6 weeks (until the end of August) due to some sort of an internship there, so it might be hard for me to work on the updates as usual. Therefore, during the next 6 weeks, the updates might not go in accordance to schedule or they might be late. I hope you will understand and sorry for this inconvenience ><

Now, you can go to read the chapter (chapter 39 part 1) :3 (If you have questions, you can ask me in this site’s Discord server)


Special thanks for all patrons~!

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  1. I wish you to have a nice internship ^ ^. Being a worker of medical system – doctor, or nurse – is a very respectable and honorable profession. It can be horrible and icky and heartbreaking and scary and boring and hard, but it can also feel pretty rewarding on emotional level, introduce you to complexity that would fuel your development in a good way. Knowledge you gain will benefit any family you would want to create. And there would be money, and fun times involved. Maybe good friends, or interesting persons too 😛

    Keep tools clean, resign yourself to bureaucracy, and different types of completely disgusting and crazy people.

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