Different World Gender Change 23

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Chapter 23

First Time Meeting the Jeweler

Together with Oriza-san and Minoa-san, I followed Kaya-san to visit my mother’s room.

This is not my first time, but I’m still nervous. Particularly because today, there is a new person that I’ll be meeting for the first time.

“Please pardon me. Madame, I have brought Seiren-sama with me.”

“Ah, you have come. Now now, please come in!”

“Yes. Pardon my intrusion.”


After receiving permission, we come in. Uwa-, there’s a radiant sparkles on top of the table. Be it gold, metal, or other jewelries, they were of a world unrelated to me.

Well after all, in this kind of era, jewelry shops are linked with rich people only, right. I may be prejudiced, though.



My mother is sitting on the sofa behind the table. On this side, there is an oji-san who seems to be younger than Yuzuriha-san, with somewhat a petite built, yet solid body. In contrast to his slightly diluted chestnut-colored hair, his eyebrows and mustache are thoroughly tufty. Is this person the jeweler?


“Oh my, is this the rumored young lady?”

“Yes, she is my daughter, Seiren. Seiren, he is Coda1 the jeweler, who I talked about this morning.”


Coda-san who my mother just introduced, suddenly stands up and is walking briskly until he is right in front of me.

He bends his body and takes my hand. Aa, uu… speaking honestly, this kind of situation is really embarrassing!


“I’m Coda, pleased to be your acquaintance. I heard the rumor about young miss’ return from Madame, but this would be my first time meeting you like this. What’s more, you are such a lovely young lady.”

“Ah, haha, thank you very much. I’m Seiren, please treat me well.”



I’m trying to smile back in return. Perhaps, the corner of my mouth has become stiff.

Eh. The hand that I grasped, rather than a merchant’s hand, it looks more like a craftsman’s hand. Could it be that he made the things he sell by himself?


“…Uhm. Excuse me, but are you also the one who produced these?”

“Oh, you seem to know it… Ah, I apologize for my rough hand. The Coda family, for generations, are all jewel artisans.”

“So that’s the case. The hand of working people… I like it. I can feel the accumulation of time and skills.”

“Thank you very much for your generous words.”

Ow, dangerous, dangerous. I almost said “ore”. Is it better if I don’t talk too much, I wonder?


Coda-san is a person who speaks vigorously, but I wonder if all merchants are like him? Or rather, has all the business talk been fully open?2
By the way, Kaa-san, the rumors about me… what did you actually talk about?


“Ne, isn’t she a good child?”

“Yes. She is a wonderful young lady, Madame.”


…In any case, I do not think that it is a bad rumor, so it’s alright.

Also, Kaya-san, I do not fully understand your feelings, but please do not look at me with those shady eyes! Since it’s in the public, you should at least feign friendliness. Oriza-san and Minoa-san, too, please do not compete with Kaya-san~!


And then, Kaa-san beckoned me. I obediently go ahead and sit down next to her as encouraged. Coda-san also returned to his former seat, and then Kaa-san inquired me.

“So, did you properly bring your amulet pouch?”

“Yes. This… or rather, it’s about the content of this pouch, right?”


I open the pouch which is usually attached to my waist and take out the small ring. When I show the ring that I put on the palm of my hand, both Kaa-san and Coda-san leaned their bodies forward. After awhile, they open their eyes widely.


“Oh, this is…”

“As I expected, you remember it quite well. This is the ring that I ordered your father to make, for Seiren’s sake. I would like this to be made into an ornament that could be worn on Seiren’s neck.”

“I see. By having the chain, it could be made into a necklace.”


Ah, Coda-san, what are you so delightful for? I see, it’s because you’re able to see the work which your dad made after awhile, huh.

“This ring was made by Coda-san’s father, correct?”

“Yes. Currently, my father is immersing himself in jewel manufacturing in the workshop, but in the past, he used to produce and sell jewels as well. That father of mine poured all his heart to create the prized item for Shiiya family’s daughter.”


I see. Now that I remember, he did mention about being jewel artisan for generations. Both parent and child sure are working hard.


The ring that has always been with me for my 18 years “genderbend”-ed life in the other world, the ring that my mother and father gave me, the ring which Coda-san’s father made.

I have always been carrying it as an amulet, but considering the fact that I am a female, wearing it as a pendant doesn’t seem to be out of place. That way, I won’t have to worry about dropping it.



“Un, I think it’s alright to be prouder about it. After all, this is an important amulet that also became the evidence when I returned to this house.”

“Oh, what generous words… my father will surely be delighted.”



Really Coda-san, he is now smiling very happily. Nah, I think the ones who are the most delighted would be my parents.

But really, I am thankful for the lovely ring. If I have the chance to meet Coda-san’s father, I have to properly convey my gratitude directly to him.

Also, can my words really be the reason why he is so happy? I only stated my honest impressions, though.


“Well then, please take a look. These are the chains for necklace, I have gathered the excellent ones over here.”

Coda-san who is extending his hands at the accessories he brought by himself, by no means he is not lying. This and that too, even by only looking at it, I understand that they are all the things that were produced with a lot of care. Chains that are carefully knitted with thin gold threads, parts that are neatly combined and so on.

So, after thinking about various things, in the end, I chose a chain knitted with a simple white gold thread. Attached with a small ring, the chains strangely look gaudy. Ah, but the color of the thread knitted differs little by little, as it is hit by the light, and it is really pretty.


Oriza-san puts the metal fitting behind my neck by spreading the chain through the ring from behind me. There is an excess chain, but when I fasten it, I can adjust the length just fine. Besides, when it comes to adjusting the necklace so it can be more suitable to the attire I am wearing, I can just easily readjust the length and match it with the outfits.


Let’s confirm how it looks like in the mirror. Un, shouldn’t it be fine if it feels just like a normal short necklace in general? Honestly, I don’t know whether it suits me or not.


“Well well, you look lovely, Seiren. As expected of my daughter, for choosing an excellent thing.”

“Yes, it really matches the trait of a young lady who does not really adorn herself. Furthermore, it only amplifies your beauty and it is able to complement Milady very well, I am so glad.”

“Eh, ah, yes. Thank you… very much.”


To be praised without any restraint like that, rather than feeling happy, I feel awkward and it feels so embarrassing. Well, I do not mind it from mother, since I get that she is a doting parent.


I wonder if I need to get used to this kind of business talk by someone like Coda-san? I hope my face won’t get too stiff, though. Come to think about it, my face has been hot since earlier, I wonder if I’m still alright?

If normal girls get complimented like this, will they become happy? Since I did not have that many friends, I wonder if that’s why I am bad at handling compliments? Wouldn’t it be a problem if you overstate your true intention?3

[T/N : Seiren, you wonder too much XD]


Besides the chain for necklace, I also buy one more thing.

Along with the ring, there is also a small blue stone embedded in it. Therefore, I chose to buy a simple ring decorated with a stone of the same color.

My finger became thinner after changing into a woman. In order to cover the joint so it doesn’t really stand out, I decided to put a ring and the result made me satisfied.


“It might be a little late, but this is for your 18th birthday present. Since it has the same colored stone as your old ring, you won’t find any difficulties in matching them, right?”

“Oh. What a good year it is. Happy birthday, Milady.”


Or rather, it was mother who bought it for me. Coda-san also put it into his consideration and he seemed to give us a discount. Even so, it is still a price that can make you roll your eyes, I think.

Also, the unit of the money is called Ieno, but honestly I don’t really understand about its rate. Anyway, since I do not go out to buy daily necessities and food over here, so I cannot really make a comparison about their price in this world compared to the other world. Well, next time let’s try asking Kuon-sensei regarding the cost of food and other things!


“Thank you very much, Kaa-san. Coda-san, too.”

“Don’t mention it. Since there is not much I can do for my daughter, I am also glad.”

“No problem, since selling jewels is my job. I am looking forward for your continued patronage.”


At any case, when I expressed my gratitude over the presents I received, my mother slightly shook her head and Coda-san replied while giving his business smile.



…which reminds me, there was a talk about me having a wet nurse. In other words, the childcare was taken care by another person, obviously.

If that is the case, then usually the things that wealthy mothers do for their children involve buying things and drinking tea together, things like that.

Things like this are really amazing, for wealthy people.


“Besides, you also told Coda, right? That you have been properly carrying the ring along, and that’s also why I understand that you’re such an adorable daughter. I cannot thank you enough for that.”

“Since it is a precious amulet for me, so I have always cherished it.”


Yes, I really cherish both of them.

The ring that I received 18 years ago, and also the ring that I received today, they are both precious amulets for me.



Afterwards, Coda-san returned after drinking a little tea, or rather, it was time for him to go for his next business. After all, there is no way that we are his only clients.

“Well then Madame, Milady. Please excuse me.”

Coda-san then bowed his head deeply. …ah, I did not notice it before, but there is a part of his hair that gets darker, it looks like of a Kappa’s. Sorry, but since it does not escape my mouth, I hope you can forgive my thoughts!


“Thank you, Coda. The next time you come here, please bring things that will match Saryuu. Kaya, please escort him.”

“Thank you very much, Coda-san.”

“Things that will suit the young master (Bocchama), I understand. Well then, please excuse me.”

“Please excuse me, I shall go now, Madame.”



Kaya-san closes the door after bowing. After confirming that, Kaa-san turned around to face me. Eh, her face seems a bit troubled. What’s wrong?


“Kaya, she doesn’t seem to be very fond of you, does she”



She found out.

Minoa-san and Oriza-san who are at the back do not seem to react that much. Looks like they have also realized about the fact that mother had found out. Well, the maids who accompany Saryuu and Alica-san also knew, so it seems that they are all sensitive regarding this matter.

How should I put it, it seems like according to my mother, I am a bit insensitive about things like this. This is what she says next.


“Well, Seiren. If I properly observe your expression and behavior, it will be so obvious. You put up a lot of guard in front of Kaya, don’t you? Minoa and Oriza too, it’s terrible, isn’t it?”




Minoa-san answered with expressionless face, but unexpectedly Oriza-san responded by nodding her head and openly showed her discontent. When I scold her with “Hey (Kora)!”, her expression returns to normal. After that, I turned to my mother.


“Ah, no. It’s not that Kaya-san hates me, but she’s just too fond of Saryuu, I think.”

“Well, there’s that, too. After all, Saryuu’s wet nurse is Kaya’s little sister.”

“Ah. So it’s like that, huh.”


So there is also something like that.

That Kaya-san’s little sister raised Saryuu. So in another words, Kaya-san views Saryuu as someone who’s like her nephew. Well that explains why Kaya-san is really fond of Saryuu.

My mother looks puzzled at me who let out a sigh, and then she put her hand to her cheek and tilted her head in confusion. When she gestures like that, my mother looks very charming. While wondering whether it is because she was well-raised, my mother continues the conversation.4


“At any rate, this is very troublesome. To me, both Seiren and Saryuu are my adorable children.”

“Ahaha. I don’t really understand if I am really adorable or not, but for me, Saryuu is my adorable little brother.”

“Seiren is also adorable, you know. If you say that to Saryuu, he will surely be happy. I hope you can get along well with him, that child is really hard-working, even if he doesn’t normally show it.”


I am at a loss of words upon seeing my mother who said that with a wide smile over her face. Oi, little brother, could it be that mother has also found out about your independent training in the morning?



That’s right, little brother.

How to put it, but back then at the institution, there was also a time when I had friends who were like my little brothers and big brothers, and I felt like having brothers and sisters who surrounded me, but in the end, they were just “like siblings” to me.

Compared to them, Saryuu is really my little brother. From the beginning, he is my relative who’s related to me by blood, but there is something much more than that. I don’t really know what makes it different, so I cannot say it, but yeah. He is my little brother.


“That’s right. If Kaya says something uncalled for, then please tell me or your father without any reserve. Although I think it would be fine since she has been working for Shiiya family for so long.5

“Yes. I think it will be alright, too.”


Something uncalled for, eh. To specifically say, I think there’s nothing like that.

After all, she said that the right heir of Shiiya family should be Saryuu—it wasn’t something uncalled for, right? If there is someone who complains about various things, that person would be the mastermind behind a family strife, right? It’s no joke!


“Minoa, Oriza. You too, please be careful. After all, Seiren really takes after both me and my husband.6 Please convey this to Alica, too.”


“I understand. I will make sure to properly convey it to Alica-san~!”


Wha-. Kaa-san, you put too much pressure on the maids!

Anyway, do I really take after my parents that much? I am completely unaware about it.



Notes :

1 after reading the context of this chapter, I realize that Coda is the name of the jeweler! I have edited the previous chapter as well.

2 If anyone has a better suggestion for this line, I’d be glad to revise it! The original Japanese is : つーか、営業トーク全開ってところか。

3 Again, if there is a better suggestion for this part, I’d be glad to edit it : 本音を言い過ぎるのも、問題なんだろうなあ。

4 育ちがいいからなのかなあと思いつつ、会話に応じる。

5 To further explain this sentence, it would probably mean that since she has been working for their family for so long, she should not be saying something uncalled for to Seiren.

6 I don’t know but it seems so out-of-context, or is it just me who cannot read the implication? Here is the original Japanese sentence : セイレンてば、どうも私や旦那様によく似ちゃったみたいだから。



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