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Chapter 3


From the next day, without any break at all, Kasamiya-san came to visit the faculty room.

But it was not due to pitiful reasons such as getting involved in a quarrel. Before, since the authority of the faculty members got stronger, she came to be afraid of coming to the faculty room. As a result, she could not bring herself to ask the questions regarding the lessons. Therefore, she came to me purely to ask questions concerning her studies.


“Mitsukasa-sensei, about this part…”

“Ah, this is a complex elementary-level magic formula, eh. This is…”


As a teacher that’s usually sent out to handle quarrels between students, to be able to discuss things normally such as it should have been between a teacher and a student, I feel genuinely happy.

Besides, I am still a typical woman who enjoys cute things. I do not feel bad for getting emotionally attached to her, who is as sweet and soft as a candy. Nah, of course I still treat all my students equally. Keeping this kind of feeling inside my heart is alright, isn’t it?


“…so, that’s how it works.”

“…I see. Thank you so much, Sensei!”

“No problem. It is not interfering with my classes at all. If you do your best with this condition, I’m sure you will be able to improve your grades for this term’s exam.”


Looking at the delighted Kasamiya-san, I also become happy.

Ah—did I also have a time like this in the past? Obacha-… Onee-san (This aunti—big sister) misses it.

(T/N : LOL denying that you’ve become old, eh… I can understand tho)



“Oh, excuse me.”


When I take a look at the terminal that lets out the mechanical sounds, on the screen, written in orange letter was the word “emergency”.

Emergency. Risk level C class. I wonder if it’s another quarrel between students?

“It seems that I’ve been called out. Kasamiya-san, please do not move from this place until you’ve been instructed by the other faculty member.”

“Y, yes! Uhm… p, please be careful!”

“I will. Thank you.”


Responding while fixing my silver framed glasses, I can see Kasamiya-san bowing her head with a worried look on her face.

Now then. I need to give out punishments to the bad children who disturbed the calm moments I had just now.






What a…

To think that the place I eagerly headed to was the same courtyard like last time with Kasamiya-san.

Upon my arrival, there were already a number of faculty members who were calling out to the problem students.


“Please, cease using your abilities!”

“Shut up! You are all just nuisances!!”


What rises up from the problem student is a shimmer of hot air.

A strong orange-colored hair, well, I can recognize him familiar enough to sigh.

Behind him were the students who fell down either due to the influence of his fire ability, or due to lack of oxygen. Of course, there are Sorcery department students who fell down, but when you look at it closely, that orange-haired guy’s followers seem to get mixed up and fell down as well. No, what the heck?


“Mutsu1-sensei. The current condition is?”

I asked to one of the teachers there.

He is a new teacher who is currently standing behind the circle of people. Not only that, but he is also a graduate from the Special Academy’s third year test case.

Though visually he looks like a frivolous man, but actually he’s an innocent good young man.

“Mi, Mitsukasa-sensei! It seems that he, Tetsuka Hirosei-kun, suddenly flared up at the Sorcery department students who were in the courtyard. Although the student possesses a strong ability, it should not be an unmanageable situation, but…”


I see.

From the looks of it, his ability’s efficiency and power seem to have increased compared to it was before. Certainly, now he will be able to overthrow even teachers with bad affinity to his ability.

That’s why even as the teachers are calling out to him, they cannot approach him recklessly, eh?


“But still, I am worried about the students who are behind him. Mutsu-sensei, please use your power so that his power doesn’t go directly at me.”

“Y, yes! Phantom Coat (Illusion)2!”


Mutsu-sensei’s ability offers a perfect support system.

While showing illusion, it also functions as a phantom barrier that can make you transparent, it is an illusion that can be manipulated and effective against both physical attack and special powers.

And then, since I am the Sorcery department’s teacher, of course I will use the Sorcery magic.


“Open Form, Physical Enchant, Position: Arm and Leg!3


Confirm the distance.

Grasp his line of sight and intimidate.

Seize the distance to the students in the back.





I flip the hem of the pants and step on with leather shoes.

My strengthened body probably exceeded the visibility limit of Tetsuka Hirosei. Even as I got behind him, he did not notice at all.


“Set, bind ignition5




Without giving him any time to spare, I put a restriction on his body with a magical chain imbued with the ability blocking spell.


“Wha?! You! Damn it! What the hell is this?!”

“I confirmed that you have used your ability to be hazardous. Please wait in the reflection room until the punishment from the school is decided. “


When Tetsuka Hirosei fell down, the teachers quickly recovered the students who had been collapsed. As expected from Special Academy teachers. They are all strangely skilled and used at handling these kinds of situations.


“What the heck?! How come it turns out like this?! Isn’t it strange?!”

“Yes, it is strange. How can you gain that much power within a short period of time, shall we hear that out?”


When I crouched and looked down at him who fell and rolled down like an insect, I was greeted with a glare that felt as if I was his parents’ enemy. Oi, oi. I should be the one who wants to glare at you!


“It is none of YOUR business!”

“It should be one of my concern. As a teacher, I shall have you explain it in details.”


Well although, if you leave it to someone who’s an expert in psychology-related ability, that person will be able to reveal even a private secret that you normally won’t disclose! But first, let’s try persuading him with a broad mind—


“Shut up, you old hag! You’re so noisy!”


–let’s skip the persuading, it should be fine!


As he continues to say excessively abusive remarks, the teachers who listened are looking at me, who’s dragging Tetsuka Hirosei, with pitiful look.

Please stop. At the very least, please have mercy on me. Please laugh, hey…!


“U, uhm, that—Mi, Mitsukasa-sensei is beautiful!”


That’s right, the one who backed me up with a tense expression was none other than Mutsu-sensei, with whom I joined forces just now.


“That, long straight obsidian-like hair of hers is pretty, her eyes that are colored just like the sea are cute, her cool gaze too, she looks like an ideal Onee-san! To that Mitsukasa-sensei, I, I…—“

“Mutsu-sensei, it’s alright, no need to flatter me. Well then, since I have a student waiting for me, I’ll be leaving, ha, hahahahaha!”

“—li, eh, Mi-Mitsukasa-sensei?!”


To be comforted by my younger junior younger with such flattery, I’m feeling unexpectedly tired…

While trying not to think about it as much as possible, I leave Mutsu-sensei behind in that place.

Aah, I would love to quickly receive my healing by speaking with Kasamiya-san…

(T/N : Bwahaha, poor Mutsu-sensei and how come you’re so dense, Mitsukasa?!)


Notes :

1 Here is the Japanese writing of his name : 陸奥(むつ)

2 Have a look at the Japanese writing : “幻視(ファントム・コート)”
3 The way she chants is weird, but here goes the Japanese writing :術式開始(オープン)・形態(フォーム)・身体強化(フィジカルエンチャント)・様式(アーム)・脚部(レッグポジション)
4 展開(イグニッション)
5 速攻術式(セット)・捕縛鎖(バインド)・展開(イグニッション)


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