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The Mahou Shoujo Covers Up Her True Identity After the Ending


Chapter 2


The Invaders from the Other World, the Devil King.

It has been twenty years since they started appearing in the earth, and in addition, they appeared in the skies of Japan by tearing up the air in the sky. Due to the influence from the Other World, the existence of beings called as “Espers1” started to appear one after another.



At the same time, a grade down arts that anyone possessing the qualities of espers’ power can manage, “The Formula of Sorcery Arts2” also appeared. And it was fourteen years ago that the government built educational institutions in order to control and train them, as the scars left behind by the Demon King have healed.

Well, the only place where I could get a job without being generally compared unfavorably with anyone else was at that said educational institution. The Special Academy for Nurturing Special Abilities and The Formula of Sorcery Arts3. Famously known as “Special Academy4”. It has been four years ever since I moved to Kanto area as a teacher.


Since it is a training institution directly under the supervision of the government, the services given cannot be compared to the others. The targets who have awakened their abilities around the age of 12 will be accelerated5 from their original middle school grade. Although it has only been four years since the test cases graduated from the Academy, their academic establishment was astonishing. But well, there are still many problems.


“Don’t ya understand that you’re different from us? Even though you’re just teacher of the [scums]6!”

The one who scowled at me like that is a first-year high school student who is enrolled in the ESP department7.


Along with the boy with orange-colored ruffled hair, three male students who seemed to be his followers are also present. Well, you see, the reason why they addressed the students from the “Sorcery department”8 like that, was due to this kind of situation.

Since the Formula of Sorcery Arts is easy to handle with ESP, it has become a mass-produced thing. Therefore, people with discriminating tendencies despise the ones who learn sorcery, calling them “scums”.

Everyone who survived the turbulent period is behaving equally like a baby.


“There is no status gap between students, and there is an authority difference between a student and a teacher. Such is written in the school regulations. If you are truly superior as you say, then please abide to the basic regulations!”

“What didja say?!”


Yup, he collects hot air in his palm.

He is a typical fire ability user. Espers with attributes usually have their attributes manifested either in their hair or eye disposition. If this orange-head wanted to do something about this “problematic school”, then he should at least tried to do his best in school during his spare time.9

If he didn’t do that, that would mean he won’t be able to amount that much.

“Using your ability outside the lessons will earn you a punishment. In the case it results to injuries, do you have the resignation to go down to the town while wearing [shackles].”

“…Tch. What a coward! Let’s go!”

Who is the coward, again?

Before I got to see the expression of his power, he quickly ceased using his ability, and went back while taking his followers along.


“Phew… are you alright?”

“Y-yes, uhm… t-thank you so much!”


“If you are safe, then it’s good.”

That’s right, I take another look at the student who is involved in the quarrel.

In total opposite of the white blazer that the ESP department has, wearing the black blazer of the Sorcery department, there stands a female student with fluffy chesnut-colored hair, whose eyes are big and round. She is, well, what you can call “bishoujo”. I see, so that’s why she was targetted in the quarrel.


“Is this kind of quarrel common?”

“Y-yes. But, it usually happens in places where not many people pass by, a-and I usually try not to go to places like that, but somehow…”


The place is the back yard.

What I hold in my chest is a paperback book soiled in dirt.

When I look up at the school building, there is an opened window on the third floor.


I see.

Was it accidentally dropped?


“It was an accident, eh? Well, let’s be more careful next time.”

“Yes… I’m sorry, Sensei.”

“No. In any case, you are the victim here. There is no need for you to apologize. But still…”


Uhm, if I’m not wrong…

Up to now, there have been times where students had conflicts, and they may not get along well in the future, as well.

Ah, what is it? I am somehow concerned over this child.


“Please lend me your terminal10.”

“Eh? Ah, yes!”


In this school, a terminal similar to smartphone has been distributed for quite awhile, exclusively for the students to use.

Obviously, it has functions similar to ordinary phones such as calls and SNS12.


“This is my contact address. I have linked it with a single button press, so please contact me in case of emergencies. Even if I don’t know your location, I will detect it and head there.”

“ Ah… thank you very much! Uhm, I-I… have always felt uneasy…”

“That is often the case, that is common. After school, you can go to the staff room, we accept consultation there. That’s why, please promise me one thing.”

“Y-yes, promise, is it?”

“That’s right. –by no means, never hold everything by yourself. Is that understood?”

“—yes. Understood! Thank you so much, Mitsukasa-sensei!”


The female student who lifts up her face—according to her terminal, her name is Kasamiya Suzuri11. After escorting her to the student dormitory, finally I could go back to the faculty dormitory.


To be honest, this kind of thing is an everyday occurence.

This time, the victim was a student from the Sorcery department, but on the contrary, there has also been cases where the Sorcery department student purposely caused distractions to the poor students from ESP department, to further aggravate the situation. The faculty members are required to have the ability to keep their standings as neutral towards the students all the time.


There are many troublesome things, but it is still a rewarding work.
However, I secretly like this feeling of fulfillment that I would have never be able to taste if I were to be worshipped as a hero.

And so, the me who returned to the faculty dormitory while chuckling by myself, haven’t realized it yet.
That this series of “common problems” will lead to unforeseen problems in the future.


TL Notes :

1 Here is the original Japanese : “異能者”

2  Here is the original Japanese : “魔導術式”

3 It has ridiculously long name and please take a look at all these kanjis stacked together : 特異能力及び魔導術式育成専門学校

4  In Japanese, it reads as “Tokusen”– 特専, so I came up with that name in English.

5  This is the best sentence I can come up with, since the original Japanese is written like this : 能力が覚醒する十二才以降を対象としている、中等部からのエスカレーター à huh? Escalator?

6 Another best guess I can come up with, the original Japanese is : 絞りカス

7  The original Japanese writing : “異能科”

8  The Sorcery Department is read as “madouka”, with the Japanese writing : “魔導科”

9 I think, he is upset at the school regulation, viewing it as problematic, but he cannot do anything anyway.

10  To differentiate it from normal smartphones, I decided to use the term “terminal”. The original Japanese is 端末.

11 笠宮(かさみや)鈴理(すずり) That is her name’s kanji (+furigana)!

12 SNS is a social networking service, an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.


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