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Chapter 24

The Awkward Bath


After his vital was grasped by the maiden’s hands, Belvant who unexpectedly had a spontaneous discharge, in spite of being the usually calm, cool, and collected general, for a moment he experienced a shock to the extent that caused the scene before his eyes to lose its color.


 “Ah… That was?”


Meanwhile Marietta, upon seeing some white sticky thing that was scattered all around her own body, tilted her head in confusion, for she had no knowledge regarding that thing’s identity.

For some reason, it smelled stinky, and when she tried to scoop it gently with her fingers and look at it, the semi-transparent thing got entangled around her hand.


It jumped out with a terrible vigour from Sir Belvant’s genitals.

Moreover, its amount was quite plenty.

I wonder what is it for?



“Sir Belvant, what is this?”

“Ugh, do I really have to explain it from there?”


Looking at the pure princess who used her fingers to fiddle around with his semen, Belvant concealed his forehead using his own hand, as if his pain was gathered around there.


“…Ah, stop it!”


Belvant uttered those words as if he was roaring, while strongly holding Marietta’s hand that was carrying the semen to her nose, in order for her to ascertain the smell.

Instead of being frightened, Marietta looked blankly at Belvant with her innocent face.

Looking at the esteemed princess’ body which was defiled all over with his own released semen, Belvant whose lust should have been released a moment ago, felt that the source of his lust was getting full to the brim again. Thus, he fell into a deep self-loathing while thinking, ‘Just what kind of pervert am I?’



“For now, wash it! Wash your body! I’m begging you, please wash it!”



Belvant splashed the hot water on the top of Marietta’s underwear as she screamed in surprise. Therefore, Marietta obediently followed Belvant’s instruction to quickly wash it all away, as she used her hand to scrub the white thing clean from her underwear and then she washed them away.

Now then, although it was finally clean, the underwear got soaked with water, and it was stuck tightly to Marietta’s body, making her figure become increasingly lascivious.

From her breasts, the delicious pink-looking peaks were showing through, looking as if they were telling Belvant to go ahead and put them inside his mouth.

Belvant swallowed his saliva in one big gulp.


Just what got me into a situation as though my whole reasoning is crumbling down? Have I done something wrong?


“Well, what should I do?”


Marietta became embarrassed, although it was quite too late already, bashfully tried to hide her body’s line, and Belvant caught her hands.


“Uh-, there is no other way, so just take them off. Besides, you can’t return to the room in this condition, right?”


While frantically trying to restrain his welling sexual desire that was set ablaze, Belvant somehow managed to measure and make his decision for the current situation.


What a sweet development, no, this is a chance to forge my spirit!

Please endure it, me!


“Eh… T, take them off?”


“That’s right. Let’s just take a bath together. Then, change into some dry clothes.”


“Oh my, a bath? That is, kyaa, ahn, noo…”


The underwear that was stuck firmly to her body was skillfully taken off by Belvant’s hands who averted his consciousness towards the development of the battlefield that was unfolding somewhere inside his mind.


Getting a glimpse of her plump white pair of hills with reddening peaks and her slit that was covered with a pale gold bush, Belvant somehow managed to erase his towering carnal desire by intracerebrally recalling a dreadful image of a human’s vital parts that have been torn to pieces.


“I, it’s embarassing!”


Marietta’s white skin was dyed with her bashfulness, and her body was beautiful and obscene, even without the effect of any magical power. The general who resolved his force of will cool-headedly, showed his smile from the corner of his lips and gently said.


“It’s alright, since we will soon become husband and wife, taking a bath together is par for the course.”


Marietta, who was bashful due to her being completely naked, was held up in Belvant’s arms and then she was taken into the bathtub as soon as he managed to keep his cool thoroughly.

Looking at his state of affairs, Marietta thought that she was being immature for being unusually flustered, and so she remained quiet.


“That’s right, since we will soon be husband and wife, if I were to tremble with this amount of a thing, then I won’t be fit for being the wife of this country’s hero, the General Belvant Fargus.”


Once the two entered the bathtub with the warm and comfortable water, the girl who was firmly embraced and glued to her beloved Belvant’s arms, although it was quite embarrassing, she could not help but to feel happy.

Because she was being hugged from behind, Belvant’s thing got locked on to Marietta as it was directly in contact with her buttocks, but for now, let’s not pay any attention to it.


“Sir Belvant.”


“What is it?”


“I love you.”


Ufufu, so the naked beautiful girl smiled within his arms, and as Belvant started to feet charmed by her behavior, he shook his head in denial while thinking, ‘no, no, this is dangerous!’


“Now then. Could you tell me the reason as to why you suddenly thought of that mischief just now?”


When he whispered close to Marietta’s ears and incidentally placed his lips on her white nape, her young but honest and sensitive body trembled swiftly.


“Oh, oh my, what are you talking, about?”

Marietta soaked her head into the bath, and somehow her lower abdomen also felt hot after taking a direct hit from the charming man’s deep voice, and at that moment, she felt a furious throbbing from her heart.


[Ah, Sir Belvant, even your voice is so dreamy…]


“As the owner, I think I have the right to know what kind of business might you have with the area between my legs.”

However, as unfortunately as it may be, that dreamy voice didn’t whisper the words of love, an instead, it referred to the problem related to the area between his legs.


“It’s not like, I have any particular business with that kind of place, ahn…”


As if to punish her, her breasts were being massaged from behind, the kind of breast enlargement massage that Belvant normally did to train Marietta’s sensitive body, and that made her turn around.


“Do you really think I am unable to comprehend that you are so conscious about it? Hm?”


As Belvant’s chest was pressing the white bulges, he relentlessly rolled the red pointed tips on top of the bulges by using his fingertips.


“If you don’t honestly tell me about it, I will continue the massage until you tell me.”


“Ah, ahn, not there, aaa—h!”


His lips touched her earlobe, as it was being licked by his tongue, Marietta conspicuously let out a loud voice as she writhed.


“Please wait, Sir Belvant, if you continue to massage me, I won’t be able to speak.”


“Well, then I will do it slowly.”


“Ah, ahn, noo…”


Marietta couldn’t endure it and started to move her hips restlessly, and the back of her buttocks rubbed against Belvant’s male parts, thus the indecent stimulus got conveyed into his mind.

Once again, it regained its former stiffness.


“Ugh, is this the work of the small devil?!”

No, that was all Belvant’s self-destruct.


Then, Marietta who wriggled in response to the obscene punishment she received, unconsciously fumbled to seek for something to support her body and clung to something that touched her fingertips.




Belvant’s thing stretched ecstatically with lust.




Marietta who was partly hazy from Belvant’s bass voice and the loving caresses to her breasts, grasped tightly to the man’s body with her small hands.


“F, for a warrior to, receive the same kind of attack twice is… Ugh, but it feels good!”


“What is this, so big…”


“Marietta, don’t! Don’t move your hands!”


“But, it’s too big for me to grab, it’s impossible with one hand only…”


“There is no need to grab it! Now!!”


Belvant gradually lost his own composure.

And Marietta whose head was clear.


“Oh my, I have done something so rude.”


Marietta calmed down and let her hands off Belvant’s important thing.

As he was released, Belvant who managed to prevent yet another spontaneous discharge, sighed in relief.


The two of them exchanged glances with their reddened faces, as they were panting roughly.


Because I attempted to imprudently attack this princess, I got beaten down severely.

What a dreadful opponent she is.

A greenhorn like me could never stand a chance against her.



The fierce-looking general instinctively admitted that his own power would be no match for Marietta’s natural airhead power, and he adjusted his posture before cautiously inquired.


“…So, what’s the matter?”


“All right. To tell you the truth, I got worried and thought to ascertain it. Since I heard that Sir Belvant’s penis1 was extremely big.”


*gulp* Marietta, a maiden like you should never speak those indecent words, you should just keep speaking courteously!”


“Oh my, I apologize. Was it an improper expression? Then, what about dick2?”


“You can’t say that, as well.”


“Well, I am troubled. Could it be, coc-3…”



Please do not stimulate me any more than this!



Marietta titled her head as she was completely troubled.

And Belvant whose HP got depleted due to the attacks from the nude maiden’s indecent words.


“Eh, uhm, in any case, about that place, based on the book I was studying the other day, it was to be put inside of me. I didn’t make a mistake regarding that, did I?”


“Yeah, it’s not wrong.”


“That being the case, would Sir Belvant please teach me? Based on the result of my affirmation, I came to understand that no matter how you look at it, it was oversized! I wonder what should I do? There is no way it would fit into my mouth!”


“Don’t get agitated-! Besides, where did you say you should be putting this in, anyway-?!”


The cry of Belvant’s soul echoed in the whole bathroom.



Author’s Note :

Again, I apologize for this vulgar development!

After succeeding in her mission, Marietta didn’t know what to do next, and in the end the princess let Belvant did all the decision-making.

Nevertheless, abruptly mentioning her mouth, just what kind of book did she read…?


Translation Note :

Well, this is tricky, as all three meanings all the same, but only in different wording as the first one was the most polite and it only turned out to be more vulgar in her second and third attempt. So here I will provide the original Japanese text:





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