The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride 4

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Chapter 4

The Wedding Ceremony


Guests who brought the wedding invitation came one after another.

It felt like the the guests invited to the wedding were all people from the upper class.

Lise peeked from the shadows of the stairs.


 “Lise-sama!! The dress will get dirty! Please stand up quickly!!”

The one who scolded Lise, who was sitting down, harshly with a raging anger was the butler, Vinan.

“Lise-sama, please get prepared soon.”


…which means all that’s left is just to put on make-ups.

 But retorting back will just earn Lise a tenfold more scolding, so she obediently answered.


She was taken by Vinan to enter the bride’s waiting room.

There, Lise received the make-ups given by the maids.

And so, the rest was just to wait for Wizard to come and pick her up in the room.

Lise wondered what was Wizard thinking by now…?

Vinan then opened his mouth.


“Lise-sama, I think that you’ll hear various opinions from the invitees, but please do not mind them, okay?”

“Various things, such as?”

“About marriage for the sake of money or about liking a little girl… well, a lot of things like that.”

“I think about [marriage for the sake of money] will surely be an inevitable topic. Since in reality, I received help in regards to my mother’s treatment… But what is this about [liking a little girl]?! I am already 16 years old!!”


Vinan looked at Lise with a cheeky stare and said.

“Lise-sama doesn’t look like a 16 years old. At the most, you look like a 13 or 14 years old girl.”

(What a rude butler he is… but it’s true that I finally look like a 16 years old girl after putting up the make-up.)

Lise felt bitter, but after being told that, she just couldn’t show her anger even when she was mad.


Looking outside the window, she could see that the room was full of a great number of people.

She was almost overwhelmed by fear for an instant.

“Lise-sama! Please get a grip! No matter what, you cannot falter!”

Hearing those words, Lise came to her senses.

(That’s right. I have endured the lessons all for the sake of this day!!)



One of the maids talked to Lise.

“It’s gonna be alright. No matter what happens, Wizard-sama will protect you.”

After that, the other maids also uttered words of encouragement.

“Exactly! After all, he’s got a scary face!”

“Also, today Lise-sama looks perfectly like a 16 years old!!”

(Just now… were they really trying to cheer me up?)

As they continued their talk, Wizard finally came to pick Lise up.


“It’s about time. Shall we go?”

“Sure. Let’s go!!”

“Lise-sama, please behave like a refined lady!”


Vinan couldn’t help but be worried that Lise who’s too energetic would fail to conduct herself in a refined manner.

“Well then, we’re off.”

Saying that, the two of them left the room.


When they took a step outside, everyone gave them their blessings by clapping their hands.


“Thank you very much for inviting me on this occasion!”

“Congratulations on your marriage.”

Petals of flowers fell down from the top of the roof.


(Everyone is giving their blessings?!)

At the moment Lise started to think about that, her ears caught some insults.

“That child is the girl who was selling flowers, right?”

“Eh? She isn’t some noble’s daughter?”

“Then, she married Wizard-sama for the sake of money?”

“So nasty!!”

(Aah, so they really slandered me as I was told before.)


If it was the usual Lise, she would have thrown the wine glass she was grasping to those women.

But a fine lady wouldn’t do that kind of thing.

Lise walked towards those women on purpose and greeted them with a smile, exactly as she was taught by Vinan.

“Thank you very much for coming here today. I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.”

The women were surprised by Lise’s ladylike conduct and closed their mouths.


“Lise, please come over here.”

Wizard called Lise with such a scary look on his face.

Lise obediently came over there.

“What is the matter?”

“Well, I saw that you were involved in some kind of quarrel so I tried to help.”

(See, as I thought, even if his face is scary, Wizard-sama is really kind.)


Wizard then gave his greetings to various people who attended the party.

Be it those of superior authorities, his subordinates, and also the nobles.

The voices heard during today’s wedding ceremony, although not all, were mostly talking about the anticipated topics.

About marriage for the sake of money. About how Wizard preferred little girls.

They were roughly divided into two categories like that.

Lise actually didn’t want to shame Wizard, but she could not do anything regarding her physical appearance.

In the end, the label of a pedophile was stuck to his name.

Lise thought that she felt extremely guilty about that.


After the party at the mansion ended, the next thing to do was to move to the church.

Time to make a vow in front of the gods.

The two of them put a ring on each other’s fingers.

And then the Priest said.

“Now then, to vow on your love, you may kiss each other…”



Lise had no experience in terms of dating men.

That’s why she had no idea what to do now that she was told to kiss.

Noticing Lise’s confusion, Wizard whispered to her ears.

“Lise, you can just close your eyes and stand still.”

Lise nodded silently.

And then, she raised her face and closed her eyes.

At that time, she felt something soft pressed lightly upon her lips.

After the kiss was done, Lise opened her eyes and saw Wizard’s face at a point-blank range.

His face was turning red.

He seemed to be embarrassed as well.

The two of them were surrounded by applauses and cheers.


And thus, the two’s wedding ceremony ended in peace.

The invited guests returned to their home.

In the fitting room, Lise was praised by the maids.

“Lise-sama, you have done your best!”

“Thank you for your hard work!”

“Did you hear something unpleasant?”

(…I cannot say it… that because of me, Wizard is labelled as a pedophile…)

Lise then told the maids this.

“I don’t think there’s any in particular.”

Hearing that, the maids showed their relieved expression.


“Well then, next is to prepare for the wedding night.”

“Wedding… night?!”

Lise was surprised.

She was too absorbed in the lessons and didn’t have any chance to think about that.

(Bridal night is… about that first night, right?)

Although Lise had the knowledge about what the man and woman would be doing more or less, she had never thought that she would truly do it herself.


By the moment Lise was surprised, her wedding dress was taken off and her corset was removed.

And then she was brought to the bathroom.

After being thoroughly washed by the maids, Lise entered the bathtub.

Afterwards, she was led to the spouse’s bedroom.

She felt a complicated feeling regarding that after this, here, she would do her “first night”.

The room was a very lovely room.

It was complete with a canopy bed, floral design wallpapers, beautiful paintings, sofas with pretty design, and a set of chairs and desk.




Since Lise had nothing to do, she opened the closet and found a massive collection of dresses there.

“These dresses… are all mine…?”

To Lise who murmured alone, a voice responded from behind her.

“Correct. Those dresses and all the accessories there are all Lise’s.”

It was Wizard.

(That surprised me…)

“Today, you did really well. You have my gratitude.”

Saying that, Wizard bowed to Lise.

“Please raise your face! Please do not show your gratitude in this way to a little girl like me!”

“Do not say that. Aren’t you already a fine lady?”

“…I wonder.”

When Lise answered, she felt like Wizard’s scary expression turned into a gentle expression for a moment.



Tonight, they will have their first night.

Lise wondered what would Wizard think about it?

Lise who was scared, couldn’t ask.

And so, he took a bath.

Lise could smell the scent of soap from Wizard.



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