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Chapter 27

The Dangerous Kitten


“Marietta, that kind of appearance is… could it be a curse? A curse directed towards me?”


Towards the excessively charming form of his fiancee who was sitting on the bed with one of her legs out to the side, Belvant’s voice quivered.




The naked beauty raised her voice in wonder, then she looked at her own palm and grabbed the white cat ears that sprung up from her head.

Just like that, her mouth turned down at the corners forming the shape of へ (the character of “he” in Japanese’s kana alphabet), as she quizically massaged her fluffy ears.

While massaging her ears, she looked at Belvant with her upturned eyes, as if asking, [what is this?].




Suddenly falling madly in love with the white cat Mary, Belvant whose heart’s barricade fell due to the sudden visual attack that was being pushed in front of him, received a hard blow due to it.

He raised an unusual voice, retreated and placed both of his hands on the bed.


“Nya? Nyaa? Nyaaaaa?”


Apparently, Marietta was unable to talk and was perplexed by it.

Also, since she was in the form of a perfect cat up until now, she was in the condition of not feeling any resistance to being naked, and so her plump bulging breasts, her tense slender waist, and her round buttocks were freely exposed to Belvant’s eyes.




Somehow, she felt that it was enjoyable to observe Belvant’s face, and so Marietta tilted her head and laughed.

The self-unconscious beauty, Princess Marietta, today as well, will be scraping off Belvant’s self-control.

Belvant tried to run away from the innocent yet voluptuous girl with the cat ears, and Marietta approached him while crawling on all fours.

She leaned forward to Belvant who was ready to flee.




“No, uhm… Marietta? Please properly wear your…”




Her supple arms were entangled to his neck, Marietta who leaned her whole body against Belvant, rubbed her cheeks to him.

*rub rub rub*.

Even though he felt that the action was just adorable when she did the same thing as Mary the kitten, but as of right now, her cat eared figure changed it into an atrocious temptation, stirring up Belvant’s carnal desire.




Although he couldn’t understand her words, he somehow could understand what Marietta wanted to say.


(Sir Belvant, I love you-!)


Is what she wanted to convey, this adorable princess.


“No, enough, it would be impossible for me to withstand this any longer-! So cute-!”


He hugged the naked Marietta tightly, and kissed her fervently.


Marietta with her perfect round blue eyes, before long responded to Belvant’s kiss with a great joy.

After kissing for a while, Belvant caught a glimpse of the cat ears that sprung up from Marietta’s head, and at that moment, he reached out his hand.


“What’s up with these ears?”




Marietta whose ears were grabbed by Belvant, twisted around while purring.


“It’s properly sticking out from your head. Is it ticklish when I touch it? It feels nice to touch…”


“Nyaan, aan, an…”


In response to Belvant’s rubbing and massaging her cat ears, Marietta’s cheeks turned pink, and for some reason, she writhed and let out her voice restlessly.


“They’re sensitive, huh.”


Belvant gently laid down Marietta on the bed, and while he tenderly rubbed her ears, he held her breast’s pointed end in his mouth and rolled it with the tip of his tongue.

Marietta restlessly rubbed both of her legs, while crying out [nyan, nyan]. Taking a closer look, she’s gotten completely teary-eyed, her breath was turned into rough pants, and her face was flushed.


“They are more sensitive than usual… Could they be… erogenous zone?”




“So that means, this tail, too…”


Belvant held the white tail that was growing out of her buttocks, and just like that, he stroked it up to the tip of her tail.


“Nya, nyaaaa-“


“…Looks like it feels good.”


Looking at Marietta’s state, he continued to stroke it many times over.

Marietta showed a fervent reaction every time.


“Here, how is it?”




Marietta bent her body while letting out a remarkably loud voice, and laid down on the bed in her exhaustion.


“Don’t tell me that you just came?”


“U… unyaa…”


Marietta was glaring back at Belvant with tears in her eyes, and her face looked as if she was just given a strong pleasure that was already in the middle of dissolving.

Her lips were half-opened, and her pink tongue was coming out.


“Did I tease you too far? Yosh, yosh.”


Belvant laughed as he hugged Marietta who was completely exhausted, and she rubbed on her face against Belvant’s shirt.

After that, she seemed to be grumbling a little bit and pulled his shirt tightly.

Marietta loves rubbing against Belvant’s muscular chest.


“Are you not satisfied that I didn’t take off my clothes? But, if I were to take off my clothes, I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself.”






Marietta who seemed to be under the influence of the magic was getting more aggressive.

She carelessly leaped upon Belvant, pushed him down on the bed and started to take off his clothes.


“Nyaan, nyaan!”


“You are being quite aggressive, huh. Is this also the effect of the magic?”


She quickly unfastened the shirt’s buttons, snuggled up to his chest, and absentmindedly sniffed on his smell.




“Stop… please, Mary.”


Sensing that this might turn out bad, Belvant pulled away himself from touching Marietta’s body, but then he stopped when his right hand felt a lukewarm sensation.

Just like that, he gently brushed the area between Marietta’s legs.

It was wet.


He closed his eyes, and gazed up to the sky.


He has been living through numerous scenes of carnage, and during the times of danger, he would always gaze up to the sky.

It doesn’t mean that he’s trying to pray to the god.

He’s just trying to find out the path he’s supposed to take, in order to be able to calmly abide the destiny, without any raging thoughts in his mind. Gazing up at the sky, free from any obstructive thoughts.


In the middle of that, Marietta, driven by an animal’s instinct, diligently stripped Belvant’s clothes off while meowing.




Finally his pants and even his underwear, everything was taken off by her hands, and Belvant who was naked on top of the bed, was facing Marietta.


His thing, too, was also gazing up at the sky.


“I’m begging you, so, please just don’t play with that.”




The white cat didn’t know the danger of the ejaculation, so she tilted her head in confusion, wondering why she can’t play with the fascinatingly springing up toy.



He once again pushed Marietta down on to the bed, and seized her round and white knees.

He pushed them open gently, in order not to cause any pain, and the sound of something wet could be heard, as the soft pink petal was finally exposed.




Marietta was meowing out of her bewilderment.


“It’s so pretty. Just like a rose drenched in nectar…”


Belvant put his face closer to that area, and extended his tongue.


“I will try to be gentle so it won’t hurt…”


Marietta who was being done by Belvant, looked at him while wondering why would he even bring his face near that kind of place. Her sensitive flower bud was being licked by his tongue, and as a result, her body trembled.


“Nyaa, nyan, aahn.”


Being tickled by the tongue, stirred, and then rolled by it, Marietta’s small protuberance was being teased, her breath was getting rougher, and the voice of the heavy breathing that escaped her mouth was changing.


“Nya, a, a, aan, iyaan.”


As if her consciousness was being covered up in the haze up until now, Marietta was suddenly filled up with shyness and restrained Belvant’s arms.


“I, it’s embarrassing, Sir Belvant!”


“Ah, it looks like the magic’s been removed.”


After saying that, Belvant’s face could be seen from between her legs, and as he was radiating a male’s appeal, it caused Marietta’s heart to beat faster.


“P, please don’t put your face into such a place.”




“Because it’s something that shouldn’t be shown to men, and because it’s an embarrassing place to see.”


“As expected, you seem to know that much.”


Moving the soft meat in accordance to its joint, Belvant slid in his finger, and from the completely wet place transmitted the pleasant hot feeling to Marietta’s belly, and she deeply exhaled.


“Doesn’t it feel good? Because this is something permitted only to the person who’s going to be your husband, so long as you can savor the pleasant feeling, then it’s good.”


“But, that’s, aah…”


Once again, he buried his face there and made a lewd splashing sound, tasting Marietta.

Even though she was embarrassed, it couldn’t be helped. She succumbed to the pleasant feeling similar to an itchy feeling, writhing around her body that was being done.


“I just put my finger inside of you.”


“Inside of me?”


“The place that should receive my sperm is here. Look.”




Belvant’s fat middle finger was slightly buried inside Marietta’s hot and tender hole.


“…It’s narrow, as expected.”


The nectar was pushing its way through, as it was the first time a man’s finger intruded that place.


“Ahn, I’m feeling weird…”


“If it’s tough with just one finger, then it must be hard for my thing.”


In order not to cause Marietta any pain, he slowly took his finger in and out.

The wet path of the mucous membrane was still inexperienced with the thing that men and women do. However, by instinct, it twined around his finger, trying to drag it into its narrow depths.

It seems that Marietta’s whole body including that, loves Belvant so much it can’t be helped.


“…Really, you’re so… adorable…”


While taking his finger in and out, Belvant used his lips and tongue to caress Marietta’s female parts.

As he rubbed the insides in order to loosen it up, the thick nectar began to overflow, and it already soaked the bed.

Whether he was willing or not, against that flavor and sweet fragrant, Belvant’s lust was enhanced, and no matter how much he’s proud of his steel willpower, his male part was stiffly soaring, to the extent that it hurt.


“Sir Belvant, will you, give me, a baby?”


While crying out, Marietta asked.


“No, not yet. Even if we are engaged, if I were to deflower you now, your reputation will be tainted.”




“Even if it’s your first time, but you might get pregnant. That’s why, it’s better if we wait until we are married.”




The dejected Marietta was so adorable, that Belvant was barely able to restrain his desire to commit the deed right at this moment.


(I can’t hurt Marietta because of my obscene desires, I shouldn’t let that happen, I need to limit and endure it!)


Slicing off the image of River Link’s face that floated in his mind into pieces, his attention was drawn towards Marietta’s female part that was gleaming, and his own sword was somehow warped and put between Marietta’s closed legs.1


(Don’t put it in! You shouldn’t put it in no matter what!)


With his rising thing being tucked in between her thighs that covered her wet secret place, Belvant grimaced while waving his hips back and forth.

Thinking that his own part was rubbing the adorable Marietta’s important place, his body got excited at once.


“Kh, Marietta!”


“Ah, ah, ahh…”


Each time Belvant’s personification of lust made a round trip, during which it rubbed the good places each time, Marietta screamed, and before long, her worn out body trembled and reached.

At the same time, a hot white liquid was scattered all over her body.


“…Ah, haa…”


Belvant whose breathing turned rough, heaved a sigh due to his own weakness, then he collapsed besides Marietta with a thud.


“…Sorry, Marietta. For making your body dirty…”


She casted her face sideways with her mind still being faint.


“I, don’t really understand what’s happening, but I love everything that Sir Belvant gives me.”




“You will only do these kinds of things with me alone, right?”


Looking at the innocent Marietta who’s laughing happily, Belvant felt like he was about to cry somehow, and then he kissed his beloved fiancée.


“I’m the happiest man in this world.”



Translation Notes :

1 This paragraph was kinda hard for me to decipher, but that’s how I would translate it. If anyone has a better suggestion, feel free to drop a comment! 脳裏に浮かぶリーベル・リンクの顔をメッタ斬りにし、マリエッタの秘裂に引き寄しまうてらてらと光った自身の切っ先を、なんとかそらし、マリエッタの両脚を閉じて挟み込んだ。


There is no author comment this time.

As for my comment… Belvant’s surely very lucky ^^



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