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Omake 1

School Life ; Ai vs Anju

Once upon a modern time, Ai the Hell Girl and Anju the Heaven Girl are attending a Junior High School. The name of the Junior High School is St. Penguin (?) Junior High School. This school is divided into two groups of students : White Penguins which dominated the 7th-9th grade’s class A and B; Anju, the Heaven Girl is the leader of this group, while the Black Penguins, dominated class C and D with Ai, the Hell Girl as the leader. These 2 groups are always having fight, especially the leaders.

This is the story from the beginning of their school life.

Ai’s Line…

“ So, Enma Ai, you’re going to transfer into our 8th grade class… Black or white?” a man with bold head and white beard asked Ai in a room.

Ai is being quiet. I am working as Hell Girl. Hell identic with…?? Black! “Black, Principal!” Ai answered the man’s question, the principal.

“ I see. So you are going to the 8D class. Your class will start tomorrow, so please come on time,” the principal shook hands with Ai. Ai went outside and walked home (walked??). During her trip to home, she thinks about what made her transfer into a school.

So, I’m going to advertise Hotline to Hell when I got into my class to my classmates. And to be a trendy girl! I must follow the technology and the others, so I won’t lose to Anju!! Ah… I forgot… Ai stopped from walking and turn right to an uncrowded block. I mustn’t be late, or else that Anju would change my name from Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) into Late Girl (Chikoku Shoujo)! …. Ai turned back to the crowded road and continued walking.

Ichimokuren, who has been following Ai, appeared in the form of an eye on one of the building that Ai passed. “Oy, Ojou (miss), where are you going? Aren’t we going home?” Ai glared at Ichimokuren with an intimidating look, “Shut up, cyclopse (one eyed monster)! I must have it or else that tengu shoujo (It should have been tengoku shoujo or heaven girl, but in this context, Ai made fun of her name. Tengu is a creature from Japanese myths which have an ugly red face and big nose, if Chouchou is right… ^^;;) would change my name into Late Girl!!

Ichimokuren was surprised by Ai’s answer. Ekh, what’s your point, Ojou??! Ai continued to walk and she came into a store. She came out awhile after she came in. She dashed to a block that is uncrowded and teleported to her house.

“ Okaeri, Ojou… (Welcome home, Miss…),” Wanyuudo is about to greet Ai when Ai dashed quickly without replying his greeting. “ Eh? What’s wrong with her?” Honne-onna is also curious about it. “ Who knows…,” Wanyuudo shrugged, “…she dashed into her room right after she arrived here…”

“Hahaha… with this, there is no reason for me to be scared anymore!! That Tengu Shoujo will never got a chance to mock me! Ha..ha..ha…,” Ai lifted up something that she bought from the store earlier. Curious, Ai’s team peeked her from outside of her room. Quickly, they are frozen after seeing the thing that Ai grabbed proudly.

……An alarm clock.

“Finally! We are famous!!!” Anju poured the wine into a crystal glass.

“Uhm, Anju… Tomorrow, …school…,” Russel murmured behind Anju, who’s drinking her wine now.

“ Blah bleh… I KNOW THAT!” Anju shouted. Russel smelled the aroma of wine from her breathing and he sensed some symptoms of being drunk. Russel decided not to get closer to Anju, since he knew that if he got closer–…

“Oi, Anju!” The ‘computer boy’—call him that, since his name is unknown now. He ran into Anju quickly.

“Heee? What is it?!” Anju turned around.

“ Eeeekh, Teng–,” before the ‘computer boy’ managed to finish his sentence, Anju has hugged him tightly until he can’t breath.

“ Ekh, buu sbwel leek vain (Egh, you smell like wine!),” he tried to run away from Anju as soon as Anju led him go.

“ Eeh…,” Russel was eager to come inside the room. Anju recognized this, so she turned around and replied, “What?”

“… A request…,” said Russel.

Meanwhile, at the same time…

“ Ojou! Ojou-sama! Wake up! Come out!!” Honne-Onna made such a bit ruckus. That is right, they have got a request too, yet Ai is still inside her room. Even worse, she locked the room. This made the whole team become worried, except Kikuri of course.


Suddenly, the door opened… Sorry, it should be roughly.

“ Shut up, I can’t sleep, you little…!!” Ai came outside with untidy look. Her hair is all messed up, while her eyes are dry. She can’t sleep because she’s not yet accustomated with her new sleeping hour.

“ A request,” replied Ichimokuren calmly.

Anju’s Place

“So, what is it do you want?” Anju asked the boy in front of her. She’s a half drunk, by the way. But she tried to keep calm and not to lose control.

“ I want you to send… to the Heaven,” the boy replied.

“ I beg you pardon?” Anju couldn’t believe what she has heard. Impossible, she thought it to herself.

“ Send ENMA AI to HEAVEN!” that boy almost shouted.

“ …,” Anju remained quiet, “…why?”

“ Hehehe,” the boy chuckled, “because she’s the HELL girl, right? Then the rightful punishment for her is to go to the heaven, a totally different place from her home!!”


Ai’s Place

“ Ah, so you really come, Hell Girl!” the teenage girl almost shouted in happiness and surprise. She didn’t thought that it was real. Indeed she has grudge, but she accessed the Hotline to Hell by a mere coincidence and curiousity.

“ Yes, now before we start,” Ai tried to speak calmly, because her voice is actually distracted because of her lack of sleep.

“ Yes, is there anything wrong?”

“ May I confirm that…,” Ai gulped, “the person you wrote is… Anju? That Tengu—eh I mean, Heaven Girl?”

“ That’s true,” she replied quickly, without even hesitating for awhile, “ I hate her. I really disagree with her way… besides, I envy he—“

“Enough,” Ai stopped that girl from blabbering.


“WHY SHOULD I SEND SOMEONE LIKE HER?! CAN’T YOU SEND SOMEONE ELSE BETTER?!” shouted Enma Ai and Anju together, although they are in different places. They got outta control, so both Heaven and Hell company have no choice but to reject the boy and the girl, and to stop their leaders.

But this is just the beginning of their messed up school life…

###End of Omake 1###

New section! Q&A with Anju, Tengoku Shoujo.


Q : How old are you, Anju?

A : I’m 14 years old, physically.

Q : And your real age?

A : I forgot…. But if Ai is more than 400 years, maybe I’m about half her age.

Q : Approximately?! …Okay, so, why didn’t you show up in front of Ai before?

A : I worked in my home country and countries around.

Q : Where is it?

A : Well, western countries? Since I’m blond and well, maybe from Europe or American continent.

Q : … And why are you in Japan now?

A : Since I heard about Jigoku Shoujo, and because I wanted to go abroad, so I moved.

Q : In chapter 4, you asked a boy to call you “sister” and there were some little children there. Are you siblings?

A : Who knows?

Q : And again, Russel and Ken didn’t call you sister, but you’re okay with it… While the “computer boy” got some hits, why?

A : Because I asked them to call me Anju except that computer boy, he minds it a lot and it’s fun to tease him, so I forced him.

Q : If Ai plays with cherries and straw dolls when she is bored, what about you?

A : Play with the children that are seen in chapter 4 or 5, and teasing my toy, the computer boy.

Q : Ai’s favorite is cherry, and you?

A : Wine.. especially the one that’s made in a form of drinks.

Q : So, you drank it in this omake?

A : Exactly.

Q : I guess those are the questions, well, if you guys have some questions, just ask!

A : Don’t ask about my past or relationship with the children, it will be explained later on…perhaps.

Q : See you~!